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Weebie & Ezra Ray Wednesday: Summer Festivals.

It's no secret for our little family that if there is a summer festival near us, we will be there.  Levi is at such a fun age for things like this now that he loves rides and games.  Super fun!  Oh, and I wasn't lying when I said this was going to be the week of pictures, was I? :)

This is the Green Corn Festival and we had a blast!


Nothing like an $8 corn dog and $3 rides.  GEEZE LOUISE!  Though I love the fair and festivals of the sort, I simply don't see how families afford to go.  It broke the bank and we just had one who wanted to do rides!  Yike-a-ronie.  Better start saving now for next year.  ;)




Levi couldn't get enough of all the rides.  Sweet summer fun!




Daddy and I shared an Indian Taco and each had an ear of corn.  And of course, a pineapple whip!


Ezra was awake for part of the time.



We dipped his fingers in nacho cheese and let him get after it.

I hope you know I'm joking.  :)


This is my favorite photo of the day! Such fun!



Oh, sweet summer festivals.  How I love you so.

Even if we'll be eating beans for the next two weeks.  ;)


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  1. Oh, I just love Levi's face looking up at his Daddy on the big swing!!

  2. That carousel picture is AMAZING! I would frame that baby in a it!

  3. I'm curious what an Indian taco is? These pics just scream summertime!

  4. Precious pictures! I wish that fairs/festivals weren't so expensive!

  5. Yahoo fun with the fam bam!
    Love family pics:))

  6. The Green Corn Festival is in our city-so fun!

  7. I rarely comment (sorry!), but I just had to say that your boys are gorgeous!!! You should hire them out as models - then, you can make some extra money for the fair :-)

  8. I have such a weakness for summer festivals as well...and they ARE getting so darn expensive every year!
    Your boys are gorgeous and you took such amazing pictures, totally captured the moment! What photo editing do you use? I really loved the carousel picture with Levi.
    Thank you for sharing!

  9. From one stay home mommy to another. Maybe you could check out my site I am working on. I appreciate it.

    Thanks Summer

  10. Have you ever been to the Kiddie Park in Bartlesville? It's FREE to get in, .25 cents per ride, and cotton candy/icees are very cheap as well. The rides are all mini rides, perfect for 2-5 year olds. You MUST go!!

  11. Kiddie Park Website.


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