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Straight Out Of Crazy Town.

It's like I have SO MUCH to update that I don't even know where to start.  I know I felt like that last summer, too.  When life gets hectic, my brain becomes a jumbled pile of incoherency.  And I can't keep a thought straight through from beginning to completion.

The other day I was at the grocery store and oh man, I need to get that closet cleaned out before I need to, oh wait - goodness, I better get in the shower before my friends get here and yeah, maybe I should have vacuumed, too...but...I didn't, and maybe they won't see the 72 Cheerios under the couch because I love Valentine candy and I saw a pretty aisle full of it, but I didn't go down it because Ezra kept throwing chocolate donuts in the cart and I could really go for a big Entenmanns chocolate donut right now and remember when Hostess went out of business and I panicked and I went to every grocery store in the tri-state area to find ding dongs and donettes and... oh yeah, the grocery store...what was I saying?

See what I mean?

Crazy Town, folks.  That's where I've entered.  Crazy. Town.

Population: WHITNEY.

Y'all, it is cold here.  Like, freeeeeeeeeezing cold.  But not as cold as I'll be next winter!  Snow.  Every day.  Every day there will be snow.  Have y'all heard of lake effect snow?  So, I just learned about it a few months ago, but I'm pretty sure I could give a dissertation on it this time next year.

Have I mentioned how much I have to do before we move?  Heavens.  It's a lot.

Hence the Crazy Town.

I've been selling things in online forums and also have an "online yard sale" page on my Facebook. All my friends LOVE shopping yard sale style from the comfort of their couch.  And I love not having to set up a yard sale.  But I do miss the donuts.  I'll just buy myself a box before I plop down to post my next batch of items and pretend I'm up early.  Same thing.

Anyway, I've sold several things on a forum of strangers, too, and I have to meet them to drop their stuff off.  I could seriously write a blog full of some of the characters I've come across.  My all time favorite was a beautician with hair as high as Heaven, drowning in perfume and makeup caked 5 inches deep.  She was fantastic.

She came tearing through the Target parking lot going 30 mph before coming to a screeching halt as she whipped in beside me with her pearly whites nearly blinding me.

She told me on the phone, "oh you can't miss me. I'm in a big deer huntin' truck with a big pink deer on the front. And a big ole cross that says, "I LOVE MY JESUS!"

Well, I did nearly miss her because she was but a blur ripping through that parking lot like the speed of light.

She is the only one who had the decency to introduce herself and shake my hand.  She also took more than 5 seconds to exchange the cash for goods (I swear the passerby's think I'm a drug dealer when they whip in and out so fast) and engaged me.  I left feeling like her best friend.  My new completely outrageous & wonderfully hilarious best friend.  I just loved that lady.

And then there was the woman who thought I wanted to meet BEHIND Target (I told her the back of the parking lot [right in front of a busy street], and she thought I meant the back of Target, hahaha), and she sat there alone for 10 minutes wondering why I wanted to meet so secretly to hand off set of baby floaties.


If someone told me to meet them behind Target in the dark alley of isolation, I'd say no thanks and high tail it out of there so fast I'd make the high haired beautician look like a snail!  I seriously couldn't stop laughing when she finally realized where I was and told me where she had been.

Note: If I ever ask to meet you behind Target, I am most likely a nut who wants to kidnap you.  So don't do it. K?

I typically like to do meet up's with Husby, and my Mom came with me another time, and then the one time I did it alone, I had Mom on speakerphone and left my door open so she could hear me getting murdered.  She HATES me doing this and can't wait until I'm done. Hahahaha!

Anyway, I'm getting lots of things OUT of the house and it's been really, really great (most thanks goes to my hometown crew - they are amazing!!).  Less to move - less to store - less to ... dust around.  And I'm still alive to tell it.

But ... I am meeting up with 4 ladies tomorrow, so fingers crossed they're a lively bunch.  And fingers crossed they aren't from Crazy Town.  Because I know that place all too well....


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  1. Girl, I have moved SO many times over the past 9 years that I understand ALL TOO WELL about Crazy Town! LOL And we moved to the northeast, just like you are doing - the snow is unbelievable too! :) As far as selling your stuff - can you tell me how you do it - or what website you do it on besides your Facebook? I have a ton of things I was wanting to do the same thing with, but wasn't sure how to get started. Thanks and no worries - you will be fine and all will go very smoothly on your move. Don't ask me how - but somehow it all comes together in the end (just like weddings) - :) Big hugs!

  2. Lake effect snow is no joke! I have participated in some facebook yard sales too and I too have left the phone on speaker! It will all work out and you will get there and wonder why you still brought as much as you did, lol. I hope you got the homeschool info I emailed you! I am sitting here going.. I want to be Whitney's Facebook friend! And PLEASE tell me you took pics of that truck! As soon as I find my phone I hope I see it on your instagram!


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