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The Conversationalist and The Comedian.

I told a friend the other day that having children is just the most fascinating thing in the world.  You create these tiny little people and you have no idea who they will become or what their little personalities are until they grow and develop into their own.  And watching it is the most amazing thing in the world!  Having my two boys makes me want to have a dozen children just so I can see all their little personalities blossom.  It's FUN!  I am completely captivated by my babies and their similarities, differences, and all the great little things that make up who they are.


My boys are very much alike in their temperament and demeanor.  They are very laid back and easy going.  Happy and excited about life.  They remind me so much of one another in so many ways and sometimes I feel like I'm having flashbacks of when Levi was a baby as I'm dealing with little Ezra.  It's freaky!  I was very much expecting "night and day" children, but so far, they are eerily similar.  They even look alike!



But, they absolutely have their own traits that encompass who they are and what makes them uniquely special and uniquely them.  And oh, how they overwhelm my heart BECAUSE of who they are!  I simply can not imagine one without the other.  We are insanely blessed by these little beings.  Our hearts' completion.

In my boys, I have what I call The Conversationalist and The Comedian.

(Also, the Lover and the Laugher.)

Levi is my Conversationalist.


Levi is my tender heart.  He is so super sensitive and compassionate.  He displayed these traits from a very young age and his tenderness has only grown since.  He is the one who is always looking out for others, extremely affectionate (hugs, kisses, and "I love you Mommy" all day long! My heart explodes!!), finds the good in everyone (and often corrects me when I don't!), and makes a friend wherever he goes.  He has always been my little "talker", and somedays I feel like my ears are burning by the time Daddy gets home! :)  He is such an inquisitive little person and he wants to know every little detail of every little thing.  This boy has never met a stranger and always just wants to sit and talk.  He often tells me to come sit at the table with him "so we can talk".  And talk we do!  We tell stories, make up stories, talk about God, talk about our days, talk about both real and funny things.  He is seriously a fun little person to be with!  Truly, my little buddy.  He is silly and hilarious, but very intelligent and always wanting to learn.  He has an eagerness for learning the Bible and he will sit and learn Bible stories for as long as you sit and teach him! (He listened to Beth Moore with Glam*Ma the other day and when she turned it off he asked her to turn it back on. HAHA!)  He talks about God, Jesus and his Bible stories constantly.  I can't help but wonder what he'll do for the Kingdom.


Levi is also my little encourager.  Anything you do for him - even slapping together a simple lunch - he thanks you and acts like it's the greatest thing he's ever had.  He tells me that God is the lifter of his head, and I can't help but think that the Lord has given that trait to him .... lifting the heads of others as he encourages and makes them feel so special.  What a gift!


To know this boy is to fall in love with him.  He is such a sweet, loving, FUN little boy.  He is my heart.

Ezra is my Comedian.


This little boy is just full of joy!  My "joy boy", for sure.  It makes me laugh because as I think back to being pregnant with him, he was smiling in every ultrasound we ever had of him.  He was smiling then and he hasn't stopped.  The JOY of the Lord is just IN this little boy and I can't get over it.  He thinks everything is absolutely hysterical and he is all of our best audience.  Not only does he laugh at all of us, but he makes us laugh!  He will do something he knows is funny, look at us, we laugh, and then he does it again.  Such a little ham!


Ezra is also extremely affectionate and he is always smothering us in wet kisses and the most precious little hugs.  He is a determined little fella - always working hard to do what his big brother is doing.  He is innately strong in stature and I can't help but think this will be part of his personality as well.  Even though he's the baby, he can hold his own with his brother and stand his little ground if they are fussing over a toy.  My Mom says she's never seen a baby who can overpower her with his strength, and it's the truth!  God made this boy strong and courageous!

My heart beams when I look into his little face, and I can't see him without smiling.  His joy is contagious.  He's such a pleasant, content, HAPPY little boy.  He is my heart.


I'm eager to watch the similarities and differences of my boys as they grow and mature. The two of them challenge me every day.  Levi with his encouraging heart and eagerness for Truth, and Ezra with his happy spirit and innate joy.  I believe God teaches us through our children.  And He gave me exactly what I need in these little boys.

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. So sweet! Your boys are just the cutest. I hope you have a dozen more ;)

  2. Such a beautiful post (and beautiful boys)! I love the way you dress them, too.

  3. What heartfelt words and the sweetest of descriptions of your little angels!! Love the picture/garland/lipstick idea, may have to borrow it :)

  4. You're kids are just so adorable! Having children is the best thing on earth! You've done a great job as a mother! I adore you too.. :D


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