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The Day Before The Day Before Thanksgiving.

Oh. My. Lanta. WHAT A DAY!

You wanted me to keep you updated on my first ever Thanksgiving dinner, so here you go folks! Today was prep day!

I woke up and hit the floor running knowing that I had many dishes to prepare and lots of chores ahead of me. So I gave my Mom a ringy-dingy (that's how I begin my days), while Levi watched Super Why and had his breakfast. When I hung up, I headed to the kitchen to start my marathon day of cooking.

Here's how the rest of my day went in a bullet point list!

* I had a bit of a sweet potato massacre that involved the mushy orange substance all over the kitchen and all over my toes. I screamed. I now have a new appreciation for the game "hot potato". The Lonestar song, "Mr. Mom" rang threw my head the rest of the day ... "sweet potatoes in my lazy chair." They. were. everywhere!

* My favorite dish to prepare today was the broccoli casserole. It went by in a flash! Super easy and always yummy.

* This cute little blond headed boy followed me around all morning saying, "I can help you, Mommy!", every time I turned around. I didn't have the heart to send him away, so I let him help. This delayed me by about 78 hours. Give or take a few. (Oh, but he was so precious.)

* Two dishes down and around lunch time, I realized I needed a couple things at the store. So, I jumped in the shower, threw on some makeup, clothed Levi and myself and headed out. We stopped for tater tots to boost morale. It worked.

* When we were hopping through the store throwing random things in the cart, Levi hung his head over the front of the basket guiding us along. I stopped to look at something I didn't need, and he turned around, gave me the biggest smile and said, "I love you so much, Mommy." Ah! My heart exploded right then and there as I smothered him with kisses in the middle of the aisle. It definitely put in perspective this crazy day I was having. None of that mattered. My little boy made it all better.

* I wanted to face plant in every dish I made today. It might not be the best idea to have The Preggie host Thanksgiving. I doubled most of the recipes, but with my appetite, there may not be anything left.

* Michael Buble's new Christmas CD totally made my day a happy and festive one! The perfect accompaniment to a day in the kitchen!

* In between each dish I made, I stopped to load the dishwasher and switch out the washing machine clothes to the dryer. I swear I repeated this process 92 times today. (Again, give or take.) And each time I went to make a new thing, I'd grab the same bowls and pans out of the dishwasher to reuse! My little pink mixing bowl and my big skillet were used and washed over and over and over again. I think I used 4 dishwashing tablets.

* I called my Mom probably 291 times today and HeyTell'd one of my BFF's 291 times, too.

* I made dressing for the first time in life. It wasn't near as hard as I had once imagined, and it looks and smells really good, but of course I don't know how it tastes yet. I doubled the recipe and my gracious sakes, I needed an industrial bowl to mix it all with! I have crumbs ALL over the kitchen floor. I also couldn't stop eating the cornbread before I mixed it all together. Heavens oh HEAVENS do I love cornbread.

* I broke a measuring cup. I broke the handle off. That was one well worn measuring cup. I kind of wanted to have a memorial service for it.

* I still haven't dusted. I still haven't vacuumed. I still haven't picked up Weebie's room. I still haven't set the table. Depending on how the evening and tomorrow goes, my guests may be eating amongst Buzz, Woody and a heck of a lot'a crumbs.

* There are enough AlphaBits cereal letters on the floor to spell supercalafragalisticexpialidocious. Three times.

* When I cut onions, I cry. I mean, I have tried every trick in the book and my eyes still water. When I watch the Food Network, I wonder how on earth they cut onions and never bat an eye. I think I have super sensitive onion eyes. I can look at one from the other room and the water works begin.


Today only one eye watered. The toothpick in my mouth must have only worked on one eye. Gah!
Oh, and I have no idea why my nose is so red. I could lie and say I'd been sneezing all day, but I wasn't. I guess I'm just embracing my inner Rudolph this season.

* Levi asked me what everything was that we were making and then he'd say, "Oh, _____ is my FAVORITE!" (whatever said dish was.) So hilarious. Such an encourager.

* My mother-in-law is bringing the meat and Husby's grandma is bringing the pie, so those are two huge things I don't have to think about! Yay!

* Husby is on his way home and we are having leftovers for supper and then I'm back at it. I think I'll set the table and clean the bathrooms tonight.

And there you have it, my wild day in a nutshell. Tomorrow is the big day. Wish me luck, lovies!!!
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Good luck! I am sure everything will turn out wonderfully.

  2. Wow, good luck with everything! I am the same way with onions too, my husband can chop onions from across the house and my eyes start watering, it's ridiculous. I cut them myself and I pretty much go blind.

  3. You sound like me when I host Christmas dinner for my husband's family. The problem is we have lunch that day at my parents' then my husband's family comes that night. While I think it's great that Christmas is on a Sunday this year, it does mean an even more packed day. I think we're going to go the easy route. Appetizers and finger foods this year. And I'm sure that no matter how your house looks the meal will be well appreciated. :)

  4. Wow, just reading about everything you did today made me tired! But it all sounds wonderful and I hope you can take time to relax and enjoy your feast and family tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Good Luck! I always cry like crazy when I cut unions too, no matter how I cut them. I can never understand how my mother can always cut them without shedding one tear! I guess its the years of experience.


  6. I have the same onion weakness! My mom keeps threatening to get me goggles - and I'm almost desperate enough to try them!

  7. Ha! :) Love this post. LOVE how your little man randomly turned to you and told you he loved you so much! That is PRECIOUS! I can't wait for that one day! ;) Good luck tomorrow and ENJOY!

  8. Good luck, Whitney!
    I LOVE that picture of you. I can relate because I have the same problem.

  9. Oh girl! When I saw the pic I thought you had fallen or something and gotten a black eye! So happy it was just an onion! HA! Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. My eyes are a leaky, stinging MESS when I cut onions, so my mom gave me a pair of onion goggles for Christmas a couple of years ago (, and my life changed forever. Get yourself a pair, girl!

  11. Contact lenses! I never cry when wearing them when cutting onions. If I'm wearing glasses, the tears stream like crazy!

  12. OH MY WORD!! I was midway through eating a burrito when I came to your picture! I almost choked on it from laughing SO HARD!! hahahha!! Seriously made my night! We should have a running-eye-make-up-red-nose-from-cutting-onions competition. It'd be pretty close! ;) I was in a ridiculous amount of pain the other day from chopping some! Ugh!

    Your Levi is the sweetest lil' guy! Love his soft heart!

    Oh, and good luck with tomorrow! I'm sure it'll be a huge success!

  13. Wow! you got SOO much done!

    BRAVO to you!

    This is a really silly suggestion- but somehow it works for me...
    My eyes are also super super sensitive, and they water like crazy when I cut onions, almost to the point that I couldn't cut them without my eyes POURING tears..

    One time, I saw my husbands sunglasses (oakleys) sitting on the counter, so I put em on, and got to chopping.. and it WORKED! my eyes barely watered!!!

    So now, every time onions are involved I'm wearing sunglasses in the kitchen.


    good luck and happy thanksgiving!!!


  14. Good luck with everything! I bet it will be great!

  15. Oh. My. Goodness. You really ARE superwoman! It sounds like you're making the feast of the century! And you have a toddler! And you're pregnant! Holy smokes! I want to be you when I grow up. Seriously.

  16. Guaranteed tearless onion chopping:

    Breathe through your mouth as you chop - no tears!

    Honest, my grandmother told me about this eons ago and I've done it for 40 years and never shed a tear! Try it.

  17. I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year and told everyone I'd do the turkey, and they all had to bring a side and dessert. Both. That means plenty of food that I don't have to prepare!

  18. Wow! I'm pretty sure I just got exhausted READING your blog...and I'm not even pregnant! =) Hope your Thanksgiving today is wonderful! =)

  19. Yes! Wearing contacts keeps my eyes from watering when I chop onions. If I have glasses on, forget about it, I'm a crying mess when it's over. And I also agree, that maybe the onion goggles should be on your christmas list this year!

  20. I cry too and I've started wearing swim goggles while I cut onions. Works like a charm! You feel like a fool, but it works.

  21. I want the new Michael Buble Christmas CD!

    Good luck for today! We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in England but I hope you have a great day :) xx

  22. I host Thanksgiving every year and this year, only 9 of us will be together instead of the 18!! I conquer and divide! So far, so good.
    Here is another trick to the onions that you can try: freeze your onions for about 20 mins. It freezes the gases that make you cry AND it makes cutting with a sharp knife quite easy!!
    Hope all went well. I'm sure it did! ;-)

  23. I thought and Prayed for you! We were on the same schedule as you and the night before I had some SERIOUS contactions ( not cool at 23 weeks) and I was called out of the game before i could finish my to do list. Then the day of i had a bird fly into my kitchen (thank goodness I wasnt cooking at the time) Also while I was out picking up gift, I got a call that my baster broke in the middle of cruical cooking time. I live in a super small town and I had to pray majorly to fnd one at the grocery store. God was good, and I found a baster on the cookie Aisle (???) not where it should have been. But it was awesome and delish over all. And I wont have too cook for a week.


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