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My Thankful List!

Each morning on Facebook, I began each day this month stating something I'm thankful for. I wanted to blog them so I could go back and read them later and remember what I was thankful for in November 2011.


Going to take the month of November to give thanks every day on my Facebook. Today, I'm thankful for the gift of family and the love, security and pure joy they bring to my life.

Today I am thankful for the gift of children and being able to conceive. Also, so very thankful for my two precious, healthy baby boys! :)

Today, I'm thankful for the Word of God and the direction, comfort, peace and wisdom it brings to my life. I am thankful for a church home that challenges me to study it and the friendships formed while digging in the Word together.

Today, I'm thankful for the calm days with nowhere to be. It puts into perspective that the full and busy days are reflective of a fulfilling and rewarding life. With that, I'm so grateful to be able to stay home and care for my baby(ies), the house, and everything in between! :) Such a huge blessing.

Even though Jesus didn't return last night like I thought He was doing during the earthquake that shook me awake from a deep sleep, today I'm thankful for the promise that He will one day return for His children. I hope I'm alive to experience it. :)

Today I'm thankful for a husband that makes a conscious effort to lead his family toward Christ. He is our spiritual leader and rock. The time he pours into Levi through their prayer together and little Bible studies every night speaks volumes about this man. He works so hard and sacrifices so much, yet is always there to give us 100%. He's our superman.

Today I'm thankful for a wildly jumpy baby thrashing around and doing flips in my tummy. Seriously, this child doesn't stop! The feeling never gets old and it is hands down THE most incredible thing to experience. I'm so happy he's mine to feel. The little love!

Today I'm thankful for a mom that is a best friend and life mentor and a dad that is a constant rock and source of humor. My parents are the greatest example to me of a godly marriage, and always display what true respect, love and friendship inside that relationship should look like. They are the two greatest influences and role models in my life and the love they pour out and into not only me, but my husband and son, also, makes my heart burst with joy. I am forever grateful for the parents they worked so hard every single day to be for my brother and me. They've paved an excellent path for following...

Today I'm thankful for a little boy that freely expresses his love and affection. It is especially sweet for me, as physical touch is one of my love languages. (I think it's his, too.) He often stops playing and runs up to randomly tell me he loves me, crawls into my lap just to hang out (and will stay there forever!), gives so many sugars and hugs every day and often says, "let's hold hands, Mommy." Yesterday, he said, "I need a hug!", so I hugged him tight. Then he leaned in for a kiss and said, "and some sugar bears, too." :) Then he smothered my face with kisses and said, "I'm just loving on you, Mommy." I'm so grateful for this precious time with my precious son.

Today I'm thankful for my amazing friendships - the old ones, the new ones, the true blue ones! I have a list of girls I can call on at anytime and they'll always be there. This is a rare treasure that I cherish. And on top of that, I'm so grateful for the older, wiser, Titus 2 women in my life who come alongside to encourage me and pray for me (and my family), and let me know it regularly through various ways. They often give me a boost in my step that I didn't even know I needed! These women are heaven sent and their influence and example to me is invaluable. I pray I'm a friend to others like mine are to me, and that I evolve into a godly mentor to always encourage the younger.

Today I'm thankful for medicine. Our physicians and our pharmacists are especially of great importance to me ;), and without them, we would be in a world of hurt. Literally! I'm especially blessed to have a Dad who has always been our source of medical wisdom and healing, and now a husband, too. It's so very comforting to have them around! ;) I'm ultimately grateful to the Great Physician who leads these people in the tremendous tesponsibility of helping and healing others.

Today I'm thankful for the changing of the seasons. I love that we get to experience each time of year with such vibrance here in Oklahoma! The nourishing rain, the warmth of the sun, the gorgeous snow (and ice!), the falling leaves, the refreshing breeze ... we see it all. It makes it hard for me to choose a favorite season, and I'm so grateful we get the best of each.

Today I'm thankful that we live close to so many family members. Maybe not down-the-street-close, but close enough to see and love on one another more than just a few times a year. I love that Levi & baby will have many memories of lots of family.

Today I'm thankful for makeup. As shallow as that may sound, it's mornings like these that YOU should be thankful I wear it, too! ;)

Today I'm thankful for all of God's beautiful creations. Levi and I went to feed the ducks this morning and it was so much fun! And beautiful.

Today I'm thankful to live in a country where necessities are easy to come by. I am well clothed (even with plenty of maternity wear as I grow); I am well fed with more than just the staples; I am comfortable with heat, air, light and a hedge of protection in the refuge of our home; I have transportation, entertainment, washing/cleaning machines and devices and the list could go on for days. I take all of these things for granted all the time, but I am truly blessed by the ease of life in this country.

Today I'm thankful for health. I'm blessed with a healthy body and a family with no bleak diseases of which to speak. Levi has 5 spunky, vibrant great grandparents who, most are the picture of health. I know wellness is a treasure, and I'm so very thankful for ours.

Today I'm thankful for the most wonderful time of the year!!

Today I'm thankful for the sweetest little wakeup call. A precious baby boy 2 inches from my face saying, "I need a sugar bear, Mommy!!" (Sugar bears are kisses in our house.) You better believe I gave him a couple dozen and then he said, "and now I need some hugs." Best way in the WORLD to start your day.

Today I'm thankful for a brother who has always made me laugh harder than anyone. Siblings are such a gift from God and I'm so grateful for mine.

Today I'm thankful for smart phones & text messaging. Without them, I wouldn't have had near as much conversation with my husband this month as he's worked out of control hours. It helps us feel close when we're apart!

Today I'm thankful for aprons, dish washers, refrigerators, and these amazing cookies Darin made last night to help my cooking day go by a little bit better! I'll be hibernating in the kitchen if you need me. Thanksgiving #1 is tomorrow night!

Today I'm thankful for prayer and the power it holds. I love how I can go to God with the everyday things of right now to the huge things of the future and know that He holds us safely in the palm of His hand. From the safety of our days to the future wives & lives of my boys - the Lord is slowly weaving, working, preparing and moving. I love that He is always there, and that I have the priveledge of praising and petitioning to Him every day.
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Such a great list. :)
    I love it.
    Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!!

  2. This reminded me of all the awesome things in my life that I have to be thankful for. Thank you. :)


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