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Busy Bees!

I never understood that phrase "busy bees". Are bees really that busy? I mean, sure, they have the honey business and all that fun stuff, but besides that and tormenting innocent bystanders with their sharp little hineys, what else do they do? Fly around and see the world at leisure while everyone scurries to clear a path when they see 'em coming? Tough life, those bees. They're practically treated like royalty.

And I'm pretty sure the Duke and Duchess of their kingdom live in my backyard. Rumor has it she wore a stunning white stinger at the royal wedding under our slide. Show off.

You know, personally, I think the phrase should be "busy ants". Now there's a productive little insect. Poor things don't get the credit or recognition they deserve. Bless their little peasant ant hearts.


Um, all this to say life has been super full and busy lately! This week is jam packed to capacity, too, so I may be out of pocket for a bit. But maybe not. We'll see what I can work out during nap time tomorrow! :)

But right now I'm going to catch some much needed Zzz's! (Yet another phrase I don't understand. Catch Zzz's? What's a Zzz? Who comes up with this stuff and why do we keep it going? Weird.)

Alrighty, brain. It's time to shut off. Nighty night!!

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  1. But busy bee sounds way more fun than busy ant with the alliteration and all :D and I've been wondering too, why is sleeping marked in comics with z's, who says "zzz" when they sleep..?

  2. I saw you at church yesterday morning, and wanted to get a peek at your precious boys. Lexi was having a morning, so I had to get her to the van, so I missed you. : (

  3. Just wanted to let you know I made your crockpot BBQ! It was delish! I linked it up to Menu Monday (with giving credit to you of course). Thanks for sharing!!


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