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Weebie Wednesday: Words With Weebie

Levi has been cracking us up lately with the things he says. I wanted to write them down here so I wouldn't ever forget them. He is such a little delight!

Weebie has a new obsession and fascination with superheroes. It's funny to us because he's never watched one, so we don't have a clue how he even knows about them. Spiderman, Batman and Superman are all we hear about these days. Oh, and Superweebie. He jumps around the house screaming, "I'm Superweebie and I'm here to save the DAAAAAY"! - Again, I have NO idea how he even knows about superheroes! So bizarre.


He stayed with Glam*Ma & Papapa the other weekend and so they picked him up several superhero toys. When he got home, he was playing with them and I overheard him say, "Hold on tight, Spiderman and bad guy!" I laughed so hard. Bad guy? How does he know about bad guys? Hilarious.

He often asks me if HE is a bad guy. HA!

The other day he took off running past me and said, "Gotta potty mommy, COME ON!", so I followed him in there and helped him up on the toilet. We sat there and he said, "hey Mommy, look! A wall. Look! A bathtub. Look! A sticker." I said, "Levi, do you really need to go or are you pulling Mommy's leg?" He said, "I need to go". A couple minutes later, he started pulling at my jeans like crazy. I said, "What are you doing, baby?" He smiled and said, "I'm pulling Mommy's leg." OY!


If you correct him or say his name in a stern voice, he gets a serious look on his face and says, "You're not mad, mommy?" The other day, he was about to do something ornery and I said, "LEVI ALAN". He said, "you're not mad, mommy?", then he laid his head on my chest. I didn't say anything and he looked up at me, planted a BIG kiss on my lips and said, "now you're happy". Yup, he knows how to work his Mommy.

He's super sensitive these days. He just melts and crumbles if he truly gets in trouble. It breaks your heart to even get on to him because he just gets so upset. He rarely does things that gets him in big trouble and he really does obey so well. But, when he does act out, all we have to do is threaten Time Out and he is in inconsolable tears and sobbing, "I'm so sorry." So sweet. The kid is TERRIFIED of Time Out, so if we mention it, he straightens up instantly. Here's to hoping our next child is equally "easy" to discipline. HA.


He loves to point out numbers and letters as we are driving. He recognizes single digit numbers perfectly, but has never pointed out a double digit one. For instance, if we see a 13, he says, "Look Mommy! A 1 and a 3!" Well, the other day we were on 81st street sitting at the stoplight. I said, "what number is that?" He looked up at it and said, "EIGHTEEN!" So close! My jaw dropped. So funny!

He is really into talking to his toys. The other day he was playing with Buzz Lightyear and I asked him to go pick out some underwear from his undie drawer after his nap. He grabbed Buzz and said, "Come on, Buzz, let's go pick out some underwear."

He loves our bathroom scales and the other day he was standing on them and I said, "how much do you weigh, Levi?" He said, "Twenty minutes."

We got him an ice cream cone the other night and when we got home, he was an absolute MESS. From head to toe. I flipped on the car light and looked back at him and he said, "You need to clean me up, sometimes."


We told him we were going to run to Target and he said, "but ... what's the point?"

I asked, "Are you my baby angel?"
He said, "No, I am your yittle boy."

He always pats my tummy and says, "My baby brother is in there and he is growing and growing and growing!" Sometimes, he says it's his baby sister. It depends on the day. :)

My whole family was together the other day and my brother was telling him a big fancy story. When he was finished, Levi started dying laughing and said, "you are so funny, uncle Yuke." He talks about Luke all the time at home and tells me how funny he is.

He often disappears for a little bit and then comes walking in with his step stool. He'll take it wherever he's wanting to go and then stand up on it to reach for whatever he needs. I can be standing right next to him and he won't ask me for it - he wants to go get his stool and do it himself. Mr. Independent.


I heard a little pitter patter the other night and Levi crawled up in bed with us and snuggled up next to me. He said, "mommy, let's hold hands," and he grabbed my hand and fell right to sleep. So precious!

He is the most snuggly, loving little child. He loves cuddles, hugs, kisses and to tell you he loves you. I hear, "I love you MOON and BACK, Mommy" approximately 87 times a day. Or more. He is just so S.W.E.E.T. When we watch TV at night, he crawls in my lap and lays his head on my chest as we watch. The baby loves to be loved and affection is his middle name. I love it.
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  1. My gosh you have such a sweet little guy!!!

  2. My favorite has got to be "You need to clean me up, sometimes.", just because you obviously usually have him looking adorable, but that MESS. Oh!

  3. He is so darn cute and sweet!! It must be so hard to get mad at him when he knows just how to work your heart :)

  4. Those pictures are adorable! I love the one of him in his undies and shades haha

  5. You are one lucky Momma with that sweet boy!

  6. These photos are so sweet! Everytime I visit your blog I feel like he looks six inches taller.

  7. What a total sweetheart! I'm so happy for you that you're having another lil sweetie. It's so obvious that you and your hubby are such wonderful parents! All children should be so lucky to have such a loving home!

  8. I'm sure you hear this this a lot, but he is such a sweet child! I can't get over his seems so advanced for a two year old. He's such a clever little boy!

  9. He is so precious! I hope our future children have some of his qualities, because he sounds like a total sweetheart! And I love cuddles!

  10. The picture with the head-to-toe ice cream is one to share with his future girlfriend!!

  11. I read these to my husband and he just thought they were so funny. We both agree that if we have a little boy (one day) have as adorable as Levi we will be thrilled!

  12. That whole post just makes me smile!

  13. Oops...that last comment was Dana, not Servant. :)

  14. It sounds like he is at such a fun age!

  15. Wow it sounds like his love language is physical touch for sure! And maybe words of affirmation as well. What a sweet little boy. (-:


  16. My little nephews used to be obsessed with "bad guys" and the oldest one really liked superheroes. My sister didn't introduce them to superheroes, but they still learned about them anyway.

    They would always says who was a bad guy and if you said THEY were a bad guy (joking), they would burst into tears. We don't even know how they learned it.

  17. So sweet! My son also loves superheroes and he also use "y" for "l" sounds. It's just so funny to hear the things they come up with.

  18. What a sweetheart! I can't get over that ice cream picture...or the picture in the cop hat and sunglasses sans pants =)

  19. Weebie is just the sweetest little guy!!

    Our little men DEFINITELY know how to work the system ;) Absolutely melts their momma's hearts!

  20. He is just PRECIOUS! I'm glad you were able to write all of these cute things down. Great memories!

  21. Such sweet memories! How do you not melt at those dimples everyday??? He is adorable, and oh I hope the cuddles and snuggles last forever too! And did I miss some big news, friend??????

  22. For your sake I hope your next child is as easy as Levi, but that wasn't the case for us. Abby, our oldest is a definite firstborn, responsible people pleaser who rarely gets in trouble. Then along came Ruth. There are times when I am left speechless and don't even know what to do. She has a such a strong will. But she is a sweet little girl with an infectious personality. It is so fun to see the differences and similarities in your children! Have a good day.

  23. What a precious little boy! Reading these makes me want to go snatch my little angel out of his crib just to kiss him! Little boy babies are soooo precious!


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