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Running Through My Head

I've been so hit and miss with blogging lately, so I'm going to do a Running Through My Head post. It's a fun thing to do when you've been so busy that your brain can't coherently create a decent post. :)

* Thanksgiving is in T minus 3 days! Which means that the Thanksgiving at my house is in T minus 2. AHHH!!! The groceries are bought, the coupons were used, and now I'm just waiting for Tuesday to begin cooking. Thank you ALL for your awesome tips for cooking a full blown T-givs dinner. I really appreciated each one! I need to print them all out and hang them all over my kitchen so when I start to hyperventilate, your words of wisdom will calm me down. I better keep some brown paper bags on hand.

* Y'all asked me to take pictures. I will. Are you kidding me? If it's a success, I'll be posting those bad boys all over the world wide web! I'm real vain like that. If it's a disaster, I'll just ditch my pictures and find some real pretty perfect ones on the internet and post them like they're mine.

* This month has been brutal. Husby hasn't had a day off yet! :( By the time he does get a break, he will have worked 20 days in a row. YUCKA!! Plus, he's been working horrible hours. He had two 24's in a row, which means that he worked 24 hours straight, had 12 hours off (slept 11 of them), and then went in to work another 24. How he does it I will never know. We are beyond ready for this month to END.

* I caught a little stomach bug of some sort the other night and it was miserable. I still don't feel 100%.

* Baby boy is now able to be felt from the outside of my tummy! It's amazing!! He even kicked Levi's hand and Levi thought it was the funniest thing in the world. So precious! Now he always runs up to my stomach and says, "I'm just feeling my baby brother!" :)

* Every time I'm with my Mom and I break something in a store, I hide and she apologizes for it. It's hilarious. This also happens when Levi breaks something and we're with her. Now, I know it sounds like we break stuff all the time, and we really don't, but it's happened several times within the past year and she always takes the blame and apologizes while we stand back. I don't know why we do that!

* I love anything with cream cheese in it. Especially cream cheese frosting.

* I know a girl who hates cream cheese and I can't understand it!!! (Hi, Lindsey!) :)

* I'm wearing a Hanson t-shirt and Halloween socks. Hot stuff right here, folks!

* Cheeto fingers gag me. Well, really any kind of chip fingers sicken me. Especially when people lick them. Oh, I can't even think about it without kind of throwing up in my mouth. Quit talking about it.

* I often wonder when Rachael Ray is going to have a baby. It's really none of my business, but I can't help but wonder. Maybe she doesn't want kids. I mean, she doesn't really have time for anything else, so maybe it's just not in the cards for her. But I still always think she's going to announce her pregnancy.

* It bugs me when people say "it's not in the cards". And I just said it. Therefore, I bug myself! :)

* By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, I'm so tired of fall decor. Pumpkins, leaves, gords, and all of the oranges? Ugh! Go away and bring on the greens and reds! The fall holiday season seems to last forever and I think that's why I tire of it.

* I'm all out of thoughts. Bzzzzzz.
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. haha.
    I love reading people's random thoughts!

    I also think "chip fingers" are DISGUSTING.
    I used to have a friend in high school that did that ALL THE TIME.
    makes me sick thinking about it!

    GOOD LUCK with your thanksgiving dinner! I wish I had a kitchen to cook in this year.. My husband is in the army, and were in Georgia, in a hotel room for three weeks for airborne school.
    So no thanksgiving cooking for me :(

    can't wait to hear how the thanksgiving dinner went :)


  2. This cracked me up. I feel the same way about Cheetos fingers. Gag!

    Good luck on your Thanksgiving dinner. I'm sure it will be fabulous - you're a great cook!

  3. Canadian Thanksgiving is in early October so our fall decor only stays up until after Remebrance day and then Christmas stuff goes up shortly after. This past weekend everyone was decorating for Christmas!

  4. I've seen a lot of interviews with Rachel Ray where she says she never wants to have kids because she's too focused on her career and kids aren't really her thing, so I wouldn't hold my breath on any announcement :)

  5. I love when you post like this...feels like I know you better.

    You'll do great on the dinner! I guess I don't know what chip fingers are?!?! Like just cheetos?

    I've heard Rachael doesn't want babies too...I think she likes her dogs and that's it.

    And I'm ready to bust out my Christmas stuff too!!! YAYAYAYAYA!!!! Next weekend, woohoo!

  6. So exciting about Levi feeling his baby brother kick! We just had our second boy and it truly is such a wonderful thing watching these two brothers get to know each other! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. You know me too well! :)
    I hope your Thanksgiving meal is a success! I'm sure it will be!


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