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The Breakfast Burrito Debacle.

If you could run around with my Mom and I just for a day, you would not even believe the jams that we get ourselves into.  I don't even know why it happens, but every time we are together, something hilarious happens.  It's uncanny.

This particular story happened a couple of months ago and I swear, every time I think about it, I burst into a fit of giggles wherever I am.  It was one of the single most hilarious experiences of my life and if you only knew my Mom, it would be even funnier.

It all started at Sonic.

Mom was driving and I was in the passenger seat.  She asked me what I wanted and I told her a Route 44 unsweet tea with lemon.

Mom: "Yes, I need two Route 44 unsweet teas with lemon and extra ice please."

Me: "Get some cinnasnacks."

Mom: "What?"

Me: "Get some cinnasnacks, I've been wanting to try them."

Mom: "Uh, yes, and an order of cinnaminis."

Speaker: "Excuse me?"


Mom: "Cinnaminis, please."

Me: "Mom, it's cinnasnacks."

Mom: "Cinnasnacks! An order of cinnasnacks!"

They finally straightened out our order and we laughed about the cinnamini/cinnasnack debacle and pulled up to the window.

Well, my BFF Sonic Hop was working.

This girl is full of spunk and personality and every time I get her, we end up chatting about anything and everything.  She's so super friendly and she always makes me laugh.  Well, put her up to my mom and BOOM - it's personality explosion and if you're in the car behind us you can expect to sit there for a good 10 minutes.  They were instant BFF.

After they had a nice little chat about the weather and the girls' bout of nausea, she informed us that they were out of the cream cheese frosting for the cinnasnacks (cinnaminis? At this point, who knows?!), and we told her that was fine.  The girl handed Mom the sack and Mom tossed it over to me as she was practically hugging the girl goodbye through the drive-thru window.  I was mumbling to myself about how absurd it was that they ran out of cream cheese frosting.  That's the whole reason I even wanted those dern cinnaminis to start with!

Mom slowly pulled away talking about how sweet she was as I stuck out straws in our teas. I took a big gulp and then opened our sack with great anticipation - my mouth salivating at the thought of warm cinnamon and sugar.

Imagine my surprise when I laid eyes on a breakfast burrito.

I pulled it out and said, "WHAT?! WHERE'S OUR CINNA-MINI-SNACKS?"

At this point, we were on the verge of pulling out onto the main road and on to our next stop, but there was a lot of traffic, so we were still on Sonic property.

Mom: "Want me to go back?"

Me, unwrapping the burrito: "Nah, they didn't even have the frosting anyway.  Here take a bite."

I shoved the burrito in Mom's face and forced her to eat it.  Not two seconds after she took a bite bigger than I've ever seen her take, we heard a tap on our window.

The tap that changed everything.


Mom's fumbling with the window and saying, "uh-oh, uh-oh, what do I do?", with a mouth FULL of sausage, egg and tortilla.  She could NOT get that bite swallowed.

I am wide eyed and panicked.  Not knowing what on earth is going to happen.

Mom rolled down her window and the girl says, "oh, I'm sorry! I gave you the wrong order!"

With flour tortilla stuck to her teeth and eggs stuffed into the sides of her cheeks she says, "Oh really?! You did?!"


I was in the passenger seat shoving that burrito under the seat so she wouldn't see it and trying to keep from absolutely bursting with laughter when I hear my Mom's response.

And I don't know what the point was in hiding it under the seat!  The girl knew she gave us a burrito! And by the way we were acting, we were eating that burrito in complete delerium, thinking it was a cinnasnack!

The girl gives us a strange look and Mom is still acting like she has no idea her order was wrong and she finally choked down her bite as the carhop says, "Here, I'll be right back. Let me go get your cinnasnacks."

We didn't know if she wanted the burrito back or what, but since there was a giant BITE taken out of it, there was no way we were handing that forsaken burrito back to her.  She had to have thought we were straight off the crazy train.

 She scurried off on her roller skates in a blur and Mom said, "what do we do?!?!"

"JUST GO!", I said.

"I can't go! She went back inside for us!"

"But we ate the burrito! I don't know what to say! Just go!"

Mom was whipping that red hair back and forth making sure she wasn't skating back to us in a frenzy and in a moment of sheer panic, she gunned it and we headed for the hills.

I'm telling you, I don't know if I've ever laughed so hard in my life.

I avoided that Sonic for a good month after that debacle.  I was afraid I'd see my ex-BFF and she would remember and ask me what happened.  Of course, she never did, but man ... I will never again see a breakfast burrito OR a cinnasnack without absolutely losing it.

Only us.  Only. Us.

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  1. LOL!!!!!!!!!! This had me DYING laughing. And snorting. Yes, I snorted. Oh man. You two are something else. I can totally see/hear everything!

  2. Hilarious!!! Thanks for the good laugh this morning!

  3. Ha, very amusing! I love Sonic by the way. Such good diet cherry cokes.

  4. Oh my! This is hilarious! I too can picture the whole event. Thanks fir sharing your mom.

  5. Oh, that is good stuff! Thanks for the laugh!


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