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You Call It Weird. I Call It Normal.

* I get my bath water so hot that my heart races and when I get out I feel like I've ran 3 miles. Also, I am the color of Miss Piggy with a sunburn for a good 20 minutes post bath.

* I must have Diet Coke with Mexican food and iced tea with everything else.

* I have the most sensitive feet in the world. They hurt all of the time. I can not stand for them to be touched and I am pretty sure I keep breaking the same piggy toe over and over.

* Yes, I call it a piggy toe. That's what it is. Pinkies are on your hands, piggies on the toes.

* Piggy seems to be a common theme in my random facts about myself. You must also know that I embrace my inner piglet when it comes to chips & queso and chocolate chip cookies.

* My husbands clothes are exponentially more comfortable than mine so I always wear his duds around the house. And then I yell at him because all of the laundry seems to be his.

* Not really. I don't really yell. We do not like yelling. No, not a bit. It's just our style. Not yellers. Not new yellers, not old yellers. We don't even like that movie. I guess I should have said nag. Because I am guilty of the nag.

* In the 5th grade my teacher wore clear fingernail polish and it always shined as she taught. I didn't know such a thing existed and thought she just had naturally freakishly shiny fingernails. So, in an attempt to make mine equally as shiny and feminine, I licked them. I thought that was her secret to glossy nails. Needless to say, my shine never lasted more than 6 seconds.

* Fifth grade was also the year I learned what an albino was and feared people would think I was one. (Clearly, I didn't fully understand the definition.) So, I would lay my head down on my desk and hold my breath so my face would get pink and I'd have more color. Viola - no longer a suspect for albinism.

Fifth grade was a weird year for me.

* I can't breathe of something is on my stomach. Even a hand or a book. I start to hyperventilate and can't catch a deep breath. I feared pregnancy for this very reason. Thankfully, it doesn't have the same effect if it's on the inside of my stomach. But the same goes for my back. If Husby lays his hand on my stomach or back when we're going to sleep I FREAK OUT.  I can't deal.

* Fresh cold sheets are one of my life's greatest pleasures.

* I was never allergic to feathers until I married my husband. Now I can't even so much as look at a down pillow or comforter without sneezing and my eyes swelling shut. Which is absolutely absurd because I grew up sleeping on feathers! But when we got married I had to get all faux down because he is allergic and now I am too. Go figure!
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Oh you made me laugh. I think as we get older we develop more allergies and sensitivities especially after having children. Grass makes me itchy in the last five years…NEVER before. Poison Ivy and other things, too. Crazy.
    Now do you have a preference to your sheet color for cold sheets? My mother in law is adamant that white sheets are the coolest sheets and when I'm having big ole hot flashes, I cry for white sheets. It may not be true but she has me believing it.

    Have a great night.

  2. On the nights when I've put clean sheets on the bed it is an unwritten rule that Jonathan is not allowed to get in bed before me, lest he ruin the pure, clean, cold, tightly tucked sheets! (Because as soon as he gets in he kicks around to loosen all my tight hospital corners!)

    1. I love hospital corners and my husband thinks I'm nuts!

  3. I don't call it weird at all. I also love a HOT shower and/or bath to the point that I am a lobster. And fresh, cold sheets are awesome!

    I cannot go to sleep facing someone therefore I will not sleep facing the center of the bed and if I wake in the middle of the night facing the center, I have to turn over to go back to sleep. This doesn't apply to my kids though. If the are in the bed with me, I must be facing them in order to sleep soundly.

  4. Funny! But seriously, love scalding baths and cold sheets! Also what's not to love about Miss Piggy?!?

  5. Ha, I'm the same with temperature in my shower--it has to be boiling!

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