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A Nickname Gone Wrong.

We really run the gamut of nicknames for little Ezra.  We have several for Levi, too, but when Levi came into our family, "Weebie" stuck within his first few weeks of life. And he's been our little Weebie (Weebs, Weebers, Weebie Bears etc.) ever since.  Ezra doesn't have that one specific name that we call him, so something new is always coming out of our mouths!

Ezra is our ...

Ezzy Wig
Ezra Dezra
Easy Deezy (That's what his daddy calls him most of the time!)
Toogie Woogs
Boo Boo Bear
Boo Boo Angel
Toozie Wooz

These names probably baffle you on how to pronounce them.  Babies make complete morons out of the way you speak.  They make this college graduate sound like I couldn't pass Kindergarten.  Like ... for real.

Case in point: The other day I asked Ezra if he was ready for his food, and Levi said, "don't you mean his foo-foo's?" My "baby speak" has got to stop.  But it's oh so hard for me.

Anyway.  On with the story!

I'm always calling him "boo boo", and the other day as Husby and I were putting the boys in the car, I was talking to Ezra and making him laugh and giggle and we were all having a grand ole time until I called him ..... "boobs".

Husby, buckling in Levi, just stopped and stared at me.

I didn't EVEN realize what I had said, because I am always shortening their nicknames - (Weebie is "Weebs" the majority of the time!).  I honestly thought NOTHING of it - my mind didn't even think "that" until I saw the reaction from my husband.

He instructed me to please never call our son "boobs" again.

I could not stop laughing.

Bless my little Toogie Woog's heart!!!!


I'm sorry, Littlest.  I will never call you such a name again.

And if somehow this lands you in counseling when you are older, I will take full blame and responsibility.


What are some nicknames for your kiddos?  Anyone ever had a nickname gone wrong?

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Oh my gosh I'm nursing my daughter and its 3:30am and I cannot stop laughing!! :D initially we called our daughter 'pretty' and that became 'whittie' and sometimes 'Whittie bay bay'. You are so right in that your language just becomes wonky when you have a baby. It's fun though! ;) Her nickname has gotten weird sometimes though when around other people other than my husband and I. People think we are calling her 'woody' sometimes and we're like, 'what?! Why would we call her that?!' ;) As if 'whittie' is some normal name. Ha! Thank you for the laugh this morning! :D

  2. Boobs!That's totally hilarious.I was practically laughing while reading your post and Ezra is such a cute little boy. Bless you and your family. ;)

  3. Ha! It's definitely changed over time, but I'd say 90% of the time I call my son "Monkey". I TRY to remember to call him his name, but it just doesn't come out. Though, probably the other 10% I refer to him as "Robber". Close, but perhaps not the best connotations. (His name's Robby.)

  4. Ha! That's funny! I call my older two children by name, but our youngest, Hannah, I generally call Boo Boo or Peanut. Although I try to stay away from Boo Boo because it reminds of that show Honey Boo Boo. I have a friend with a little boy named Liam, and they call him Pickle. :)

  5. Thats so funny!! I just came across your blog - love it! I'm a swedish housewife who's currently living it up in Budapest. Please check out my blog about life in BP! xo Em

  6. When I was a little girl and played dress up my dad would say I was his "happy hooker"! That was until I told someone in public "I'm my daddy's little happy hooker!!!" Haha!!! Guess he didn't know I was really listening :)

  7. hahaha! My sister (who will be 35 this year) is still known in our family as "Pooker," a variation on "Puker" because she spit up horribly as a baby. So be careful what you pick, because it might stick with them their whole life!

  8. I don't have any children but I treat my dog like my child. His name is Chiko but I call him every thing from "Cheek Cheek" to "Bubs", "Bubby", "Boog", "Boogsie". I could keep going. I only call him by name when he is not responding to my calls to come back inside.

  9. That is hysterical! I call my little guy Boo Boo, and I accidentally called him "Boobie" the other day, so I had to laugh at your little slip!! :)

  10. Oh we called our babies boo boo bear too! And I know I slipped up and called him a boobs a few times :) how funny. It just came out so naturally... Let me see, I've been calling my daughter Princess Pudding Pop for god knows what reason, and my one year old has been Poops for a long time. Mainly because that is what he does so well :)

  11. This made me laugh out loud! And it made me miss you. We need to get together soon. Maybe some weekend that both the husbands are working...

  12. My 3 year old's name is Parker and once in a while I'll call him P. One day without thinking I said: "P P, come over here!" He runs over and tells me: "Mommy, I not "pee pee!" Well he told me! That nickname was nipped in the bud.

    Recently I started calling my 20 month old, Avery, by a new nickname: "Ree Ree". It's something she said a couple of times when trying to say her name. So I tried it out. It was cute...until a couple of people gave me strange looks. Apparently back in elementary school people use to call each other names and that was something you called someone when you wanted to call them "retarded". What?!? I had never heard of such a thing! I still call her Ree or Ree Ree.

  13. My daughter's name is Isabelle but we call her Belle. When she was a baby I called her Bellephant, then Bephelant, then shortened it to Beffy. We still call her Beffy all the time but less so now because when she started talking, she would introduce herself to people as "Beffy" and people would look at me like a crazy person for naming my child that. Our son is the baby now so his nickname has devolved into "the Booba" which is how we refer to him, "I'm going to go get the Booba". I too have many times slipped and called him "boobs" but we think it's funny so now it's an inside joke in our house and we will sometimes intentionally call him "Boobs" just for the laugh.

  14. My grandpa had nicknames for everyone. I mean, EVERY one!! He and my grandma had nine kids and not a single one of them go by their birth name. When my parents were pregnant with me, they started discussing names and the first thing my grandpa did was give a nickname for it. It made my mom not-so-happy, so we all ended up with names that don't have any nicknames - Lisa, Leslie, and Paul. And we've all only been called our full name for our entire lives, nothing else!!

  15. My nickname for my sister is "Ranny". Her name is Lauren. I've called her that for so long I'm not even sure how it originated! My nickname for my husband Thomas is "Beansy" or just "Bean". And currently my son Cameron is "Loni", because we started calling him Cameloni and I just shortened it one day. Ha!

  16. So funny! I'm guilty of nicknaming people then riffing on those nicknames to the point they don't even make sense. My son gets called JB quite a bit because those are his initials, and yet somehow I've morphed that into calling him "The Beebs," which sounds like a disease. Poor kid!

  17. Hahaha! I call my son Booga/Boogie. It started because my family speaks french, and we all would call him "Beau Gosse" (pronouced 'Bow Gah') which means handsome guy. It slowly became more like BOOga, and now Boogie lol.

  18. Laughed aloud at this one. ;)

  19. Haha love it! My youngest daughter {Charlotte} is nicknamed Tubbie. Which has led to Tubs, Tubbikins, Sir Tubs a lot, and others. ANd my husband got the nickame Skip in high school and it stuck so much that ONLY his parents call him Tom {his real name} Everyone else only calls him Skip or Skipper!

  20. Ha ha! That is awesome! When my son, Leland, was in the NICU, one of the nurses kept accidentally calling him Lanford. My husband took to this name and started calling him that. Eventually, it transitioned into "Landfill" and that is what my husband calls him all the time. I don't think anything of it anymore until he says it in front of someone, and they give us the look like "What did you just call your kid?"

  21. We have a million nicknames for our daughter, the dog, etc - LOL! When Ariel was little I called her Ariellla Jella Bella - she started crying - she thought I was saying she had a fat belly! I felt SO bad! I explained to her that's not what I meant at all, it just rhymed. She calmed down but I still felt awful. o:)

  22. LOL! That is hilarious!! My oldest (4) is now Lovebug... That's the one that finally stuck and my youngest (2.5) is Boo boo! It started out as Jr Mint from hubs and my name of Boo boo is what has stuck!

  23. We have 4 kids, but the only silly nickname I can think of is that I sometimes call our littlest girl Missy Moo idea where that came from!

  24. Bahahaha! I love it! We've been calling our little one all kinds of variations of Love (Lovie, Tiny Love, Little Love, Lovie Dovie, etc.) and then I was calling him "Lover" for a while, which my husband thought was a little creepy. He had to remind me of the Will Ferrell skit on SNL where they call each other "Lover" and make out. Now I still call him Lover, but make sure to say it just like they do on the show...Lov-ah!

  25. I call my son boobs sometimes!! Lol short for boo boo or bubs! Mostly we call him Schweeps.. Or Schweepy.. Or Schweepy Schweeperson.. Schweepy was his nickname from birth.. Our way of saying sleepy I guess?! I also call him all crazy kinds of names too.. It's fun!!

  26. My son is Andrew and I call him bug all the time. He was buggy was he was a tiny baby. Not sure where it came from but it stuck.
    My daughter is Kara and she's Kara Beara, or little bear.
    So I have a bug and a bear in my house ;)


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