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First Winters' Snow.

We had our first snow storm of the season last week and it was wonderful!  We ended up with about 5 inches and the boys had an absolute blast playing in it every day.  I love how children never tire of snow.  No matter how cold, they don't seem to mind.  It's absolutely magical watching them wake up to a winter wonderland.




Husby was out of town for work and my parents had the boys and I down so we wouldn't be alone and ride out the storm with them.  I'm SO grateful for them - we would have been stranded alone for days!  I honestly don't know what I'd do without those two people.  Always coming to the rescue!


This was Ezra's first experience with a lot of snow.  Last year we got about half an inch one morning and it was gone by lunch time.  He absolutely LOVED being almost knee deep in it!


As did Levi.  As always!


I'm pretty sure Levi found the biggest icicle in existence.


And boy was he proud!

My parents' house is picturesque in the beautiful snow.




Glam*mama was sick one day and the next day when she got out of bed, the boys in the snow sure brought a big smile to her face!  And I absolutely LOVE this picture.  It speaks volumes!


And this one.  THAT.  FACE.  !!!!


So precious!

Such special snowy days!



These boys.  Such special, precious blessings from God!  We are so blessed!!



Now, let's cross our fingers for a WHITE CHRISTMAS!

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  1. I know you must be working on your plans for the move to Erie. Just to let you know, the towns near Erie got an average of 12" of snow over the weekend. The boys will love it. Bring a snowblower!

  2. I just love following your life and love when you include your mom and dad. They played such a HUGE part in my life for 10 years. God bless you and keep posting sweet one. I just love your sweet family. All of them and miss you all so often. I'm grateful for the memories and the stories I get to read via your blog and FB and Luke's.

  3. You have a very beautiful family......these memories are the best.


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