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Those Perfect Days.

There are certain days that are given to us in life that reflect true perfection. They may not be spent dining in the best restaurants or experiencing the most amazing sights - but they are moments that you look back on years later and you say, "THAT was a perfect day".  For me, those days are the ones spent with ones I love.


Husby has had a tough past few months with a super demanding work schedule.  He's only had a handful of days off, and most of those days were filled with prior obligations or plans we had.  We haven't had much time to just BE.  Not much time to just relax and laugh and enjoy being our little family.  We haven't even been to church together as a whole family except for twice in the past several weeks.  And by the way, it is not an easy task single mommying it on a Sunday morning trying to get to church.  Boy HOWDY.


But.  Husby had yesterday off.  And it was a truly perfect day.


It was a huge refreshment to worship together.  It just feels right.  There is something so incredibly lonely about sitting in church without your husband.  But when he's there beside me, I feel complete.  After worship, we headed to Cracker Barrel for some good old fashioned Sunday fried chicken.  Lucky for me, it was my cheat day and I gorged!  I always plan my cheat days when Husby will be off work because it's just no fun eating "cheat food" without him!


After a delicious lunch, we headed home to crash for naps for a couple hours.  Bliss!


When we woke up, we all got dressed and headed to our local pumpkin patch.  We hit up the same one every year and it's an absolute blast!  There are animals to pet/feed, mini hay maze, a big corn maze, camel rides, hay rides, and lots and lots of pumpkins!  It's so much fun.


Levi climbed all over every pumpkin there it seems like and kept telling us how much fun he was having (such a gracious little boy).  We ran into some dear friends who I haven't seen in far too long and I was so happy to hug their precious necks.  We picked out our pumpkins and after we were all worn out, we loaded up to head out.



Husby had read about a place near where we were on a food blog, and wanted to check it out for supper.  Guess where this place was?  A GAS STATION.  I'm always up for a new adventure, so we headed 15 miles south and landed at a seedy little gas station for a supper fit for a .... king.  A-hmm.


We ordered everything the food blog recommended and laughed as we took our seats at the lone table sitting in the middle of the gas station.  It was weird, but by golly, it was flat out deeeeelicious.  It was such a funny night.


We came home, got into our jammies and ended the night to the sounds of Ezra eating his bottle and Levi laughing hysterically at Tom and Jerry back in our bedroom.  The perfect sounds to end the perfect day.



Church, lunch, naps, pumpkin patch and a gas station dinner.  It all sounds so simple.  So normal.  And it is .... and it was beautiful.

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. It sounds absolutely perfect to me, those pictures really make it. Everyone looks so happy!

  2. Okay. The picture of Levi doing a fist pump on top of the camel is outrageously epic. I would blow that sucker up and frame it. That is awesome. Classic.

    I'm so glad you had such a great day.


  3. I agree:) It was a perfect day for us too and we were so glad to hug your necks! You look amazing and I have to see you again soon:) Love you

  4. Cute boys! I feel the same way about going to church without Ty.

  5. Love the fist pump camel ride photo! That is just too awesome!

  6. Those days are the best! Love the pictures.

  7. I think this is one of my fave blog posts by you ever! (long time reader, first time commenter) 1st pic is my favorite! The light catches everything perfectly and the colors really pop!


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