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The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

We all have 'em.  No one likes 'em.  They're not our favorite.  They're tiring.  They're irritating.  But sometimes they're so over the top that it just makes you laugh.

This was my day one day last week. 

One big bad turn after the other.  By 1pm, I was so exhausted from the days events that I was laughing deliriously as we drove down the road.  Wanna hear about the day?  Come on - humor me.  If I had to live it, y'all have to relive it with me.  

It all started in the wee hours of the morning. 

The baby woke up at 2am hungry and crying.  I fed him and he kept whimpering, so I put him in bed with us.  At 3am in walks a coughing, runny nosed, fever riddled little boy - crying.  I knew he had to be feeling badly because he never comes in our room anymore at night.  I scooped him up and put him beside me.

Four of us.  In one bed.

This was gonna be a long night.

And it was.  Levi would wake up and start crying or coughing, and it woke Ezra and he would start screaming.  Over and over this happened.  Yes, I should have gone to put one (or both) of them back in their beds, but it was late (or early), I was exhausted and at the time keeping them next to me sounded like the best option.

Morning came.  Levi started vomiting.  


So, I cleaned up vomit here.  I cleaned up vomit there.  I cleaned up vomit everywhere!

I called Husby at work and he set us up an appointment with our pediatrician at 11:45. (I requested something a little later since I wasn't ready yet, but it's all they had.) At this point it was 10:15.  I hung up the phone, hopped into the shower, slapped on some make up and clothes, clothed the boys and washed off their booger faces, brushed Levi's teeth, and flew out the door.

I actually got there a little bit early and I was on the phone with my mom, so I sat in the parking lot for a bit.  Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a homeless (pretty rough) looking woman carrying a sleeping bag and a pillow walking toward me with a scowl on her face.  I avoided eye contact and kept busy on the phone. She kept walking toward me and planted herself firmly directly next to my window.  She stood there flailing her arms in the sky trying to get my attention.  I still pretended I didn't see her.  Smooth, Whitney.  Real smooth.

She flailed.  I kept talking.  Her gestures got bigger and so did mine - pretending I was really into this conversation with my mom, when in all actuality I was saying, "Mom, there's this scary lady flailing her arms right outside my window and my doors are unlocked but I can't lock them because she's RIGHT THERE and she'll hear it and know that I see her flapping arms."  After a couple minutes (seemed like eternity), she spotted a guy sitting in his car next to me and moved on to him.  Phew.  That was a close one.

She disappeared because the man next to me did exactly what I did, except he wasn't on the phone.  He was even smoother than me.  

Time for the appointment! 

Naturally, our doctor was out of the office.  And so was the other doctor in her office.  So I had to roam the building looking for the other doctor they were sending us too.  All while carrying a CRAZY HEAVY infant carrier with a pretty hefty baby inside of it.  And a diaper bag.  And a purse.  And a little boy by my side sneezing and coughing and asking a billion questions.  

We found the office and took our seat.  Within a couple minutes we were already in.  A rainbow in this cloudy day!

The doctor walked in and she talked 90 to nothing.  I couldn't get a word in.  She made me sit on the table with Levi on my lap.  As if he is an infant.  This is absolutely ludicrous because Levi loves going to the doctor and is the best patient (because he's used to his daddy always checking his ears, throat, etc.).  She didn't even give him a chance to show her what a pro he is at the doctor.  She ordered me up on the table with my 3+ foot tall, 40 lb. little boy on my lap.  Absolutely ludicrous.

Looking back, I would have said told her no, but whatever.  Levi was probably apprehensive at her anyway.  She was kind of quacky.

I say that because as soon as I hopped up on the table with Levi in my lap she told me something highly inappropriate.  I was so stunned at what she had said that I just stared at her with a blank look. 

Crickets.  Crickets.

For crying out loud, I just met this lady 40 seconds earlier and she was popping off intimate details of things I really don't care to know and it had absolutely nothing to do with anything she had been saying!   

"Of course, I don't just say that to strangers", she said.


Weird.  Just all too weird.  She gave us a prescription and I hightailed it out of there like a flash of lightening.  Bi-zarre.

And I don't think she ever made eye contact with me.  She just walked in talking up a storm, telling me weird things and whipping around medical instruments like an iron chef with his knives.  It all happened so fast my head was spinning.  I couldn't even process it or make sense of anything she said.

But I was sure glad to get out of there.

I sat Ezra down in his carrier to check out and when I went to pick the carrier up, I wasn't paying attention and was rushing around trying to juggle everything and .... ugh, I can barely even type it.  I ..... My .... My hand accidentally smacked his little face!!! :( 

Worst.  Feeling.  Ever.


I still don't know how it happened.  Probably because I was booking it out of there so quickly to get away from the crazy lady with dirty jokes.  But as I slid my arm through to pick up the carrier (not looking as I did it because I was trying to unwrap a dum-dum for Levi and open the door at the same time), my arm got completely off course and hit his little forehead.  

He looked at me stunned and started SCREAMING. 

Oh, that look on his face.  It's forever burned into my brain.  

I smothered him in kisses and tried to explain to him what happened.  As if he understood.  Oh dears, it was just a mess.  I was a mess.

I texted my mom in the car and told her to top off the morning, I had accidentally punched my precious little baby.  She told me not to let Satan steal my joy.  At this point he was doing a mighty fine job of it.

We left and headed to Popeye's for lunch.  We went to Popeye's because they have amazing "naked" chicken tenders (that doctor would have loved 'em), and they're covered in spices, no batter, and baked crisp to perfection.  They're amazing and I eat them a couple times a week.  Yum.

We went inside to eat because Levi had to use the restroom and the place was packed.  I found the last parking spot, whipped in and hauled everyone inside.  We went to the restroom first and wouldn't you know - "women's restroom out of order".  Perfect.

I asked him if he could hold it, he said yes, so I ordered and we snatched the last table in the place and began eating.  Well, then Levi informed me he HAD to go.  

So, I had to send him into the men's restroom ALONE.  Now, don't get me wrong - it was just a single toilet restroom, so I knew no one else would be in there with him.  But still.  He was alone and in public.  But he did fine and that was that.

My chicken was delicious.  Another rainbow amongst the clouds!

On the way to the car, I saw my tire was low.

Of course.

We whipped by the pharmacy and finally headed home so we could all take naps.  We saw 5 wrecks in our 15 minute drive home.  I guess I wasn't the only one having a crazy day.

We got home and I took Ezra out of his car seat and gave Levi his medicine.

Ezra had a blow out diaper to end all blow outs and as I was cleaning that up, Levi starts vomiting his bright pink medicine everywhere.  

Poop and pink vomit all. over. the. place.

After I got everything and everyone cleaned up, we all booked it to bed for a nice long nap.

Except, Ezra thought 1 hour was long enough for him, so that meant 45 minutes was long enough for me.  I was hoping for a 3 hour'er after the crazy night we had with little sleep. :)

The rest of the evening went pretty well ... until Ezra stuck his foot in a bowl of old chili, and Levi took his medicine again (after an hour long battle) and threw it up ... again.

Let's just say that each day is a blessing, but some days that's easier to realize than others.  Though everyone in our household is now sick (besides me), we haven't had a day to rival that one yet. And I hope we don't.  For a long time.

My Momma said there'd be days like this, there'd be days like this my Momma said! 

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. You are adorable!! Even on your awful day, I'd love to hang out!! Such good manners, and such a good outlook on life without being one of those phoney unrealistic bloggers. You're one of my faves!!

  2. And I of course mean that in a completely non creepy or stalkerish way...

  3. Oh I have so so so done that to the baby before! Accidentally hurt them and that poor, stunned look on their face. When Zoe was a baby I was walking down this crooked sidewalk to the church door, tripped and I fell to my knees and DROPPED her (a not-yet-crawling baby) and she rolled down the sidewalk. Worst feeling ever!

    Your day sounded jam packed with stress so I'll be praying the rest of your week is easy and restful!!!!!

  4. I'm sorry you've had such a horrible day, sweetie!!
    I hope your week got better after that day...
    Is Levi feeling better??

  5. If the women's toilet was out of order I would have just gone in to the men's, there are very few men who would not be polite and understanding about a woman with two little one's in a potty emergency.

    p.s. Your mom really does sound like an angel

  6. Bless your heart! That's all I can say. Your terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day actually had me cracking up. The stories we can tell as mamas. I'm sure I would've been in tears before the day was half way over... plus I have a tendancy to be a tad dramatic so I definitely wouldn't have handled everything as graceful as you did! Hope everyone in your house gets better soon!

  7. Way to go Mrs. Super Christian!!! Aren't you proud of yourself for purposely ignoring a person in need!!! Way to put all of that Godly knowledge that you always speak of to use! So proud of you!

  8. Um first off LC, who pissed in your Cheerios this morning?

    Second, Whit I am exhausted just reading your post! So sorry! Hope the boys are feeling better!

  9. Oh Lord. WHAT. A. DAY. I'd totally blame it on the full moon or something.

    Hope today is better!

  10. Oh man. If it makes you feel any better, last week I had a really terrible awful no good day too. One of the worst in my career here. I wanted to just quit! But things are better now, but that day, man. yikes. I think I will have pavlovian reactions from that day for a while. I feel for ya. I'm sorry your precious guys are sick. I hope everyone gets better very quickly!


  11. lC I'm as Christian as any & I would have ignored the woman myself.
    How many times do you pick up the paper or turn the news on and see people killing random strangers?
    Sure she may have been completely harmless but why take the chance when you have small children?
    Judge not lest ye be judged

    Hope today is a much better day

  12. Oh my GOODNESS. That lady would have totally creeped me out- and I would have totally ignored her. I hope everyone is feeling MUCH much better today!

  13. Just stumbled upon your site because I almost entitled one of my recent posts the same thing! Yesterday was an ugly ugly day. Hope everyone is on the mend soon, and yes, we just recently had a full moon:)

  14. What a doozie!!! Hope everyone gets well soon!

  15. Never put your children in harm's way. You had no way of knowing what that woman's intentions were. Sorry that LC doesn't understand mom instinct. I know you well enough it wouldn't have mattered if the woman had been wearing a business suit and carrying a briefcase. Your kids' safety comes first. Interesting that LC's link goes to a page that just says "No identity page for opaque identifiers". What the heck does that mean?

  16. I understand the mom instinct. But perhaps locking the doors to keep your children safe and then offering the women a smile and a wave would have balanced protecting your loved ones while also acknowledging this poor women as as the person that she is, the person that God made.

    1. Oh if only we all had such wisdom when put in an unexpected situation in the scariest part of town.

  17. And why in the world would you take your poor child with the stomach flu out to a fast food restaurant. Yikes. Glad you were all able to take a nap to recover.

    1. Ha! I don't remember calling it the stomach flu. Funny because it wasn't. It was an ear infection. Thanks for jumping to conclusions like a champ!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Way to go for standing up for yourself, Whit! ;) You're one of the best Godly mothers that I know!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I had a day JUST like that the other day... except mine wasnt QUITE as bad as yours. Im following because of this post. Im glad your mom was able to encourage you after that yucky doctors appt! check out my yucky day

  20. Ugh. The way you described it, I could almost bet it was an ear infection. And when you said pink medicine I knew it was something along those lines. Hope Levi is feeling better. Those earaches are misery. And btw the homeless lady would've freaked me out too.

  21. Ah! The pink med vomit, been there! That is honestly enough to make it an awful WEEK! Poor you and L. I'm telling you, I take over any potty these days- when they have to go, they have to go, and I hate sending either of mine in alone (maybe I am just a little crazy, but I am ok with it!) I almost yelled at a guy who went into the family restroom ALONE the other day. I am 8 months pregnant, had both my kids and my bags (We were at target)... we made it though!

  22. Oh dear, what a terrible day! You have my sympathies...days like that are just awful aren't they!

    I am just the same about not allowing my children into public restrooms alone. My son is seven and if I can't be sure the mens are empty I will bring him into the ladies with me and just make sure he goes into a cubicle and shuts the door. I have read some really awful stories about things happening to unaccompanied little boys in public restrooms and I just won't take the risk.

    After all, a mother's first instinct is to protect her children, which is perhaps something other commenters here seem not to understand. I think the thing that we need to remember is that the instinct to protect our children is GOD GIVEN. I just wanted to encourage you as I thought the negative comments were completely unfair and showed a distinct lack of empathy for your situation. God wants us to protect the little ones he puts in our care, that is our Christian duty as mothers. You made the right call!

  23. I think I am getting a bad rap here. I think if ignoring the women was what you needed to do to feel safe- then it was the right thing for you to do. I was simply trying to suggest that if you were to encounter a similar situation again you should definitely seek to protect your children (first!) but might also consider things from the perspective of the women. I am sorry if I what I said came out wrong. I am also a mother (two boys, ages 1 and 3) and a Christian and understand the desire to protect your little ones, but lately in my church we have spent a great deal of time recently talking about how to handle being approached by panhandlers and homeless folks (we are a church located near an inner city who see a lot of less folks who have fallen upon hard times). I think you are right to keep yourself safe, but also (if possible) treating everyone you see as one of God's children is also something to challenge yourself with. I love your blog and am a frequent reader - I think you do a wonderful job of mothering and also reflecting on yourself and your actions as one of God's children. Perhaps my comment was not as thought as it could have been, but it was well intentioned and not meant to be critical.


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