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Two Things.

Well, folks, this weekend changed my life in two ways.




First of all, a friend introduced me to HeyTell and I spent the entire weekend walkie-talkying my friends and family. It was hilarious. And so much fun! Do y'all use it? It's an iPhone app where you can send each other voice messages without calling the person. Kind of like texting, but using your voice. It's so much fun! I describe it to others like a walkie talkie. I especially like to use it when whatever I have to say is longer than I want to type. And just when I want to hear the other person's voice. It's my new favorite thing ... and obsession. Friends, Family, if I'm driving you crazy voice messaging you every other second, I apologize. I tend to run things into the ground when they're new to me. I'm kind of annoying like that. If you aren't my IRL friend and just know me through blogging - you might want to count your blessings. ;)

A friend and I had a long conversation over COUPONS over HeyTell and I think she has convinced me to be a couponer. That, and the adorable coupon binder I found at Target. I think that's what really won me over. (It's pink and it's CA-YUTE!) She started in June and is an expert with like a billion different coupons and a hundred different binder categories, and my piddly little binder has a couple of coupons from the Sunday Paper. I haven't a clue what I am doing, but am willing to learn! Especially with my ever-growing little family! Groceries aren't cheap, y'all. Can I get an AMEN?

If you have any couponing tips and tidbits, HELP A SISTER OUT! I have tried to get into it once before, but I didn't try very hard. Like I said, I run things into the ground until the excitement wears off. (Note: the sewing machine sitting in my closet -untouched for two years.) Now, from seeing my close friends experience, I am convinced that it's for me! Especially since it will benefit my family and our finances. But ... I don't want to be one of these people who have 18,000 packs of gum and 72 boxes of macaroni and cheese. Really? Who has the ROOM or PATIENCE to deal with that? I just want to save some money on the things that I actually need each week. I'm really bad at looking at prices, and just grabbing what I need. I got in trouble the other day when Husby asked me how much the bacon was and I didn't have a clue. Oopsy. I should have just made something up.

Dearest Husby, you bring home the bacon, and I'll buy it. With a coupon. And then fry it up. And we'll have BLT's. K? Thanks, love ya.

Alrighty, I'm going to get off here and bombard all my friends with voice messages. And clip coupons.

Now, SHARE THE TIPS! :) Thanks, lovelies.
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  1. It's not just for iPhones, android too & I love it!

    My daughter Ava (3.5) loves sending messages to my family with HeyTell all the time, she is the cutest thing, she says things like "Hi auntie! I really miss you! We should do another sleep over soon ok??" Then she gets all excited and says to me in a sing-song voice "I wonder what she will say back!! Lets wait and see what she says!!" Then she watches the phone like a hawk and when she sees the message loading up she gets REALLY super excited. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever. :)

  2. I recently started couponing too! Check out It's a great couponing blog. Every week there are posted deals from popular stores (like Target, etc.) Sale items are matched with coupons to equal excellent savings. Free samples are also frequently posted.

  3. swag bucks!

  4. In regards to couponing drug stores are your BEST friends! My particular favorite is CVS. Look up online how to do the drugstore game. Its so fun once you get into it. You get a lot of free stuff, even products you might not use. But I get them anyway to donate to the food pantry/homeless shelter. A good couponing website is They have forums that list every store and the deals that week with coupon matchups. They also have a coupon database that lists all coupons that are valid at whatever time you search for coupons.

  5. I am NOT the couponing expert, but if your family is like mine, we have staples that we eat I always just double or triple up on those when they are on sale at our ONE grocery store (I'm in the smallest of small towns) and then use whatever coupons I may have as well. Since we only have 1 store, it does in-store coupons so that is really where mine come from...that or ones that are on packaging. Not sure that is any new info for you, but can serve as a baby step into it!

  6. Hey Whitney!

    Not sure I've commented before, but I love your blog :)

    Here are the 3 coupon blogs I check daily:

    Good luck!

  7. I love to coupon! And I check alot! She does drugstore and target match ups each week. CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid will be great places to start. I would suggest going on hip2save when you have time and reading all the info she has about each of the stores. There are certain things (oral care, hair care to name a few) that you should never pay for again! Happy couponing!

  8. I love heytell!! I'm glad you discovered it :). I need to look into couponing. I definitely need to save every penny possible. I don't even know where to begin!

  9. I sent you an email with all my tips, but my biggest one is to know what a good price is. I spent time logging prices of our staples from different grocery stories in a spreadsheet for a couple months (just shopping at a different one each trip). That way, I knew which store was going to be the best to shop at, and what prices were a good deal.

  10. Haha! I can NEVER tell Tim how much a gallon of milk is! He tests me on it every now and then. I really should start making things up!! Good luck with your couponing! I need to get into it!

  11. I love HeyTell & I love couponing!

    I never buy more than what we'll use in a reasonable amount of time (we don't need to be crazy hoarders). Last week I saved 51% on groceries (my personal best).

    You can go online and use local coupons. I organize my coupons and then go through the sale adds.

    Unfortunately because of crazy extreme couponers, the grocery stores I go to no longer double coupons. Try to find out which local stores will double coupons.

    A couple of the ladies from our Bible study are getting together this weekend to share coupons. :-)

    Money Saving Mom & CouponMom are very helpful too.

    Have fun!

  12. I have not tried that app.

    I love coupons! I tell everyone I am not an extreme couponer...more like "extra mild couponer." My binder is hot pink too!

  13. You must try the app: Tikl

    I love it. :) It's a true walkie-talkie app. Works in real-time.

  14. I have HeyTell but never use it. My husband was driving me crazy with it, and I can't use it at work so I had actually forgotten about it.

    I don't coupon. I would love to. I tried, but I just don't have time to sort through a million coupons. So I don't, but I do use store coupons . . . sometimes.

  15. I would start with your local grocery store flyer and plan out your menu from there. If there happens to be a coupon you can use on a sale item, that's a bonus. I remember the days when I would just walk in the store and throw things in the cart- oh the money I could have saved! Anyways, start slow and don't try to keep up with the psycho couponers- nobody can :) Good luck!

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  17. I don't know anything about heytell lol but I am a couponer (check out my blog for some of my previous savings!).
    I don't use a big bulky binder..I use a photo album. It has the sleeves, not the sticky paper of course. On each page I have catagories, such as shampoo, soaps, and deodorant, etc. in the front. Food items in the back. It may sound confusing but it works for me! (I shop for just myself, but hey, we can all benefit from saving a few bucks, right?) I go thru my weekly ads and make a list. I myself do not understand the need for 800 bottles of mustard, either! I am like you, I just try to save on the items I need!

  18. My advice for projects is to plan ahead and buy each piece one at a time. Micheal's takes Hobby Lobby and Joann's coupons. Joann's will take Hobby Lobby and Micheal's. Hobby Lobby will only take their own. I also know that Hobby Lobby and Micheal's will take "phone coupons" that you can Google. I don't know if Joann's will but I would imagine so.
    Plus Target sale, Target coupon, and Manufact. coupon equals AWESOME deals.

  19. I see you have enough advice but I just wanted to say that this post cracked me up, you are so cute lol! I especially like the last little paragraph, so funny!

  20. I check a few sites once a day,, and They list out the different stores and the deals that you can get, with coupon link ups all right there. Then they usually have some pretty good articles about ways to save money. Also, if you are looking for a specific thing, check or just google it! ;-) Good luck!

  21. check out It a great blog that has tips and instructions on houw to get started, avoid burnout, and it helps you with stacking your coupons to get the greatest savings.

  22. Couponing overwhelms me and frankly kinda angers me at times. lol. BUT, my sweet sister in law just forced me to go to a couponing seminar recently and it was AWESOME! You've gotta check out She's a Christian lady with a pretty cool story on why she HAD to start couponing. She lives in Oklahoma. She has a lot of neat tips and understands how it can be overwhelming. She's definitely not one of those hoarding couponers like those on the popular couponing show. But she has a great stock pile for her family. This is such a Proverbs 31 opportunity for service to our family! (and even community too!)

    If you check out her facebook page, you'll find info on an upcoming coupon swap in Tulsa. There's also going to be a money machine from Tulsa Gold and Gems! Woot!


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