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7 Little Moments {Week 3}

Good grief, guys. Doing these weekly mini-recaps makes me realize how fast time passes. I feel like every time I turn around, it's Friday and time to show you guys my seven little moments!

I renamed it from Project 365 to 7 Little Moments because I feel like that's more of an accurate description of what I capture. Seven precious little moments out of the 10,080 minutes of my week. :)

Friday, April 1.


Levi was introduced to and obsessed with his new (empty - until the delivery comes) room. He ran and played in it all day long and I could not pry him away from the windows. All day he would run to me, grab my pant leg and lead me in there. Once we arrived he would shut the door and shout, “WEEBIE’S ROOM!” We spent hours, I’m sure, playing in an empty room that day.

Saturday, April 2.


Family Fun Day at the Zoo! This shot was taken on the train. A great moment, an awesome day, beautiful weather, incredible boys. I love Family Fun Days!

Sunday, April 3.


We sat down for a lovely (and delicious) supper at our good friends’ house and told the boys not to eat until we prayed. They grabbed hands and waited patiently for us to sit down and pray. Hilarious. And so sweet.

Monday, April 4.


I made a very yummy chicken pot pie for supper. I didn’t sauté the vegetables long enough and while the peas, onions and celery were cooked quite nicely, the carrots were a bit crunchy. But it didn’t matter because I put a crust on the bottom of the pot pie, as well as the top. And crust makes everything better.

Tuesday, April 5.


I started Levi’s Easter basket. I bought that cute little bunny one pictured below and then realized that I have his really nice one from PBK from last year. I’m goofy. And absent minded. Maybe I’ll put an Easter basket inside an Easter basket.

Wednesday, April 6.


I caught a moment of my boys and their favorite pastime. This picture cracks me up because Levi looks like a puppet. A very cute puppet, of course.

Thursday, April 7.


That evening, we went out to eat for a review for Boomtown Bites and to Lowe's to check out black out shades/blinds for Levi's room (any recommendations??). This is a picture of us going down the highway. Husby kept telling me to stop taking pictures because he was driving, but I think this turned out really fun! :)

Happy Weekend, Loves!
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. I can't wait to see his new room! I LOVE all those windows in there! I started on Tucker's Easter basket, too, and I'm so excited!

    Also, I'm hosting a giveaway, too, on my blog today, so stop by and check it out! Happy Friday! :)

  2. Awesome. I can't wait to see the room! And the puppet pic made me LOL! Too funny.

  3. I bought black out curtains at Target and LOVE them! so nice and thick! Can't wait to see his big boy room!

  4. This is super sweet. :) My favorite is the picture of the boys holding hands to pray... makes my heart happy. Hope you and your precious little family have a wonderful weekend Whitney!!

  5. I can't believe how good that last picture turned out!

  6. I like the "7 little moments" idea! I've been tempted to do the project 365 but it's a bit intimidating. Something about feeling like I have to find a picture every day for a year! Would you care if I copied your "7 Little Moments" (and credited/linked you for the idea)?

  7. I LOVE Levi's cheeky smile from the backseat! Boy is that boy so precious!

  8. Love the family car picture!! I always make Dan do that too and the kids faces and smiles in the back ground is always the best!! Love your Friday recaps!

  9. we have Eclipse blackout shades from Target. Cheap and they work great and they come in fun, kid friendly colors.

  10. I love that last pic- too cute with Levi's big grin in the background.

    Whatever blinds you get, definitely get blackout shades of some sorts. You don't want all the sun streaming in and waking them up too early! I put blackouts in our new house, and don't know how I did it without them! (Actually, I would tape brown craft paper to their windows in the summer to keep from them rising at 5 am- no kidding- looked horrible, but I don't do mornings well :)

  11. I love Levi's little face with his big smile in the back of that last picture! SO cute!

  12. I found this post a long time ago on how to make your own *cheap* black out curtains. I was just thinking about them for my son's room. Now that summer is here, and the nights are brighter, we should do something nicer than hang a quilt on the curtain rod I think :)

  13. You have a precious family and that picture of the boys holding hands, so sweet. Hope you have a great weekend!

  14. You're gonna love the bubble gun! My kids each have one and they are super fun.

  15. Love this!! It's so sweet!!
    And my favorite photo is the last one!
    Love Levi's face!! He's so funny!!

  16. I just love your blog!

    I have secretly read it for the longest time, and now I am finally stopping by to say hello! :)

    Love your pictures, and I must say...the Chicken Pot Pie looks delish! Nothing like the crust! :)

  17. I bought these for our bedroom window
    and they definitely black the room out. I am not sure if you are worried about keeping heat out for energy efficiency (I live in AZ, so I look for everything short of a brick wall blocking our summer sun from invading our home and sky rocketing our AC bill), but they are supposed to help that as well. I will save my review for them until summer here is over. ;) They have a kid's line that have brighter colors as well.


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