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The Easter Bunny Debacle.


You know how I lied on April Fools about my children going on Ellen because of a funny photo with the Easter Bunny?

Well, karma and the Easter Bunny ganged up on me and this year and the ultimate joke was on me.

It all started the day before Easter.  We planned on having Easter Sunday with Husby's folks, so we had a fun afternoon/evening planned with my family to celebrate together the day before.  We kicked off the day by meeting up at the mall and having the children take their annual photo with the Bunny.

They were beside themselves with excitement.

Ezra hated the Bunny last year.  Like, he thought he was Lucifer in a bunny suit.  I couldn't wait to see his reaction this year - hoping he would love him like I always did - so, I built up the anticipation all day, singing the Easter Bunny's praises and telling Ezra how FUN and NICE he is.

We hit up the mall and the line was pretty substantial.  Not like when we went to see Santa, but there were probably 20 people in front of us.  Twenty people doesn't seem like a whole lot, considering half of them are parents, but good GRIEF the line crawled.

We waited.

And waited.

The kids climbed all over things.

photo 1-9

And waited.

When Ezra caught a glimpse of the Bunny, he did not take his eyes off of him.  He was glued .... mesmerized .... I could see the twinkle of excitement in his eyes as he screamed, "EASTER BUNNY!"

photo 2-8


I was finally going to get the perfect photo of my handsome two babies with the Easter Bunny, and they were going to love him forever.

My fridge was practically screaming for this!

photo 3-4

We waited some more as I envisioned our dreamlike encounter with the Bunny.  I was walking on clouds made of Peeps, and seeing Reese's Egg raindrops!  Perfection was near us, my friends.  I could feel it in my bones.

When there were about 7 kids in front of us, I saw the Bunny get up and talk closely with the photographers.  He was acting weird.  He put his hand up to his forehead like a Victorian woman on a chaise lounge, and I started to worry.

photo 4-6

But, the Bunny took his seat and the next horrified child in a 3 piece suit and slicked down hair sat on his lap, snapped a pic, and they were on to the next.

The things we do for the sake of tradition.  We dress our kids as cute as we can get them, all so we can scare the sin out of them and obtain a picture where they're red faced and screaming bloody murder.  What weird and morbid people we are.

So, after about an hour of waiting in line, it's our turn.


Our turn!!

We're straightening shirts, combing hair, licking our fingers and wiping faces, and I'm giving the best pep talk I can muster up to my wide eyed Ezra.  "It's OUR turn!  To see the BUNNY! YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!"

Next thing I know, we look up and the Bunny is being carried off by three women and the photographer approaches us and tells us that the Bunny passed out and will be down for an hour.



She told us we could wait.

We said no.

She said she would take our names and we would be first in line when he came back.

We said no. We had somewhere else to be in an hour.

I asked her if Husby could wear the Bunny suit.

She said no.

I asked her if she could wear the Bunny suit.

She said no.  Her shoulders weren't broad enough.

Then, she asked if we wanted to take a picture WITHOUT the Bunny and we could get free wallet size photos.

We said okay.  At this point we just wanted something for waiting in that forsaken line for so long!

We wrangled the children and sat them on the oversized fit-for-a-bunny bench, and tried to get them to be excited.  It didn't exactly work. What's to be excited about?  An inexperienced photographer waving a squeaky toy around while passer-bys gawked at us slack jawed and confused?


Looking back on it, I'm not sure why we even took the photo.  What on earth was the point?!

What's even sillier is that once we took the photo, she got chewed out by the manager for giving us free wallet photos, and so she made us purchase a package in order to receive the free photos.

And. I. Did. It!!!!

What a weird day.  What a bizarre experience.

I'm never lying about the Easter Bunny again.

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. I love your little girl's lace pants!

  2. I just spit my cereal out as I read the last part!!! You must submit the story and photo to Ellen next year because it's very, very funny!!!

  3. Oh Whitney, chalk it up to something you will always remember maybe fondly? Just think of when you print your blog book from this year and look back in 20 years. xoxo

  4. Your little baby niece's face in that bunnieless photo is priceless! Also, Reese's egg raindrops pretty much sums up my dream world.

  5. Ezra, your niece, and nephew are SO not amused. Hahahaha! I am NOT a fan of the Easter Bunny. Going to see him is such a weird thing to me. And yet, my kiddos saw him twice this season at preschool events.

  6. Whitney! I saw this pic on IG and thought how cute and how unamused they looked, but when I read your commentary to go along with it... I can.not. stop laughing! Bless y'all's hearts!

  7. Oh girl!! I cannot stop laughing!! I sound absolutely ridiculous (horse throat, bad cough) but oh this is too much. I love your almost to the last line "And. I. Did. It!!!" I would too! Ezra’s face, sweet child was probably so confused.

    Literally can't stop laughing out here in California (hope I don’t get the ground shaking) LOL


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