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Catch Up!

It's always tough getting back into the swing of "normal blogging" after the holidays.  There are so many thoughts floating around and no good way to organize them into something coherent in attempts to play catch up! So, you know what that means?

Lots of random thoughts jammed into one post!

And actually, these are always some of my favorite posts.  Here we go!

* We always take our Christmas decorations down before the new year rolls in.  When Christmas passes it's like I can't tolerate our decor anymore and HAVE to get it down as soon as possible.  Sometimes I wish I could just sit and enjoy it for another week, but I can't.  It's not in my DNA.  I feel such relief when it's back in the attic, even though I miss the warmth and glow of the tree and lights.  And our living room suddenly feels huge!  What an easy and cost efficient way of gaining space - fill it up for a month and then remove it.  :)

* Speaking of filling something up for a month and then removing it, I'm back on the ole Slow Carb diet starting today!  I took from the first of December to now off and I am super happy to be back on.  I truly feel 10 times better when I'm sticking to this health plan.  Also, my pants fit 10 times better.  HA!
But it sure was fun indulging for a solid month!

* I've started planning Ezra's 1st birthday and I am super excited!  I hadn't thought of a theme and then the other night at around 11pm it just hit me!  I jumped online and started planning and ordering things and was up until 1:30am doing so.  Hey, when inspiration hits these days I've just gotta run with it!  And I think better when everyone is sleeping and I don't have to worry about who will need something next or what the baby is getting into.  But then morning comes and I think to myself, "was it worth it?"  I'm NOT a morning person.

* My children are super duper morning people.  They wake up smiling and singing and kissing and talking 90-to-nothing.  Well, my 3 year old does.  Ezra just crawls around and laughs.

* Husby and I started the show "Ringer" on Netflix last week.  We love it but found out it didn't get picked up for a next season.  Naturally.  That happens to all shows we enjoy.

* Levi stays in the bath until his water is cold.

* It's January so I need a BIG snowstorm.  NEED.  And preferably so big that Husby can't go to work and he's stranded in with us for days on end! That sounds heavenly.

* 2013 is going to be a great year.  We have lots of exciting things planned and when we look back on this year I think our theme word will definitely be "fun".  It's going to be awesome and I can't wait to make the most of it with all the people I love.  I'm so blessed to have the people I do.  They make life worth living!

* The day after Christmas we ran into Target to look for a certain game for Levi's Kinect and they had Valentine's stuff out.  Already!  The day AFTER Christmas!  I mean, don't get me wrong, it's one of my favorite holidays so my heart screamed with glee, but I was kind of upset, too.  Can't we just enjoy the days we are IN without rushing to the next thing?  I guess with consumerism that answer is a big fat "no", but it really bugs me.

* And then I walked into another store the other day and there was Easter stuff.  I swear these stores are out to make us tired of seasonal stuff by the time the season actually roles around.  And what's frustrating is that when the air becomes warmer and I'm actually ready to decorate for spring and hunt for Easter goodies, they'll all be gone!  Because they were already sold .... IN DECEMBER!

* When our TV is paused, photos from my iPhoto start scrolling across the screen.  It makes cry because dozens of baby Weebie pictures pop up and it feels like it was yesterday that he was that size.  And then newborn photos of Ezra pop up and my eyes well with tears!  But it makes me so joyful, too.  Such blessings we have in our sons.  Such beautiful little blessings.

* It also helps when I remember "hey Whitney ... they're still little.  And even though right now I think they are so big now and they used to be so tiny, one day photos of Levi and Ezra from TODAY will scroll across and then I'll think, 'oh my goodness, they were so itty bitty!" And then I think, "enjoy RIGHT NOW because they're tiny and precious and you will miss this day terribly one day."

* Sometimes I need to just stop thinking.  Like right now.

Adios, folks! :)

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Super, super excited to see what you do for Ezra's birthday party! I have kept plenty of ideas in mind from your blog for my little boy. You do parties so well.

    My little AJ is only 12 weeks old so I have a while yet though. Ha! x

  2. Won't your husband have to go into work if there's a huge snow storm? Isn't that how hospitals work?

  3. I want my tv to do that when it is paused! Is it one of the new smart televisions? Ty has been looking at one for our living room.


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