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Weebie Wednesday: Little Snippets.

Levi is almost 21 months old now, and he is more of a delight than ever. I absolutely love love love this stage. He talks ALL of the time and surprises us daily with the things he says. His little voice will just melt your heart. He is the most loving little bundle of cuddles! I wanted to write down some of the things he's said/done lately so I will remember them.

* The other day we were sitting on the couch watching Sesame Street. He was glued to my side and next thing I knew, he reached over and grabbed my hand to hold. I died, and then several minutes later, my phone dinged. I let go of his hand to reach for my phone and instantly grabbed it back and clasped it into his again. Needless to say, I dropped the phone and continued watching his show hand in hand with the little lamb. Precious!


* When Husby is home, he always puts Levi to bed. I love listening in to their little conversations because it's just the sweetest thing. About a month ago, Husby put Weebs to bed and I heard:
Levi: "Daddy?"
Husby: "Yes, buddy."
L: "Nigh-Nigh."
H: "Night Night, Weebie."


L: "Daddy?"
H: "Yes, buddy."
L: "Nigh-Nigh."
H: "Night, Weebie."


L: "Daddy?"
H: "Yes, buddy."
L: "I yuv you."
H: "I love you too, Weebie."

AH! Melt my heart!! I wanted to run in there, grab him out of bed and cuddle him 'til the cows came home!!

Then the other night as I was walking by Levi's room at bedtime, I heard Husby say, "Which one do you want to read, buddy?", to which Levi responded, "The BIBLE!!!"

May he always have a hunger for His Word.


* He is in l-o-v-e with all of the Sesame Street characters, but mostly: Ernie, Elmo, Abby and Big Bird. He loves them. Like, it's all he talks about. We are going to see SS Live in a few weeks and I can not wait because the look on Levi's face when he sees all of his favorites IN REAL LIFE will be absolutely priceless.


* His other huge interests are "choo-choo's" and Woody from Toy Story. He has so many trains that I had to buy some storage bins for his trains and portable tracks. He will sit literally for an hour and play with his trains. That boy is serious about his choo-choo's. He loves Thomas. He totes around Woody and his hat all the time and says, "A Woody ... hat. A Woody ... hat." It's the same way every time, with the pause and it cracks us up.

* He is becoming very vocal about his bathroom needs. He tells me "I poo-poo'd" or "I tee-tee'd" or "I pottied" several times a day. We got him a little potty so that he can become familiar with it. We aren't pushing it at all and we haven't done anything except let him sit on it while his bath water is running. He really likes it, though. And I think he's starting to put two and two together about the whole situation. But we aren't going to start training until we know he's ready. And he's not, yet.

Because he's my newborn baby. :)


* If anyone asks him, "is your name Levi?", he smiles and says, "No, my name is Weebie." Hilarious. The way he says Levi is adorable, though. It's like "ye-vie."

* When you laugh at something silly that he does, watch out because he's going to do it over and over and over again. The other day we were singing, "C is for Cookie" and he always sings the words perfect!! Well, his grandparents were over and we were showing them our song. It is supposed to go, "C is for cookie, good enough for me,". Well, we got to his part (he says the cookie, me and C in the song), and he stood there with all eyes on him and said, "C is for cookie, good enough for ELMO," and we all erupted in laughter. He stood there beaming and wouldn't you know, every time we sing that song, he says Elmo at that part and gives me a sly grin. It is hilarious! Monkey.


* His favorite songs are: This Little Light of Mine, C is for Cookie, The ABC Song, I Got A New Way To Walk, The B-I-B-L-E, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Jesus Loves Me, Can You Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street and The Wheels On The Bus.

* Several times a day he will run up to me screaming, "MOMMY?" and I pick him up and say, "What my little sugar bear?", and he plants one on my lips and then says, "I YUV YOU!" It rips my heart out of my chest. He also loves to sit on my lap when we're chillin', and he always takes my hand and leads me into his room for story time. The boy is obsessed with books.


* Glam*Ma taught him about his (killer) dimples, and now he always points to his cheeks and says, "DIMPLES!" He also points out other people's dimples when he sees them.

* His favorite thing to do is to put the cleaning packet into the dishwasher, close the lid and then close the whole thing and push start. He is such a little helper!

I just love my little lambkin, and I thank God every day for the blessing that he is. He just gets more exciting to be around and gives us more joy every day. Thank the Lord for little boys.
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Do you have any recommendations for a kid friendly CD of Christian music? I've been wanting to get one but I'm overwhelmed by selection!

  2. Katharine, we LOVE our children's CD -- "Songs Jesus Said" by Keith and Kristyn Getty. Each song is actually a story from the Bible, only in music form. Here is the website if you want to check it out:
    (hope you don't mind me replying to your question!) :)

  3. After reading your post, Whitney, it was as if I wrote it myself about my own Isaiah! Almost EVERYthing Levi says/likes/does right now is the same thing my little one likes. Especially Sesame Street and Choo-choos! His 2-year birthday party is going to be Sesame Street. I just can't find a cake I like - any suggestions?

  4. He sounds so precious! If I have a boy someday, I hope he's just like Levi :)

  5. That's a sweet little man you've got there!

  6. I'm with Brandi, I think you wrote this post about my three year old Andrew. The only difference is he is more into Thomas the train than Sesame Street. Aren't little boys such a joy?

  7. Oh my goodness, Levi is adorable!

  8. I love to listen in on "conversations" between my little guy & my hubby........they are the best seconds of the day!!

  9. i LOVE all your little nicknames for him!!! you are a wonderful writer! i have a 19month old baby lamb and i love reading about how much alike they are in speech patterns, mannerisms, etc. :)

  10. He is just so precious!! I love hearing all of your stories about him and seeing his pictures. It makes me just want to squeeze him! hehe

  11. oh he is so cute! I love their little voices too, they are so sweet and cute, everything they say is adorable!! and I am the same way, I think I will call them babies for forever! How do they get so big so fast?? (the boys have that same sweater in the last pic ;) so cute :))

  12. awwww! our boys would be best friends! they are SO similar. it's a shame we can't all hang out.

    hudson loves the elmo song and says "ya ya ya, ya ya ya, elmo's world."

    but the other day he said "ya ya ya, ya ya ya, elmo big bird." then said "elmo ernie" then "elmo oscar."

    hahaha! :) they are just so much alike and i love it!!


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