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W&ERW: The Sweetest Story.



So, you know how the other night our entire family of four ended up in our bed?  Well, as chaotic and restless as it was, we also experienced one of the most precious moments.  One I will never forget.

When Ezra was a wee little newborn, I made this song up for him and we sing it every day.  Levi LOVES the song and any time Ezra starts crying or gets fussy, Levi gets down beside and him and sings his song ...

"Ezra. Ezra Ray. You are my sunshine.
Ezra. Ezra Ray. You are my light."

It's just the sweetest thing how Levi comforts him and as soon as Ezra hears the song, he stops crying and starts smiling or laughing.  Oh, it's just precious.

There have been some hilarious moments with the boys and this song.  Like a couple months ago ...

The boys and I were in my room while I was doing some chores and Ezra was on our bed.  He started crying because it was time to eat and Levi started singing.  Well, this day, Ezra wasn't having it and lost all patience - he was hungry and he wanted to eat!  So, he screamed louder.

I had walked out of the room for a minute and when I came back, I found Levi in my bathroom with the door closed, standing next to the bathtub with his hands over his ears, SCREAMING ...


as Ezra laid on the bed WAILING.

Oh, I laughed so hard.  Just precious.  And hilarious.

Well, back to the other night.

We were all in bed and both of the boys were feeling crumby.  Levi's throat was super sore, he was burning up from fever and his nose was running so badly he could barely breathe.  It was like 4am and Ezra woke up crying.  Levi woke up from a groggy sleep and started to sing in THE most pitiful little voice I have ever heard ....

"Ezra ...... Ezra Ray ..... you *sniff* are my *cough* sunshine ... 

and then he began crying because his throat hurt so bad, but he kept singing!!!

"Ezra *sniff* ... Ezra Ray .... you *cough-sniff-cough-sniff* are my light."

Oh. My. Goodness.  Sweetest thing in life.

He is honestly the best big brother, and it just makes me cry talking about it.

Husby and I both woke up and nearly started crying ourselves.  The sound of his little voice was almost too much to handle.  Hearing our sickly three year old boy deny his own needs and feelings and try to comfort his baby brother when he felt so badly and needed comforted himself, was just ... just too precious to even try to put into words.

I tell Levi every day how proud I am of him for the amazing big brother he is to baby Ezra, but it's moments like these - when he knows no one is looking - that overwhelm me by the goodness and compassion that pours from my little boy.

I say all the time that I've never experienced Jesus like I have since having children.  And that night I saw Him in Levi.  And it moved me greatly.


I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. I am teary eyed reading this. Levi is the sweetest thing.

  2. He truly is the best big brother, and he has the sweetest heart!!! We are so blessed he is a part of our of lives & family!!!! And you're doing an amazing job yourself, mom.

  3. What a sweet boy. And such a beautiful story!

  4. Precious!!! And the screaming/singing from the bathroom bit is hysterical! Love those moments of motherhood that could easily be in a sitcom :)

  5. Awesome! My big boy is so good to my little boy, as well. The bond of brotherhood is so special.

  6. Aww this really is the sweetest story! I wish all siblings could be like Levi.

  7. gorgeous and really great story while and looks of babies are so cute.

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