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What's in Your Bag?

You know when bloggers open up their lives for you to ask questions and then they answer them on the following post? Well, I always ask the same question: What's in your purse?

I'm not really sure why I care what's in their purse. But, you know, I'm nosey like that. And insignificant things are fun for me to know. I guess that's why when I would disappear for several minutes in a restaurant when I was little, my Mom always found me going through the cabinets and drawers in the bathrooms. Oops.

Please don't let this keep you from inviting me over to your house. I promise those snooping days are long gone.

Loooong gone. I mean, so far gone you couldn't see 'em with binoculars. And no, I don't mean the binoculars I have hidden under my bed to spy on the neighbors. Errr, I mean ...

Ha! Just kidding. I only know that they had chicken tetrazzini on Tuesday night because they TOLD me, not because I saw the lady thaw the chicken and look up the recipe in her Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook.


(I hope you know I'm joking. I don't even own binoculars. Be glad I don't.)

ANYWAY... geeze, you guys make me chase rabbits. Stop that.

So. My purse. Want to see what's in it?

Come on, I know you do.

The purse:


The contents:


OY! My life looks a mess according to this picture. Let's organize it a bit.


There we go.

Now, let's analyze this little situation.

The contents of my purse:

1. A makeup case with 4 lipsticks, 1 mascara and powder. A girl must be prepared to shimmer her pout at all times. Right?
2. Zyrtec. A very allergic girl + spring time in Oklahoma = a hot mess. A hot snotty mess.
3. A pen. I had two, but Husby took my good one to work today. Boo.
4. A hair tie. Necessary for my life.
5. Gummy snacks. For the times I don't bring my diaper bag in a shop with me and Levi gets hungry.
6. Extra Strawberry Shortcake gum. Because it's yum to the um.
7. A necklace. We stayed late at my in-laws and it was driving me crazy by about 10PM, so I nixed it.
8. 2 poker chips for free cherry limeades from Sonic. Score!
9. Kleenex. For a runny nosed little boy. And because of #2. Number two ON MY LIST, not number two as in bathroom #2 - gross, guys!
10. 2 Children's Tylenol. One is empty and I need to throw it away.
11. 2 Cars stickers that Levi got from the ER the other day. He has pneumonia and was struggling to breath. A-w-f-u-l.
12. A packet of PB crackers that I threw in there the morning we rushed to the ER. Didn't know how long we'd be there and if he would get hungry. He was too sick to get hungry.
13. A first aid kit.
14. 3 Diapers and some wipes. I went somewhere the other day and instead of lugging two bags around, I just threw some diapers in my purse.
15. My wallet.
16. Some gift cards!
17. My planner.
18. My pink moleskin. For when I have good ideas. I forget things when I don't write them down.
19. A hair appointment card.
20. Levi's savings deposit book. We're still doing the $5 bill rule. Yay!

And, that's all folks!!

Now it's your turn to play. What's in your bag?

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  1. Ummm love your blog! I too have always dreamed of being a mom and wife and 6+ challenging married years later and two boys born 2 years apart, I am exactly where I always wanted to be. Or wait. I kind of want to be single on the beach in Miami right now. Oh well. We just can't have it ALL goshdarnit!

  2. #9 totally had me cracking up haha

  3. Oh my, from the looks of that bag, I can't believe you had ALL that stuff in there!! Since having my little boy, my purse have been locked away and I carry my wallet, keys and phone in Mr. Pax's diaper bag...I know, I lost my style a bit but just like you said, it's too hard lugging around 2 bags!!

  4. My sister and I used to play this game ALL the time!!! well, these days my only "must haves" are my wallet and keys. Everything else in the diaper bag is Tucker's! I usually try to slip a snack in there if I know I'll be gone for a while, or at least make sure I have my starbuck's gift card! :) I try to keep a pen and notebook handy as well.

  5. My purse is an embarassing mess. I need to organize it before I show anyone what's in it.

  6. You were totally cracking me up with your reference to #2 I was totally laughing my butt off! You know how moms think! Well I am going to totally do this! I will have to do a post like this in the next few days and I promise I won't clean it out before I do it either lol that's kind of cheating but be forwarned it is a mess! Everyone thinks my purse is their personal trash can! Love your blog!

  7. Found your blog a while ago!!! Love it!! Its kinda like my blog The Glamorous Life of a French Housewife..~ Very Similar Name!!!! Guess good minds think a like!!! Beautiful family you have!!

  8. Ha - love this! I posted what's in my makeup bag today - I really do like seeing what everyone has in their purses, etc! So weird, I know!

    And I LOVE your purse - it's SO cute!!

  9. i have loved your purse bag its very Glamorous in color

  10. Can you remind us what the five dollar bill rule is? I remember reading, but can't remember...

  11. Loved the post. I also did a post on my blog and had such fun doing it.
    Donna writes at

    Looking forward to reading more.

  12. Your bag is so darn cute that there could have been anything in it and I'd still want to see inside! LOVE it!


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