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Christmas Vacation!

I know, I know.  It's not even Thanksgiving yet.  But you guys, I am in the Christmas spirit!  Especially after this past weekend.


Due to the busy busy schedules of Husby and my sister-in-law, the only time we could all head out to Silver Dollar City in Branson for a weekend of family fun was this past weekend.  Though it was early, the timing could not have been more perfect.  There's nothing like family and festivities to get your mind off of things and just have fun.  It was absolutely a God-send.  :)


We headed down Friday evening and stopped at one of our favorite restaurants on the way down.  When we were finished with our dinner, I spotted Cousin Amy from 19 Kids and Counting walk in with a friend and I shouted it to my family and our entire table of 10 turned and stared at her.  She got super embarrassed and wouldn't stop grinning.  It was so funny.  :)


We arrived at our hotel down on Branson Landing and crashed.  Our rooms were amazing - seriously almost the size of the apartment Husby and I had when we were first married.  I could have stayed in there for weeks!



We woke up Saturday and headed to our favorite breakfast spot, but ... they weren't open.  So we went to Shoney's.




Ugh.  The drama at Shoney's.

Long story short, I was in line for my food and heard the most bothersome, horrific scream come from a child I have ever heard in my life.  I knew it wasn't either of mine, because the scream was so unrecognizable.  But.  It was so LOUD, I turned to see what on earth happened.

Imagine my horror when I see it's my Weebie.

I threw my plate and ran to him and he had accidentally spilled a cup of BOILING HOT syrup all over his hand.  Honestly, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, I have never felt any liquid so hot in my entire life.  Someone later told us it was around 300 degrees.

He ended up with 2nd degree burns covering his little hand.  He was miserable.  He had his hand in water for 2 solid hours and screamed and screamed and screamed the second he took it out.  Ugh.  I hate it.

BUT - he's better now.  It's blistered over, but thankfully it didn't ruin his day.  We got some meds, some oils (a sweet lady gave me a bottle of oil from her purse that she swears helps burns), and wraps, and after several hours he was finally able to get some relief.  Almost the entire restaurant visited our table because everyone was so concerned after hearing that scream.  Oh.  That scream.  I want to erase it from my memory.


So!  We got over that and went to have fun!  The promise of roller coasters REALLY helped little Levi get his mind off of his pain.  The kid is obsessed with roller coasters.

(You can see him here holding his little hand.  Ugh!  BLESS HIM!)



Turns out Ezra loves them as much as his big brother.  Well, the kiddie ones, at least.  He was screaming and laughing harder than I've ever seen him!



Silver Dollar City is absolutely magical this time of year.  There are lights everywhere, parades, holiday shows, music playing ... it's wonderful!




We had such a great weekend!



I've been every year for the past several years, but I never tire of Branson SDC at Christmastime.





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  1. You must share your favorite breakfast spot. My Hubby and I are headed to Branson next weekend for our 5 year anniversary which was in June. Branson is where we honeymooned! :) Ive never been at Christmastime and I am super excited! We will be coming in to Branson from the opposite way so I don't think we can hit your supper spot! I am always up for good places to eat!

  2. Oh, Whitney! I can only imagine the blood curdling scream you heard from Levi! That poor kid! And poor Mommy! I hope that some day you are able to erase it from your memory. At least roller coasters were a source of comfort for him!
    I honeymooned in Branson, though the experience was less than desirable due to lack of money. I hope to relive the experience, though make it better, one day. I am so glad you enjoyed your Christmas vacation!

  3. In case of future burns (in the kitchen or wherever) - grab mustard (any kind) and slather it on. Takes the pain away right then!



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