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The Golden Ingredient. Literally.

I braved the wind and rain this afternoon to grab some ingredients for special Christmas cookies. The only Christmas cookies I've ever made are plain old sugar cookies (and who are we kidding .... those are the best kind!), but I've always dreamed of becoming one of those women who makes a special variety of cookies each year. On top of that, I've always wanted to package them up in special tins and deliver them to those I love. Not really because I love making cookies, but because I'm a sucker for cute tins.

So, as I grabbed up my ingredients today, I perused the "cute tin aisle" and purchased a couple. I wanted to buy like 78 because they were all so adorable, but then I realized I have to MAKE cookies to GO in the tins, so I only bought two. HA!

There is a special cookie that I wanted to make last year, but it calls for candied pineapple and though I searched high and low, I could not find the mysterious ingredient ANYWHERE. So, I skipped out on the cookie and hoped for better luck this year. Yeah, so guess how that's worked out for me? Not so good.

The lady grocery store I was at this morning looked at me like I had 3 heads when I asked about the pineapple. They had candied cherries up to the ceiling, but nary a candied pineapple to be found.

Nary. What a great, totally underused word. I'm going to start using it in real life. Then again, I may get stared at like I have 3 heads again. Some things are just better written.

Chasing rabbits here ....

When I got home, I called around since I didn't want to haul my two year old to a billion stores in the downpour.

This is how it all went down.

Calling Docs:
*Ring Ring*
Lady: Hello, Doc's Country Mart, can I help you?
Me: Yes, I was wondering if you carry candied pineapple.
Lady: Huh?
Lady: I don't know what that is.
Me: Ya know, like candied cherries, but candied pineapple?
Lady: No, we don't.
Me (to myself): Thanks for at least CHECKING.
Me: Okay, thanks. Bye!

Well, wasn't that pleasant?

Calling Reasors in the next town:
*Ring Ring*
Man: Hello, thanks for calling Reasors. Can I help you?
Me: Yes, do you carry candied pineapple?
Man: Yes we do, but we only get a shipment of it in once a year and a lady came in this morning and bought my last box.
Me: Oh man. Okay, thank you.
Man: I'm sorry. Please check one of our other stores.
Me: I will. Thank you. Bye!

That lady better appreciate what she has.

Calling Reasors in the other town:
*Ring Ring*
Woman: Hi, thanks for calling Reasors. Can I help you?
Me: Yes, I was needing to know if you carried something.
Woman: Let me get Josh. He's on the floor and can help you.
Me: (Wanting to laugh because of an inside joke with my BFF about this store and boys named Josh.) Okay, thanks.
Josh: Hi, can I help you?
Me: Do you carry candied pineapples?
Josh: Hold on and let me go see if we have any left. I know we carry them, but let me go check. Can you hang on?
Me: Yes.
*Holding. Holding. Holding.*
Josh: Are you still there?
Me: Yes.
Josh: Yes, we have it.
Me: GREAT!!!! Where in the store can I find it?
Josh: Do you know where our pop aisle is?
Me: Yes.
Josh: It's there. On our pop aisle.
Me: Ohhhh.... your POP aisle. (Well doesn't THAT make perfect sense?) - Okay, thank you so much.
Josh: You're welcome. Bye!

So. My baby is down for a nap and there is a box of candied pineapple waiting for me at the Reasor's in a few towns over ... on the pop aisle. Not the baking aisle. Not the produce section. Not the holiday displays. But in the pop aisle. With the Sprite, Diet Coke and Root Beer. Yup, why didn't I think of that last year?

These cookies better be worth it.

I'll keep you posted.
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  1. Ha! That is funny. If you have a store that sells a lot of bulk items I could picture it being there. I would of NEVER pictured it in the pop aisle!

  2. That was me looking for dried dates at Kroger last week. Which I have bought at Kroger before in the dried fruit section, so I ran in with Riggins on my hip and didn't get a cart. Of course this turned into a 30 minute escapade of 3 staffers looking for the darned dates as my toddler squirmed on my pregnant hip. Not cool! Oh, and they were in produce...hiding :)

    Can't wait to hear about the cookies!

  3. Just in case that doesn't pan have tons of the stuff.

    Good luck!

  4. Never in my life have I ever heard of candied pineapples! I hope those cookies are amazing!

  5. Based on that call I sure hope you don't there and they say, "Candied Pineapples, I'm sorry ma'am, I thought you meant pineapple flavored candy canes." Good luck!

  6. Great blog by the way. So happy you got your dream!

  7. haha! These better be some GOOD cookies huh?


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