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Today I am 29.  So I thought I'd give you 29 facts about myself.  Happy Birthday to MEEE! :)

1. I collect handbags and dishes.  I will not part with either. 
2. I am addicted to Diet Coke. For real, it's a true physical addiction.
3. I won a National piano competition when I was young, and now I can barely play anything.
4. I can not handle condensation.  I wrap a napkin around every beverage I drink.
5. My wedding ring is a size 3.5.  I have freakishly small fingers. That's the only thing on my body that's freakishly small.  Unfortunately.  
6. I have a fierce loyalty to my family.  Like a lion. (Not that lions are super loyal to their families, but they're ferocious.  Like me.  Heck, they may be loyal.  Who am I to say they aren't?  Simba's family sure was.  Well, except for Scar.)
7. I don't understand percentages.
8. I dream vividly every single night.  And remember them the next day.
9. I've never dyed, permed, or done anything drastic to my hair. 
10. I am scared, like super duper heart attack scared, of frogs.  Especially when they jump.
11. I have another boy name picked out and nursery planned just in case we have another baby one day and it's a boy. 
12. Sometimes I have intense cravings for Twizzlers, so I like to keep a package handy for those times. 
13. I get my bath water so hot that my entire body turns pink. 
14. I love formula breath.
15. Sometimes, when I think about eternity, I get dizzy.  Like, forever.  There is no end.  My mind can't even fathom it!
16. I have a pink birthmark.
17. I've kissed one boy in my life. 
18. I always find people who look like people. 
19. My left profile looks different than my right profile.
20. I used to yell at my best friend for always getting the same things to eat at every restaurant we frequented.  Until one day I realized that I do the same thing.  Sorry, girl.
21. I worry too much.  There's no use in it, I know.  But I struggle with it.  Always have! 
22. I have one certain friend that I talk to almost every single day of the week.  
23. I've worn the same perfume since I started wearing perfume.  Now it's impossible to find and we have to order it online. It's most definitely my signature scent.
24. My husband and I have nicknames for people and refer to them by those names rather than their real ones.
25. I can do a spot on impersonation of Reba McEntire and Garth Brooks.
26. I am not scared of or dreading turning 30.
27. When I spot someone I know in public that I don't feel like talking to, I dodge them and pretend I'm talking on my phone.  I always fear it will start ringing.
28. My favorite ages so far have been 17 and 24. I have a feeling 29 will be a new favorite.
29. I believe the Bible to be the inspired, inerrant word of God and is the only infallible rule of faith and practice. 
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Happy Birthday! I wish everything will stay as it is, for you have a perfect family:))

  2. Happy birthday Whitney!! My morning started already (it's 10am here when it's, like, 1-2am in your country right now), so I could say, I hope you have a great day tomorrow..? Hehe :)

  3. Happy Birthday! You are the perfect age. :-)

  4. Happy Birthday?! Now I'm curious- what kind of perfume do you wear?! Hope you have a great day!

  5. happy birthday! i love reading random facts about people :)
    and i have to admit, when i first read #4 i thought it said, " i cannot handle CONVERSATION...." and i thought, "wow...she must be a real people person" - haha! so i had to go back and reread. condensation makes much more sense :)

  6. Happy Birthday! I love random fun facts :)

  7. Happy Birthday Whitney! I hope you have a truly blessed day! Love you random facts and your sweet personality! I hope 29 is one of your favorite years!

    I have enjoyed reading your blog since my husband got into Med school three years ago! Yesterday started the first day of our last year! WOOT WOOT! Home stretch! Thanks for encouraging me with your posts even though you had no idea!

    P.S. Levi and Ezra are so precious and perfect! :)

  8. Happy Birthday! You have gorgeous hair. Such a beautiful red that I'd pay good money for and it still wouldn't look that good. ;) I also take insanely hot baths. It was one of the things I missed most when pregnant.

  9. Happy Birthday--and I'm so jealous about your natural hair. Baby #2 made me go gray and I'm forced into an endless cycle of coloring and highlights!

    Oh, and on the "talking on the phone as a cover" thing, if you have an iphone there's a tiny little switch on the side that when you flip it you get an orange line and it turns your phone on silent, that way you don't need to worry about it ringing.

  10. Happy Birthday!!! I hope 29 is every bit as fabulous as you deserve!

  11. Do a vlog with you doing Reba and Garth!!

  12. Hi Whitney... and Happy, Happy Birthday!! I'm 47 and have never had my hair dyed either. Lucky to only have a couple gray hairs.

  13. We've got the same birthday! I'm 27 today! Happy Birthday!

  14. Happy birthday! You also have me curious as to what perfume you wear, and as far as the phone I always call my voicemail so I don't have to worry about it ringing ;)

  15. Happy 29th! I didn't stress about turning 30 because I came home from the hospital with my new baby on my bday. But you have a whole long year left of your 20s so enjoy!!!!

  16. You must post a video of you doing your impersonations!

  17. SO fun! Mark just turned 30 and he's taking it in stride. My ring size is a 4. Not a 3.5, but close. I feel freakishly small as well in my fingers.


  18. Happy Birthday!! I wear a 3.5, too! The jeweler acted like I was an oddball and had to ask if it could be sized that small. And you definitely have to spill the perfume brand =)

  19. I loved this and I don't understand percentages either!

  20. And I thought I had small fingers with a 4.5 ring size, you've got me beat girl! Fun list, thanks for sharing. Also, Happy Birthday!

  21. Happy Birthday!!!! Thanks for sharing! And I do the SAME thing as #18. It drives my husband nuts! Lol!

  22. Happy birthday!! Several of these sound like me! But number 6 made me laugh out loud! Why must you be so judgmental of lions??

  23. Happy birthday (yesterday) Whitney!! I hope you had a wonderful day with your family and didn't worry too much (I too know that feeling all too well). :-)


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