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Weebie Wednesday: Some Little Treasures!

Can you believe that Weebie is going to be a big brother? We sure can't!! :) We are so excited and just know he is going to fulfill his role with such excellence. He was made to be a big brother, I do believe. Thank you guys so much for all of the congratulations and well wishes. You absolutely made my day! :) (Pregnancy details later - today is Weebie Wednesday!)

Levi is at the age where he is starting to make things in Sunday School and create special little projects at home, so I decided to find an organized way to store them all. I thought about doing a plastic bin, but thought a 3 ring binder with page holders would be best so that we can flip through and see all of his projects with ease. I'm loving it!


He is such a big boy helper around the house. He follows me around and likes to help me fold clothes, pick up toys and his favorite - dusting. I like to let him help wherever he can because the look on his face is priceless when I praise him for being my helper. He beams with such pride!


The other evening as Husby and I were cleaning up from supper, I heard a strange noise in the other room. I didn't think much about it, until I saw a little boy run into the room with two large crayons in each hand. Gulp. I ran to the scene and happened upon a MESS. Four walls covered in crayola. Oh My My.


Little Critter got in trouble.

Little Critter ran to his room and cried.

Poor Little Critter.

The other day, he kept getting his play-dough stuck in his noodle maker and he would run up to me and Husby and say, "I need some problem help, please." So funny!

Whenever he has a boo-boo, he asks us to "kiss it all better".

Anytime he has the hiccups, he proclaims, "hiccups make me grow". The other day he sneezed and he said, "sneezing makes me grow".

When he gets in a bad mood and wants to act out, he says he doesn't like things. For instance, the other night we were driving home and he was mad and tired and he looked out the window and said, "I don't YIKE the moon. I don't YIKE the stars and I don't YIKE the sun." He crossed his arms and furrowed his brow. He thought was really showing us. A couple days earlier he said, "I don't YIKE underwears and I don't YIKE pull-ups".


The child is obsessed with tunnels. Like, it's all he wants to talk about. He begs me to make him tunnels all day long and when I do, he won't come out.


The other day we went to the creek and my brother Luke was there without his wife Hollie (she was working). Levi looked around and said, "where's Uncle Luke's friend Hollie?" A couple of days earlier in Target, he looked up and said, "where's my friend Papapa?" He also calls certain toys his friend. My friend puppy. My friend dinosaur. And the strangest one of all: my friend drum stick.


He tells me at LEAST 18 times a day that he loves me to the moon and back. Oh, I melt.

My baby boy is growing up and it both breaks my heart and fills my heart with joy. He is such a delight, I can't even express it. Husby and I are so proud of our little lamb. He is our heartbeat.

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Hi Whitney,

    I don't know if you have managed to get it off yet, but WD40 is apparently the best way to remove crayon from walls.

    Link here from this pin.

  2. /\ WD40 is good for everything :D

    "my friend drumstick" is the best!

  3. Whitney,

    I'm still in shock that you're pregnant and I am SO happy for ya'll! I am still new to your blog but know that you have so many wonderful things going on in your life, including this awesome gift from God. Weebie will make a WONDERFUL big brother and again, congratulations!

    How exciting :) I can't stop smiling~

    We will welcome our little girl next month to our family of 3 and I can't wait!


  4. I love your idea about the 3 ring binder~ I might have to steal it! And I loved reading all the little "treasures" about Levi. He reminds me of my little man, who will be a big brother in just a few short weeks, so much. =)

  5. What a cutiepie! He definitely looks like an awesome big brother already. I hope its a little girl that he can love and protect!

  6. Aren't little boys amazing? I'm sure little girls are too. My son also says "yike" and I think it's so cute. It's such a blessing to watch our kids grow and learn, but mamas also have to shed a few sentimental tears along the way.

  7. I am a long time follower and have been one of those people who rarely comments (on any blogs I read), and then I realized one day that I should! I adore your blog, the way that you write and just everything that you share. Your little man is just precious. I have one a few months younger and it seems like they might have similar personalities... everything you say that he does just sounds so familiar! :) I am very excited for you and your family with the new sweet baby. What an exciting time. It sounds like Levi will make an incredible big brother.
    Oh, and, I am totally going to copy your binder idea right now! My fridge can't hold any new Sunday School creations and I cannot throw them away! Thanks for the great idea!

  8. He is so precious! I love hearing what cute things have come out of his little mouth!

  9. Weebie is so cute! I love the picture of him in his tunnel...too darn adorable! I was laughing at this "I don't YIKE..." comments, too! :)


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