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You Eat WHAT?

As we've been having lots of summer fun, my blogging has fallen by the wayside.  Eek!  I promise I think about it but it's usually late at night and then I don't want to get up to get my computer to actually do it.  I'm real lazy like that.

I feel like I have so much to catch this blog up on, but alas, it's late at night again and I don't want to bother uploading pictures and things like that (lazy bones), so I'm just gonna talk.  Type.  Whatevs.

So.  The other night I was up way later than the rest of the house and there was nothing on TV and I wasn't tired enough to go to sleep (that's what happens if I take a nap with the boys!), so I did the unthinkable.

I watched Honey Boo Boo.

Okay.  I hadn't ever seen an episode, but I will tell you that I watched not only one, but TWO episodes.  And I haven't been the same since.  Seriously.  It scarred my soul.  I wish I could unwatch it.

One of the episodes I happened to see was where the mom made their favorite meal - ketchup and butter over spaghetti noodles.  I am telling you right now, I almost threw up that night.  I was covering my eyes (and peeking through the cracks) as they slurped up melted butter and ketchup laden noodles from a Country Crock margarine tub, burping and slurping and giggling with glee.  Oh, it's something I can't unsee.  It's something I can't unthink.  It's something I hate.

Anyway, I was just astounded at this family and their wild ways.  Simply in shock and awe.

And then a few nights later, I dreamed that I HAD TO LIVE WITH THEM.  Oh, it was one of those dreams that you are so happy to wake up from and realize your reality.  Right then and there I swore off my foolish ways of staying up late and watching ridiculous television.

{ I sit here at 11:46pm watching Dance Moms...}

So anyway, all that to say (I'm longwinded) ... some people eat really disgusting things and they think they're delicious.  And then it makes me wonder if I eat stuff that gags other people?

I really can't think of any weird things that I eat, but I've been told that my love of eating Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs (or trees or hearts or pumpkins) with a tall glass of ice cold orange juice is weird.  How is that weird?  It's not like I dip the chocolate in the OJ, it's just that the flavors go so great together.  Completely normal.

To me.

Oh, and cold meat.  I prefer cold meat to hot meat ANY day. Cooked and then refrigerated, of course. Leftover charcoaled hamburger patties and hot dogs cold from the fridge ... AMAZING.  Cold pork chops have so much more flavor than when they're hot.  Especially if you doused them in salt and pepper while frying them up.  Yum!  And the best?  Cold fried chicken!  It's life changing!

So maybe that's weird.  Husby tells me it is.

Now Husby, he has some DOOZIES!  For instance, when I make chili, he HAS to have a peanut butter sandwich with it.  And then, get this, he dips it in the chili.  I mean, I can't even....

He said he grew up with it and that even on chili day at school they served peanut butter sandwiches with it.  WHAT?!  I've never heard of such.  And he said when his mom fixed it at home, they always had a stack of peanut butter sandwiches on the table alongside the pot of chili.  I just don't understand!

Okay, so that's like the only weird thing he eats that's not normal, but that could potentially be a Honey Boo Boo Gag-Out Moment for someone else.  Ya know?

Something else that I can't take is when people put ketchup on their eggs.  Clearly, I have ketchup issues.  But for me, the only thing that belongs on eggs is plenty of S & P.  Now, I'm not gagging if you put hot sauce on them.  I don't do it, but it's okay if you do.  I'm fine with it.  Just don't plop a blob of ketchup on it.  Bleh.

What weird things do you eat?  Or, rat out someone else you know! :)

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. My sister douses her scrambled eggs with ketchup too and now my nephew does the same, I can't stand it. As for me....hmm, I dont think I have any weird ones...I hope :-)

  2. I remember chili day at school, we were also served PB & J, or pimento cheese sandwiches! I usually dip stuff in Greek vanilla yogurt, or put my cereal in it instead of using milk. And I am 100% with you on grilled out burgers and hotdogs straight from the fridge. Just had a left over hotdog lol.

  3. Oh, and watching Honey Boo Boo makes me so nauseous!

  4. I've never seen Honey Boo Boo but my husband told me about their "spaghetti sauce" GAG!!!

    I eat ketchup on my eggs (sometimes - if they're the crappy cafeteria pan eggs) and on frozen pizzas that we bake. LOL! My husband thinks both of those are gross.

    NEVER heard of PB sammies with chili?!?!?!

  5. I have no idea how it started, but ever since I can remember I have been dipping PB&J into my tomato soup instead of grilled cheese. I really like grilled cheese, but I just always dipped the PB&J into the soup!

  6. So I put peanut butter in my chili a lot. I think your husband would like it! :) It gives it a salty, sweet flavor. Not a lot of PB, but like a tablespoon mixed in to it is GOOD.

  7. I prefer sugar on cabbage. I can eat it with salt and pepper, but I really love it with butter and sugar. My dad does the same thing, I also like sweet relish and ketchup on hotdogs and hamburgers. My hubs says I'm unamerican! Lol! Oh, and sweet relish on chili and pinto beans. Is that weird?

  8. My father-in-law eats pinto beans ON TOP of chocolate cake! Sounds disgusting to me! I can't really think of any strange combinations that I eat. I do like salty with sweet though. I can't eat a Three Musketeers without Ritz crackers. The crackers balance out the sweetness of the candy bar. I also salt soft-serve vanilla ice cream. Not too much, just a tiny bit makes it perfect. And at Cracker Barrel, I like to butter my biscuit and pour a packet of sugar on it as soon as the bread is brought to the table. I let it set until I'm finished with all my food, and then I have it for dessert. The sugar has all melted into the buttery biscuit. It's pure bliss! Ok, maybe I DO have some weird habits, but they don't sound too strange to me!

  9. I am totally with you on the Reese's and Orange Juice! I love OJ with anything chocolate! It's my favorite combo!

  10. OH there is nothing better than Reese's pieces and OJ. LOVE!
    Black beans on top of a sweet potato, Mayo with fries, pimento cheese in eggs - not "TOO" weird..

  11. My oldest stepson dips his bananas in KETCHUP! SOOOO gross! I don't think I have any weird food things - I am really picky about my food, though.

    And I am so with you on that butter and ketchup thing - so disgusting!!! I do watch that show occasionally and every time they cook something it's awful. You should have seen the one where they ate road kill hog. I am not even kidding, I am scarred for life from that.

  12. LOL! You were cracking me up, but I am TOTALLY with you on how disgusting Honey Boo Boo and her family is when it comes to their food. I can't watch when they eat..I literally gag! So gross!!

    I grew up with PB&J with Chili too!! LOL! Maybe it's where we are from! Hilarious!

  13. At first I thought the Reese's with OJ thing was weird but once I thought about it, DUH, one of my two favorite flavors mixed with chocolate is orange! My other favorite is raspberry :) I could eat orange or raspberry chocolate (a good brand) any time of the day. My first experience was when I was in Europe and I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

    Okay, so this one is weird, I'll admit. I always eat my spaghetti while drinking milk. I know, gross! But it's not like I mix the flavors in my mouth...I just eat my spaghetti, finish the bite and when I need a drink, I drink my milk :) I can still understand why it grosses people out though...I think milk in general grosses people out but I LOVE it!

  14. I'm not gonna lie, I totally watch Honey Boo Boo. But yes-the stuff they eat is gross!

    I love pickles with a glass of chocolate milk. I know, I know - gross! I really craved it when I was pregnant. I think we had 6 jars of pickles in the fridge when I was preggers!

  15. I just watched my first episode of Honey Boo Boo last night...I was folding laundry and flipped on the tv and it just happened to be on that channel. I admit that I watched the rest of the episode, I just couldn't look away from the awfulness! I think what really sends it over the edge is watching them wallow and glory in the train wreck that they're living in. *shudder*

    The PB&J and chili thing is weird. I'm sitting here trying to think of anything I eat that might be deemed gross and can't really come up with anything. Our traditional "car food" for long car trips is cold pizza (we actually will order a couple the night before we leave specifically for this purpose)...I'm with you on the ketchup/eggs thing. Though if you're not tossing some herbs in there you're missing out (have you ever ordered from Their herb blends are amazing; there's one called "Parisienne Bonne Herbs" that's fantastic in scrambled eggs or quiche).

  16. There is not enough boring TV in the world to make me watch HBB. I don't think a bomb could ever get those images out of my mind. And not counting the fact that every time I sat down to eat i'd remember what I watched.
    My stomach couldn't take it. Not that i'm better than anyone else, but I was taught excellent manners. So I expect excellent manners at the table. Just so I can eat without throwing up.
    I don't do reality TV. Hubby watches Lizard Lick Towing. Oh My. Call me gone when he turns that on. :D

    I don't mix, dip or eat any weird combinations but hubby does. Nothing gross but just weird.
    I have friends who pour ketchup on pinto beans. I don't eat pinto beans so this is something i'll have to skip.

    I like chocolate and orange. The little milk chocolate covered orange jelly sticks or real orange wedges from the candy store. I like the milk chocolate covered pineapple chunks too.

    All my food has to be in separate bowls or a plate that has divided slots. I don't like my food touching. I know it all goes to the same place, but it's not touching until it gets there. I guess we all have our little quirks in life. But gross ones...I shudder to think.

    btw...Congrats on the new "Prince Nephew". Many blessing on his sweet life.

  17. I don't think I eat anything too odd but I do do two things a little strangely. 1) If I eat chocolate pudding (rarely) I have to eat it with a plastic spoon. A metal spoon tastes SO weird. 2) I don't drink milk so I eat cereal with yogurt. Not too odd but my husband thinks I'm totally strange!

    I've never watched an episode of Honey Boo Boo but I keep seeing the commercials about Sugar Bear proposing and being all serious with his funeral shirt. It kills me every time!!

  18. I dip potato chips in mustard. I also love to spread a little mustard on top of a grilled cheese! (It sounds like I eat a lot of mustard, but I really don't eat this stuff that often.)

  19. Your Husby's pb in chili is nothing! That's how my school served it, too, and I wouldn't dream of having chili without pb sandwiches to dip it in. To really gross you out ... our family drinks milk with our chili. It sounds gross even to me (my hubby got me started) but it's oh so good!

  20. Hmmm.....let's see, I grew up putting applesauce on my chili (which now the thought of it makes me gag!), my hotdogs and marshmallows have to burned to a crisp in order to eat them and my FAVORITE of FAVORITES sandwich is a bologna sandwich on white bread with Miracle Whip (only that tangy zip, no mayo...gag!) with crushed up doritos inside. Or, a tuna fish sandwich(again, with Miracle Whip) with crushed up potato chips. DEEEE-LI-CIOUS!!!

    What? Is that weird? Trust me on the'll NEVER go back!

  21. I LOVE miracle whip sandwiches, like just miracle whip on two pieces of bread. Or sometimes to spice things up I will throw some pickles on there or other times, a slice of american cheese? Weird? Nah. I blame it on my mom. She ate mayo(short for miracle whip where I'm from) and pickle sandwiches constantly while pregnant with me. My baby cousin however, used to eat ketchup slathered on a piece of white bread and thats it! GROSS! I also like to dip potato chips in A1 steak sauce sometimes. I will OCCASIONALLY mix it in my mashed potatoes. Any chips on a bologna sandwich are delicious! I agree with Erin.

    Oh, and I'm convinced that the best thing in the world would be potato chips covered in semisweet chocolate! I love to sit down with a bag of LAYS and a bag of semisweet chocolate chips and eat a chip and then some chocolate! Delicious! I think its an ingenious idea! The chip has to stay nice and crunchy though!

    I don't think your's sound to out there. Your hubby's, well I don't know about those! :)

  22. First off, ketchup on eggs is delicious!!! :) we ate some interesting concoctions growing up, salami and ketchup on toast, and cream cheese and tuna salad on toast. (I guess anything on toast :)
    I can't imagine eating cold hamburgers or pork chops though! And I have NEVER heard of peanut butter anything with chili!! I may have to try that one :)

  23. I love love love to eat cajun thin sliced turkey deli meat with Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Add some tortilla chips on the side? Fa-get-a-bout-it. I only eat it on occasion, but it is perfect.
    I also grew up eating homemade mac & cheese (you can tell I love it, can't you?) with pinto beans mixed in. In elementary school, when the stars would align (kidding) and we would have mac&cheese, pintos, and chicken nuggets, all of my little friends thought it was so weird to put the beans with my mac & cheese! 100% normal to me!
    Ok and I expect you to gag out at this one, like most people do... when making homemade bread or pie, I like to sneak little bites of the raw dough. It is so yummy!

  24. Some of these combos are making the pregnant lady a little nauseated. However, I like to eat pizza rolls with soy sauce on them

  25. These are hilarious!

    I can't think of anything too weird, though my husband calls me out for eating granola mixed into a bowl of applesauce...

  26. We loved mayo on our scrambled eggs and ate mayo on crackers for a snack. My dad would eat mayo and banana sandwiches! And I totally agree about the cold meat, especially pork chops!!!!

  27. We are the same as Husby with the pb sandwiches and chili. Soooooooooo delicious! ;) We grew up having it in the school cafeteria, too. Have you tried it? It's seriously good. I like ketchup in my Mac & Cheese but I know that's weird and I only do it in private. Bahaha! My dad says that growing up he ate white beans and chocolate cake together in a bowl. YUCK! I once knew someone who ate jello in a bowl with milk. And my grandpa use to drink Pepsi out of a (glass) bottle with a bunch of peanuts in it/stuck in the top. People are weird. ;)

  28. ok, pb sandwich with chili? no bueno.

    I've never seen Honey boo boo but I hear it is horrible... so I'll probably avoid it.

    as for weird things... hmmm... I used to have a ton when I was a kid, but now, notsomuch. I do love a good ritz or town house cracker dipped in nutella.. but I don't think that is weird! Or is it? LOL

    but I am from Louisiana and I eat boiled crawfish... which probably grosses a lot of people out. :)

  29. Now you've got me wanting a big bowl of chili, a pb sandwich, and a tall glass of milk. Seriously! :-) Oh, and my dad ate ketchup on his eggs in the morning. And we have friends in Missouri that lopped a big tablespoon of mayonnaise in their bowl of chili before eating it. No joke.

    I used to eat pb sandwich with sliced sweet pickles on it. It was so good! Now I'd rather have pb&j, or pb with sliced bananas, or Nutella with sliced strawberries. Hmmmm … I guess I like a lot of so-called "weird" things.

  30. Great post!! I found myself laughing and gagging all at the same time LOL!

    I have never heard of chili and peanut butter sandwiches...eww! It makes me sick just thinking about it, haha! I can't really think of anything weird that I like to eat. Well...I do love french fries dipped in soft serve ice cream! Especially Wendy's fries dipped in a frosty, mmmm :)

  31. I have never heard of the chili/pb combo but I am amazed at how many commenters have! Who knew that was a thing? I don't think I have any quirky combos, but I do have a strange affinity for cheap processed foods, which is ironic considering that I am also a foodie who loves local, seasonal eating! It's my guilty pleasure, I guess, but sign me up for Ramen noodles, Chef Boyardee ravioli, boxed mac-n-cheese, Hot Pockets...all that gross stuff that people joke about college kids eating, I secretly love and buy to treat myself! And if I'm pregnant, watch out...Jonathan had to stop letting me do the grocery shopping for the first several months because I would come home with a cart load of that stuff and not one normal, whole food item! :/

  32. I sometimes put A1 in my mashed potatoes. And if we're having steak with them, I will just add the cut up steak to the potatoes and eat it that way all together.
    I also used to eat cucumber slices with ketchup when I was little, but will not touch ketchup at all anymore.


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