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Pinned Ya!

If y'all follow me on Twitter, you probably noticed that I popped off something about Pinterest not making any sense to me the other day. Remember? Yeah, I'm kind of famous for sticking le foot in le mouth, so I am here to say: I spoke before I inquired.

I joined the site because of prompts from several friends and let's just say ... I spent the entirety of Levi's nap time the other day pinning.

Oh my lanta, I just can't stop looking at all of the lovelies floating around out there! It's just fascinating, really. I had to familiarize myself with the site for about an hour before I figured out what was going on (I was the same way with Twitter when it was brand new), but now there is no going back. It's simply too much fun! Especially if you are on the hunt for specific ideas.

My Boards consist of these 7 categories so far:
~Party Ideas
~House-y Things
~Kitchen Cutes
~Nifty Gifties
~Makes Me Happy
~Dream Rooms
~Weebie Boy

I find myself browsing tablescapes and party ideas more than anything (surprise, surprise). It's just so much fun! Take a look at some of my favorite things I pinned over the weekend.

1. 4
(image from

Wow. Wow. WOWAZA! If this isn't the most romantic, dreamy little setting on earth, I don't know what is. I just love it and I want to be in that picture dining with my loves right this minute. Swoon!

2. 6
(image from

This tablescape blew me away. It's just so unique! I would definitely put different chairs with this (probably gold), but I love the looks of it. Anything overflowing and voluminous always sits well with me.

3. 5
(image from

Shabby Chic is just so inviting and cutesy. I love the simplicity of this table in using hankies and doilies for the table runner. Such a great idea.

Let me tell you, I could pin tablescapes and settings ALL DAY LONG.

I found some other goodies, too.

4. 2
(image from

Can I just say that in my daydreams THIS is where I visit on a daily basis? Seriously. Ah, so gorgeous. Anyway, something (among the many things) I loved about this is the "balloon ivy" going on here. Well, that's what it reminded me of anyway. Oh, what a spot to hold a party. Gimme gimme!

5. 7
(image from

Dream room. Dream room. DREAM ROOM. Perfection. Period. End of story. GAH!

6. 1
(image from

I died and went to Kitchen Heaven when I laid eyes upon this beaut. Oh, the pretty is almost too much to handle.

7. 8
(image from

Not that I have ANY more room in my house, but since we did away with the office to make Levi's big boy room, I've been looking for a small secretary to maybe put in our room. For bill paying, letter writing and whatnot. This one is not small by any stretch, but I loved it, so I pinned it.

8. 49654129_1zK0Y3vq_c
(image from

I thought this would be a super cute wedding gift for all of those summer weddings! Adorable? Yes.

Well, now that you have peek into some of my favorite finds this week, share with me some of yours! Are you on Pinterest? What do you find yourself browsing the most?
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. I lurrrrvvve Pinterest! I find I mostly pin food.

  2. I also was a bit confused when I first heard of Pinterest and joining I still didn't know what was going on for a few hours. But now, OMG! I can't stop! I love it! I have so many ideas now, and I've put all my bookmarks from my computer on there which helps a ton!! I love Pinterest!

    Find me here:

  3. Does anyone have an extra invite to send? I have heard about pinterest before but it's still invite only :(

    start.the.heart {@}

    That would be great!!

  4. I just recently experienced the wonder that is Pinterest and have been busily filling my boards as well. You can find me at:

    (TwisterB, I just shot you an invite over.)

  5. Thank you so much! If anyone else needs one, send me an e-mail at the above address and I'll send one over :)

  6. I am loving pinterest! So many fun things to look at it is ridiculous.

  7. I must stay away from Pinterest. I could waste massive amounts of time. I must resist. We'll see how long that lasts.

  8. I LOVE Pinterest -- at first I didn't really understand the hype but now I just can't stop lol

  9. I'd love to follow you on Pinterest Whitney!! You always have such good ideas and such excellent taste :-)

  10. I worry I'd start on Pinterest and never stop! So I'm just sticking with my list of need-a-shot-of-something-gorgeous-to-look-at links...for now.

  11. Can you explain a little more what this is? It looks fun and I have requested my super personal invite!

  12. Pinterest is my newest addiction! LOVE it! (o:

  13. ok...I got invited. Now what!? I also added the bookmark.

  14. I adore Pinterest!! I try to limit myself on the amount of time I spend on the site because times just flys by!!

  15. I don't allow myself on Pinterest much anymore, because as soon as I open the site I'm glued to the screen for hours! There is some AMAZING stuff out there and it really sparks my creativity!

    So cool to see some of your stuff!

  16. I am on pinterest, my username is Keshet Starr. I adore it!

  17. I'd like to second the commenter asking for an invite! Does anyone have one they could send me? I would love to try it!
    Thanks so much!

  18. Loving all these inspirations!! I just pinned them to my page too! :) Following you along- stop by my blog and say hello sometime! :)


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