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It's State Fair Time!

I always like to recap our time at the State Fair since we always have such a great day!  This year was no different.  So much fun, so much food, and so much COLD.  The temps dropped way low and we all bundled up in our hoodies, coats, hats and gloves and set out for a fun time at the fair.

When the temps plummeted, I got a text from my Mom the night before asking if they could come watch Ezra while we took Levi to the fair.  She was right in that baby face didn't need to be out in the frigid temps.  So while we took Levi to ride rides and play games, Ezra was snuggled up warm at home being smothered in cuddles from his adoring grandparents.  I'd say his end of the deal was a pretty sweet one.


We started off by snatching up some Fried Nutter Butters!  They were okay, but I think I realized that I'm not real crazy about the fried novelty items ... such as fried cookies, candy bars, etc.  I mean, they were okay, but nothing I would crave or probably ever order again.  But definitely fun to try!  Here's a recap of all the food we consumed that night.  (Cheat Day Heaven!)



Nom Nom Nom!!

Not pictured is the ice cream, popcorn and cotton candy that Levi consumed.





So much yumminess all wrapped into one day!

Levi's favorite part was the petting zoo and pony rides.  He always loves this each year!


This goat LOVED Levi and followed him everywhere he went.  It was the sweetest thing.


So excited to be with a real llama.  (His favorite books are the Llama Llama series.)


Can I just say that he was simply adorable in his itty bitty Carhart?  All he needed were some boots and he could've been out there showing pigs or something!


He had a blast playing games.  Especially when he got to challenge his Daddy!



He even won!


He also won a little frog that he immediately said he was giving to Ezra.  Such a sweet big brother!

Next came rides and the first one he wanted to ride on was a big boy roller coaster.


Let's just say it was all fun and games until we went downhill ... and that we better stick with the toddler coasters for another year or so.  :)  He was all smiles and screaming and then when we started going faster he FROZE and had the funniest look on his face while he white knuckled the handle bars. He never moved a muscle until we stopped.  Then he was all smiles again.  Poor baby!


The calmer rides were much more enjoyable!


We had such a sweet time.  Levi kept exclaiming, "I wish we could go to the fair ALL DAY LONG," and "I wish we could go to the fair EVERY DAY!"


TSF2012 was a great success and we can't wait until next year when Ezra is big enough to come and enjoy the sights!

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  1. I'm jealous of all the yummy food you ate! I didn't want to expose Jack to the fair this year, but next year will hopefully be another story. Momma needs some fair food!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Seems like the whole country got colder around last thursday! We went from beautiful 70's to the 30's in one day! How cold was it at the fair where you are?

  3. Love his precious Carhart. Looks like you had a great time!!!


  4. Oh! That looked like tons of family fun. It's great you get to take just Levi out sometimes. I'm sure he needs that every once in a while. The food looked yummy too!


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