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7 Little Moments {Week 7}

This week I have 8 Little Moments since I skipped town last week. :)

Thursday, April 28.


We drove more than half way to Nashville and stayed at a hotel because Levi was recovering from an illness and we didn't want to make the whole trip (10 hours) in one day. We stopped in Memphis and had some of the best BBQ we've ever had. Actually, THE best ribs I've ever had. Hands down. Shout out to Central BBQ! Woop! Woop!

Friday, April 29.


We were on the road while THE wedding aired, so sweet Husby asked his sister (who's house we were headed to) to record it for me. When we arrived that afternoon, we all sat around and watched the royal wedding. This is NOT the type of thing Husby's family usually gets into, but they did for me and I really appreciated it.

Saturday, April 30.


Husby's dad and sister ran in a half marathon and this picture is of Husby and Levi cheering on my father-in-law at mile 8. Husby was supposed to run it, too, but injured his foot while he was training for it. He's currently in physical therapy for the injury. : /

Sunday, May 1.


Levi's youngest cousin, Lincoln, was dedicated to the Lord at their Church that morning. I snapped a picture of Levi before we left, because he looked extra handsome!

Monday, May 2.


We hung pictures in the Big Boy Room. Remember the melt down I wrote about earlier this week? This was the night it happened. This picture was pre-meltdown.

Tuesday, May 3.


We ate a local joint that's been around since 1926. This guy is there every time we go and I just love the little hat he wears. I have a feeling he has a lot to do with the success of this place.

Wednesday, May 4.


This was my Day Of Picnics. I met a friend and her son (Weebie's friend) for a picnic in the park for lunch. See the squirrel in the bottom part of this picture? He kept coming up to us and trying to take the food out of the kiddos hands!! It was the craziest thing! Cute little critter, though. That evening, we had an impromptu picnic in the front yard as Husby took a break from revamping the flower bed. I definitely got my fill of vitamin D that day. :)

Thursday, May 5.


Mom and I (and Weebs) went running around stopped at the MAC counter for some powder. The lady helping us wanted to experiment with some things on me, and I ended up getting a full makeover! She put a several things on my Mom as well and we left looking more fresh and revived than when we arrived. We also ended up purchasing much more than just powder. ;)
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Those ribs have me salivating and it's not even 8 am!

  2. I just love all of your pictures! I also was so excited to see the name Lincoln. I've always loved that name for a boy and never have heard anyone use it!! Can't wait to see more pics of Levi's room :)

  3. happy mother's day! your love for your family inspires me, that one day i, too, will find such happiness. Thank you for being such a Godly influence in all you do and write!


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