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The Resurrection. For Kids!

Children are just the best little creatures. They take everything for exactly what it is and with such enthusiasm and excitement ... we should all be that way, especially when it comes to our faith. Husby and I do the best we can to introduce Levi to the Word and keep him familiar with Bible stories and verses. We feel that if it is something he'll always remember knowing, it will be easier to always keep Christ in the forefront of his mind, and hopefully his life.

Some stories are easier for him to grasp, naturally, such as Noah and his ark, Daniel and the lion's den, Jonah and the whale, etc. Truly understanding the concept of death isn't realistic for his tender age, and the concept of resurrection is even more difficult. Approaching this sacred holiday has been something we have gently explained to Levi and with the Resurrection Eggs, it has been absolutely wonderful. Such a help!



The Resurrection Eggs were introduced to me several years ago when I was a teen. I thought the concept was excellent and really helps bring Jesus' death, burial and resurrection to life for little people.

Inside each egg is a little memento representing a different part of the story, such as a donkey, coins, crown of thorns, nails, cross and many more. With each tiny item there is a correlating Bible verse to read as the child opens that egg. It's just the sweetest little visual for a child.




Levi got so excited with each egg and little token!

He listened intently as his daddy read each verse and eagerly awaited his turn to open the next egg.


Though I don't feel as though my almost 23 month old understands what the story really means, he absolutely knows that Jesus is God's son. That has been instilled in his little mind over and over and I pray that with age and wisdom, the rest will fall into place.

I really appreciate things like this that help us give a visual representation to our tiny tots concerning Biblical truths. Levi so enjoys participating in them.

His favorite part of the story? The last egg ... the cross. As soon as he opened it, he thrusted his arm up above his head! I just thought that was so funny because he didn't do that with any other symbol. It was like he was lifting the Lord up! Though he didn't realize what he was doing, I couldn't help but get a little teary eyed.

(We did NOT tell him to do this! Every time he grabbed that tiny cross, he put it in the air! Isn't that the sweetest thing?!)




Oh Levi ... my biggest prayer for you is that you come to know Him and make Him known.
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. How amazing. I love how you both are instilling God's word into him at such a young age. AWESOME! And the eggs seem like a perfect way to help him see the real meaning of Easter rather then just the "scary" Easter bunny. :)

  2. I am sorry to have read that deleted comment last night. I thought it was SO rude and I really think that it's wonderful how you are introducing Levi to Christianity at this young age. But, I was wondering, as a new mother, how do you plan to make Levi tolerant of other faiths?

    As a mother this is SO important to me that my child not only learns about his/her 'own' religion but also about others. And how all religions, in the end, seem to talk about the same things.
    It's one of the most important things for me to make my child learn about the cultural/ethnic diaspora America is.
    How do you instill this in your cute little Levi?

  3. I absolutely LOVE that egg idea! Where did you buy them?

    So excited to have come across your blog.. Very cute family!

    Looking forward to reading more!

  4. This is so sweet, Whitney. Levi gets cuter every day.

  5. I saw these at MOPs last week! What a great idea to really portray the meaning of the holiday. So often it gets lost in bunnies and colorful eggs. I'm glad you posted about these so that more people are aware of them!

  6. I'd love to buy some of these eggs. Where did you find yours? I love the quilt you all are laying on. ;o)

    Happy Easter!

  7. Such a great idea! I love that you have found a way to teach important topics through a way that an almost-two year old can understand. Way to go mama!

    I saw on twitter that someone left you a not-nice comment about this post. I know that it's hard to get mean words out of your head, but please know that the meanies who write things like that are not happy people and they just look for ways to tear others down. Keep your head up- you're doing the right thing by teaching Levi about the true meaning of Easter.

  8. Irene, I'm not going to leave rude/demeaning comments on my blog, but I'd love to explain to you why we teach Levi about Christ. Email me at and we'll chat.

  9. This is beautiful!!!! I love the idea!!!....Its such a nice thing to see that people out there truly know the meaning of Easter. :-)

    Where did you purchase this??? Id like to get 1 for my 2 1/2 year old.

    Thanks for sharing. :-)

  10. I love this idea, and the pictures of Levi holding up the cross are precious! You will love to have those down the road. I, too, want to know. Where did you get those eggs?

  11. This is so very cute! I just love that he lifted the cross! That's just so precious and honestly, quite powerful coming from a child. You two are doing an excellent job as parents :)

  12. i love those eggs. we just got them and can't wait to use them this week w/ my girls. levi is so cute!

  13. This post gave me goosebumps! I love hearing about parents teaching their children about Christ and I know, even now, the Lord is working in little Levi's heart!

  14. Way to go Whitney! Keey up the good work!

    P.S. For all those wondering, I just bought my resurrection eggs at our local Mardel, but I have seen them at just about every CHristian book store right now. They are a great tool for little ones!

  15. Love the resurrection eggs!!! Would be awesome if you keep it up and one day you two MAKE a set together (without referring to the pre-made set)... would just be another way to re-inforce the story!! I wanted to make them with my class this year... but I felt that it was too many pieces for 17 four-year olds. I guess I could have made just 1 set to share... hmm... didn't think of that before! bummer!

    Great job!! way to set an example from the get-go of what is important in your life!

  16. This post, with the pictures of him holding up the cross, brought tears to my eyes, and gave me goosebumps...what a beautiful thing, you and your husband are doing; introducing Levi to our Lord and Saviour at such an early age.

  17. I love Weebies expressions. They are so precious. You are doing a great job mommy Whitney and daddy Darin. God bless you three.

  18. Thats my prayer for my son too. And that the Lord is preparing a Godly wife for him.. I've got some great Easter recipes that include bible verses. I will email them to you tomorrow! :)

  19. We made a set of resurrection eggs at MOPS a few weeks ago and I love them. Then I bought the book "Benjamin's Box" which is a bit long but does a lovely job of telling the story. Each night we open a new egg and tell a part of the story (after reviewing the eggs from the nights before) as we prepare for Easter. It has kept us talking about the story for a week or so now. (Even tonight my 20 month old told us that Jesus rode a donkey for the first egg.)

    Also, I've heard of people hiding the resurrection eggs along with the candy-filled ones for egg hunts. Then they gather together and the kids share the parts of the story to correspond with the egg they have found.

    I can't wait until my daughters are old enough to tell ME the story!


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