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A Pregnancy Update: Almost to 30!

I am two days out from hitting 30 weeks and I can't believe it AT ALL. I will now start going to the doctor every two weeks to check on the little beeber (not to be confused with Bieber), and you know what? He will be here before I know it! WILD!

I got to peek in on him yesterday and he was a little love bug! He has gotten some chub on him (love!) and his cheeks remind me of his big brothers. SO CUTE!


Hi baby love! I can't wait to meet you, angel face! :)

The doctor said he looks like me. I think I agree. I've got some mighty strong genes, y'all. I told my sister-in-law I'm going to just keeping having babies until I get a little D (husby). Levi can look a lot like him but it's mainly facial expressions that cause it. His face has more of my features, but thank goodness, he got Husby's long slim body! :) Tee Hee.

I had my glucose test and I chugged that bad boy in less than a minute. Personally, I don't think it's all that awful. I mean, it's not like I would ever order it if it were on the menu at Sonic, but it's not gag-worthy. I had fruit punch flavor. Levi kept asking for a drink. Ha!

Levi told every one in the entire waiting room, every one in the Chick-fil-A play room and several people at Target that he is having a baby brother named Ezra. Seriously. He tells everyone he knows. It's hilarious! He loves watching him on the ultrasound screen and he points out all of his body parts. I am so happy he is such a part of this process. I think it's important for him to feel included. He is SO excited. He tells my belly "good morning baby brother" every morning and he kisses it, and then does the same thing at night. Totally unprompted. Last night he ran up to my tummy, hugged it and said, "I love you, baby brother." I fell into a heap of mush right then and there. Oh, the love.

Ezra's room is coming along! We have the paint ready to go, the bedding is ordered and we have all the wall art ready to hang. The whole she-bang probably won't be finished until after the baby is here (hello! SOON!), because the bedding was such a chore to find and the lady making it for me won't have it finished in time. I also want to get some details going in the room that I can't do until he's actually here. I am so excited about this room. I think it's going to be adorable!

I'm feeling good. He's moving ALL of the time. He never stops. His big brother never did, either. These baby boys are active little fellas! I have lower back pain if I overdo it, but I haven't been swollen and I generally feel pretty good.

My cravings: Werther's originals and the chewy caramels (weird, right?), salad, bread and butter, crunchy cereals, and crunch tacos with lots of jalepenos.

I've gained 15 lbs. I'm hoping this time I don't gain 37 like I did with Levi! ;) But I'd have to do some serious eating to catch up with that! Never say never. ;) Hehe.

I have started having heart burn which I never had with Levi. It's driving me crazy. The other day I just threw up out of nowhere and it was very acid-y. I don't like this business. We made a Tums and Prevacid run. Love that stuff!

My blood pressure has been GREAT with this pregnancy. So weird. I had high BP with Levi and I just assumed the same would happen this time. Funny how different pregnancies do different things to your body. I do think I was much more anxious/nervous with Levi and that affected my BP at my Doc appointments because it was never that high at home.

And here are some belly pictures from the past few weeks!

Week 27.

Week 28. (Look how lop-sided my belly was! He was laying on one side! SO funny.)

Week 29.

30 weeks down - 10 (probably less!) to go!!

Wowza Wowza Wowza!!
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  1. I didn't mind the sugar drink either. Wasn't bad at all.

  2. You look amazing at 30 weeks. Congrats!!

  3. You look gorgeous!!
    Can't wait to see Ezra's little face!

  4. That photo of you in the pink frilly top is so cute! You have some awesome pregnancy clothes!

  5. Awww, you look so cute! I love the pink top in your first pic.

  6. You're already almost 30 weeks?!? Nuts! You are looking lovely, and Levi is just too sweet about his baby brother. :)

  7. You look so good!! I can't believe you are already to week 30.

  8. You look great! So excited to "meet" baby Ezra and see the nursery! Seeing your boys together and watching a little friendship develop will totally turn you to mush. My boys are 3 and 5 months and already melt my heart daily. =)

  9. Whitney, you look BEAUTIFUL! I love that blue top on you in the last pic and that necklace. So fun. You look fabulous. (-:


  10. Isn't it adorable when the older siblings fall in love with baby in utero? My daughter was so ready to meet her baby brother that she wanted to use a screwdriver on my belly button to get him out!

  11. Girl, you look beautiful. I love how in love Levi is with the baby--so important for the older sibs to be involved! Heartburn is seriously the worst and I always felt like it was such a stupid thing to complain about but it was terrible so I understand you on that one!

  12. You look great! nice belly pics. i have a funny question - what do you wear when you're home? In you're pictures you have the cutest outfits, I was just wondering.

  13. You look fantastic!!! He's gonna be so cute too! :-) Yay!!

  14. You look great! I've always heard that if you have heartburn then the baby will come out with a full head of hair.

  15. Woohoo! Yay, so exciting. Your bump is adorable by the way!


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