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Happy Birthday, Dear Ezra.

Baby Boy,

It sure seems like we have been celebrating you all week, doesn't it?  But you know what?  We've been celebrating you for a solid year!  Since the day your precious life graced our family, we have been cheering and smiling.  And in your own little way, you seem to do the same.  You are so good at making others feel loved. What a blessing you are to us, my angel.


This year has been absolutely incredible.  Seeing how you have fallen into your little role in the family is absolutely precious.  And, seeing how you have changed all of us is pretty amazing, too.  You have made your sibling a big brother and he has taken this job so seriously and has given 100% from day one.  He wants nothing more than to make you happy and to help you.  You have given your daddy another little sidekick to share his interests with and pour his life into.  He has so much fun with you, sweet boy, and gets such a kick out of you!  You have expanded my heart in ways I never knew was possible.  You show me joy, consistency and deep, precious love.

You've changed our lives, Ezzers.

(You've always had the most kissable little face!!)

I never want to forget you at this age.  You are the essence of PRECIOUS.  You wake up smiling and go to sleep smiling.  Your sunny little disposition is infectious and your laugh is contagious.  Not only do you have a "happy face", but you have the happiest little personality.  You are the cause of a billion smiles, my love.  I can't get over you!

To know you, is to LOVE you.


The way you speed crawl around the house - especially to follow your brother.  The way you carefully take a step and look around to see if we're watching.  The excitement in your eyes when you see someone you love.  Your sweetest little voice.  The way you lay your head on my chest when I pick you up.  How you give the most angelic hugs and the sugariest kisses. The way you love a stuffed animal and cuddle them tight.  The way you love to wrestle with your Daddy and brother. The way you point to what or who you want, with such force! Your fake cry face.  Your real cry face.  Your cheese face.  Your shy face.  You are a babe of many faces! So many things about you I think I could never forget because they are a blatant part of my every day.  But I know the memories will fade as you grow and do new things.  I want to remember each and every thing about you, sweet boy.


I get teary when I think about the gift I have in you.  God has blessed us immensely!  I think about your different traits and qualities that God has woven inside of you, and I realize how much we need and cherish you individually, and as a family.  You have completed us and made us a whole little unit.  How I praise God for you!

(The moment we became "us".)

It seems like yesterday that I heard the doctors gasp and say, "WOAH", as they pulled you out.  And as they held you up over that long blue curtain, I laid eyes on the sweetest, jolliest, cutest and biggest little baby and my life was forever changed!  From that very moment, you captured your mommy's heart.  And every day since, you just reel me in tighter.

(Moments after you were born.  I was being sewn up and I snapped this picture with my iPhone to send to my Mom in the waiting room. HA!)

I love you, angel bug.  You are my heart's joy!


Happy Birthday, darling.


I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


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