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Ezra's Nursery!

When trying to decide what to do for Ezra's nursery, Husby was my main source of inspiration. He let me go to town on Levi's nursery in creating something soft, sweet and elegant, so I wanted to represent him with our second son. (Ha! Sounds like I'm calling myself soft, sweet and elegant, huh?)

Husby is really into bicycles and bike riding and so I took that and ran with it, deciding to theme Ezra's room in vintage bicycles. This project was so much fun!



After deciding on the theme, I chose colors. I wanted aqua and red, with hints of yellow and grey - those colors just scream vintage to me. I searched high and low for the perfect bedding and let me tell you something right now ... there is NO crib bedding out there in aqua and red, or even just solid aqua or red. I found a lady on Etsy who had some fantastic bicycle fabric and I contacted her about creating Ezra's bedding. We searched out some fabrics to compliment the bicycles, but that had pops of red in it, and what we created together is absolutely perfect for the room. Oh, I just love it!


She did a great job capturing exactly what I envisioned. I love the three tiered bedskirt with chevrons, polka dots and the bicycles from the bumper pads.



I am just so pleased with this super fun bedding! She also made custom black out curtains to match. We matched the wall paint to the aqua in the bicycles.


I knew I wanted a fun chair covering to really make the room POP, and I think this one absolutely did the job.




It gave the room the final "oomph" it needed!

As far as artwork went, I spent days scouring the web. I ordered vintage style posters and had them custom framed at Hobby Lobby. I love the feel they give the room.




(These prints of the "Dream Bikes" are my favorites!)


These are original vintage ads that I bought from a guy on eBay for a couple bucks. I love them!

As far as knick-knacks and things go, I found most things on Etsy. What would I do without that website?










I think this lamp is so unique. Love it!


One of my very favorite things in the whole room is the light fixture. A light fixture can totally change a room, and in this case, it completely set it off.


The chrome reminds me of a bicycle and then it has a touch of elegance with the prisms. Love it!

It makes really neat designs on the wall when it's on, too, which I think Ezra will like. :)


And there you have it ... our most recent labor of love: our baby boy's room! It was a blast dreaming up and creating. And now, I can't wait to put the final touch in there ... HIM! :)
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Stunning! I love everything about it! Great job!

  2. Wow. Just wow. You should do this for a living, you have a serious skill here!! That is magical, amazing & full of so many lovely, perfect details. Well done. Can't wait for the icing on the cake to arrive! :)

  3. Hands down, the sweetest little nursery I have ever seen! I die for that bedskirt! Amazing job!

  4. Wow! I am so jealous of little Ezra getting to sleep in that beautiful nursery! You have a special talent xx

  5. I love all of the lamps you have but especially the overhead light. It looks like a spinning bicycle wheel with sunshine glittering off the spokes. What a find!

  6. What a beautiful and unique nursery!! Can't wait to meet Ezra!

  7. I can't even imagine how I'd start putting together such an incredible room. You have such a knack!

  8. That is so cute! Different too! Love the colors and the bed skirt is my favorite! Great job.

  9. oh my goodness, I love this nursery! You did a fantastic job putting everything together and the bedding is beautiful! I esp. love the colors-our living room is red and aqua. The colors go together so well! :)

  10. Amazing! I love the vintage feel. And, red and aqua is one of my favorite color combos. You did great! Lucky little is perfect!

  11. It's perfect!! I love every little detail and it all came together so well. The colors make everything so happy!

  12. I've been waiting to see what you'd do and of course you didn't dissapoint. :) You should have been an interior designer! Love it. Was it hard to paint over Levi's striped walls?

  13. Its beautiful! Great job on combining the different prints.

  14. Oh I love it!! It looks so so so so so good!!!! Seriously the perfect nursery! Did you use Levi's same crib and change out the top of the poles?

  15. WOW! I would never think to decorate a nursery with the bicycle theme. So original and beautiful!

  16. Ezra's nursery is wonderful! I love the bedding and all of the cute accessories and wall art. Great job, mama!

  17. Amazing! That light fixture on the ceiling is SO COOL!

  18. Wow, Whitney - you did an amazing job decorating Ezra's room. Just fabulous. And you are right, that light fixture is perfect!

  19. Love aqua and red together--turned out great! Now you just need your little man to get here! :)

  20. Love, love, love this nursery. It's so unique and perfect for a little boy. And the colors are amazing! You did a fabulous job.

  21. Girl you are so good! I love the vintage bicycle prints and color selection! It's perfect, as expected!!

  22. Stunning! Ezra's room turned out absolutely beautiful, you did such a great job!

  23. Absolutely AMAZING! I love it. This is GREAT!!

  24. Ezra's room is amazing. I love it! Fantastic job putting it all together Whitney. So so cute.

  25. Love it!!!! It looks straight out of a magazine.

  26. So creative and unique. I love every piece of it. You have a very talented eye for decor!

  27. I love all of the antique bikes and the red with aqua! It's such a beautiful combination and makes me want to totally change the color theme for one of my rooms :)

  28. This room is amazing! You should be a decorator- you definitely have a knack for it. Good luck with preparations for your sweet baby.

  29. I've been dying to see his nursery. I love your decorating style. It's so cool that each boy had a nursery just for them, not the same theme. I love it!

  30. Where did you get the light fixture?

  31. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Love.

    Question: It seems that lately everyone in baby safety is saying crib bumpers are against the rules. I noticed you have one (an adorable one at that). Have they changed that again? What's your stance on it? It seems like they are always changing what's acceptable and so I just wonder what is true! I don't even have a baby yet and I'm already overwhelmed at all the information! Ha. I really want a bumper so I hope it's okay!

    Seriously, Whitney. GORGEOUS!

  32. What a clever theme. It looks great!

  33. SUCH an awesome nursery!
    I just received an email from Paper Source about their spring line of products- all vintage bicycles, and some of the stuff is even in aqua and red. I instantly thought of you, so I just figured I'd pass it on. Here you go:
    I particularly like the red bicycle gift bags!

  34. Impressive!!! I love the color scheme! And I love that it doesn't look babyish, if you KWIM. It's awesome and the crib itself, used over from your other son, is PERFECT for your theme!

  35. love the room, you really did a fantastic job!

  36. Would you mind sharing the name of the person on etsy you got your bedding from? I don't think I will ever find bedding for my next nursery idea and would love to get in contact with someone who is trusted. And this lady (?? I'm assuming) did an exceptional job on Ezra's bedding. Thanks in advance I know you're just a tad busy ;)

  37. Would you mind doing a post on specifics of where you got some things not just on ebay (i.e. chair, etsy shop fr bedding, light, lamp, etc.)? I think if this is a boy my husband is hoping for a subtle hunting theme but if can get away from it or if we're having another girl I can hopefully find some things through your source :-)

  38. Your rooms are always so complete! I love the peeks inside them. Where did you find that amazing light fixture? I love it! Im ready to update our dining room and I think it might be a perfect fit :) Please share the 'where to buy' details!

  39. I love all of the antique bikes and the red with aqua! It's such a beautiful combination and makes me want to totally change the color theme for one of my rooms :)
    Delores Ensley
    homedecor guide


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