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Tiddly Bits!

Hey you guys!

I have a lot of little things to write about, so I thought I would throw them all together into one big post! I love reading other people's little tiddly bits, so for those of you who feel the same - this is for you! (And for my future memory!)

Let's start with a little pregnancy update.


Guys. I am ONE WEEK OUT from WHEN I HAD LEVI. I can't even wrap my brain around it at this point. This is where I never know what will happen at my doctor's appointments. I have one on Thursday, and I plan on having my hospital bag packed and ready just in case.

36 Weeks

I'm feeling good, aside from a pulled muscle and popped out rib. I am just so excited to meet this little baby boy. I can't even begin to explain it! He just already such a part of our lives that I can't wait to kiss those little baby cheeks! I also can not believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. It has absolutely flown ... 10 X's faster than my first. It's kind of surreal. I can't even imagine what people with 5 feel like! Much less, Michelle Duggar. Wowza!

Oh. And can I just tell you that his nursery is absolutely ADORABLE!? (If I do say so myself, HA! I can't help it! It's cute!) We finished it up aside from the bedding and curtains that are set to ship this week (HORRAY - earlier than we expected), and I just can't get over how cute it is. It is the polar opposite of Levi's sweet nursery, but I love it just as much - just in a totally different way. I can not WAIT to show you!! We got his light fixture up and chair in this weekend, and they were JUST the "pop" the room needed. Ah! It's so fun! I can't wait to see what the bedding does spruce it up even more!

Okay, I could talk about pregnancy, nurseries and babies all day, so let's move this thing along.


This weekend my parents came up and we spent such a fun day with them. It's weird to think that was one of the last times we could all ride in the same car together. Hey dad! I think you and Mom need a 6-seater vehicle! What'cha say? ;)

It was St. Patty's day, and even though Levi and I were the only ones wearing green shirts, we all left this place with green mouths.



Check out that pie!

Levi also had his first root beer in a frosty mug!


He loved it.



Even though we didn't have much of a winter this year, I am super excited for Spring and this gorgeous weather. I think I'm so eager for it because I know what it brings - Baby Boy! I love the longer days, the fresh air and my little boy running off all his energy in the backyard. It's no fun being cooped up every day in the winter when you're a little boy, so I think having children has brought out the summer-lover in me. And even though I used to love the dark nights of winter most, the older I become, the more I love the light.

The light creates more of these moments.



I'm also ready for Farmer's Markets, fresh foods, fun adventures, light clothing and flip flops. Oh, let's face it. I broke out my flip flops a couple weeks ago. My pregnant tootsies need to BREATHE!


Are any of y'all out there playing Draw Something? I play with lots of my friends and it's too much fun. I have realized a couple things about myself because of this app.

1. I am a terrible artist.

2. I am even more of an analyst than I once thought. (We're talking psychoanalyst here.) I can NOT watch someone else's drawing without analyzing why they did it one way as opposed to another. It drives me crazy. I can't just simply watch and guess the drawing; I dig into the deeper meaning of it all. Or of course, what I think the deeper meaning is. I know what you're all thinking: Don't Play This Game With Whitney! Ha! It really just boils down to the human mind completely fascinating me and this game is such a fun way to see the differences in all your friends in a unique way. Our brains all work in such different ways. So interesting!

I just went back and reread that paragraph and decided that I belong in a rubber room. No person should put that much thought into a silly iPhone game. It's like Husby says all the time, "I would be exhausted with your mind".

Speaking of my mind ... I think the weirdest things. For instance, we passed a neighborhood the other day and I thought to myself, "I wonder if there is anyone in that whole neighborhood inside their house crying right this very second. Oh, that's sad. I wonder what's wrong with them? What if they just found out someone died? Poor them. That's sad."

Yes. That was my thought process.


I also often pass houses and wonder if they have certain things in their home - like Oreo's, a box of Kleenex, Twizzlers, or a Captain America shield. Why. Do. I. Care.?

It's a wonder I can shut my brain off enough to sleep at night.

Or enough to end this little segment. Here we go. Let's switch thoughts!


I need peanut butter cookies.
Made by my Mom.
No others will do.
The end.
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Don't you wish that they had a chat feature on the game. I always want to talk to people about their funny drawings.

    I love all your tiddly bits :)

    You are so funny!!! I love that we get a little peak into your (rubber room) brain!!

  2. I always wonder things about people too. Often when I am awake early in the morning (5-6ish) I wonder how many people are waking up, and how many people are going to sleep, what they are doing, how they are feeling.

    The world is a beautiful place.

  3. I love your thoughts on draw something. I'm horrible at it but have had the best laughs at my drawings and others.

  4. I have thought processes like that all the time! Must be a girly thing. I like your random posts. Makes me feel better about my craziness. LOL

  5. Oh.. so close! Can't wait to see pics. I love the spring too!! Excited definitely this year! :)

  6. So exciting! I cannot wait to see photos of little Ezra! xx

  7. I cannot BELIEVE you are SO CLOSE! Time flies!!!!! I want to get the draw app!

  8. I can not wait to see Ezra's nursery! It sounds so fun! You are looking great!!

  9. I love the thought process. It really would be convenient if minds came with off switches. Especially when lying in bed at night.


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