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I'm jumping into Springtime full force this year because my little guy has a special love for eggs and bunnies. He gets so excited when he sees them in the stores, so I decided it would be loads of fun to fill my house with them!

Just this morning he pointed at a bowl of eggs and said, "A is for Ayg!" HAHA! Close, little buddy. Close.

I've never really gone all out in decorating for Spring, but I have a newfound love for it after this year. It just makes me happy!


I'm glad that Easter is later in the season this year (April 24), so that we can celebrate even longer. Easter is most definitely one of my favorite holidays.


Levi loves these bunnies above. He runs to them and says "boy bunny and .... bunny!" (Girl is a hard word.) (Found at Hallmark!)


These are my personal favorites. They look like chocolate bunnies - oh, but they're not! This represents our family: Mommy Bunny, Daddy Bunny, and Weebie Bunny! (Found at Hobby Lobby.)


I fell in love with this little plate (found at Hallmark). It's so pretty and festive. And the alabaster eggs? Definitely a favorite!


They are just gorgeous. I wish I had a 100 of them! They're made in Italy, so it makes them even more lovely in my eyes. I'll keep these forever. (Found at Williams Sonoma - also the glass egg carton!)

My table is one of my most favorite tables ever. It's just so springy and fun! Every time I walk into the kitchen, I smile. Love!


I found these beautifully detailed plates at Pottery Barn. I love how feminine and dainty they look. My table is set with alternating pink, green and yellow plates.




The eggs that spell out "Happy Easter" hanging from the centerpiece arrangement just make me giddy! They are so fun for Levi, too. (Hanging eggs came from PB and the greenery came from Hob Lob!)


And lastly, because of his passion for all-things-eggs .... a bowl of cutesy eggs in Levi's room!


I hope you enjoyed the tour through my springalicious home!
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. The non-chocolate bunnies are cute :) I really like the centerpiece! Very nice :)

  2. Your centerpiece is just lovely!! I love the egg crate too, I have one like that, but I actually keep my real eggs in it in the fridge! So much prettier than the cardboard cartons!

  3. Love all of your decorations! You make me want to start decorating for Spring now! :)

  4. All so pretty! I love, love the glass eggs.

  5. Love all of your decor! Especially your center piece!

  6. Your home is so amazing. You've inspired me to do more when I move into my new house.

  7. I love your festive house!!!! Pottery Barn is what I decorate my home in and I fell in love with the eggs you hung on your tree! Your lil man is one lucky guy :) Happy Easter!

  8. Oh I love everything! EVERYTHING!! They are so cute!!!!

  9. I'm in LOVE with your Easter decorations! Especially the glass eggs in the carton and the tree on your table. So lovely!

  10. I need to get all my spring decor out this weekend. The eggs in the carton are so pretty!

  11. Thanks for the William and Sonoma tip...I LOVE their Easter Tree!! I'm going to get it this weekend.

  12. Wow. I get really inspired when you post these decoration things. I never do anything like it. Maybe I will buy a load of colourful feathers and decorate this year =) My cats would certainly love it.

  13. All of the easter decor is just perfect! I love it!

    Levi will remember all the pretty decorations when he is older.

  14. Whitney: Be sure to go to Mardels and get the Resurrection Eggs. They are priceless. They tell the whole story of Jesus. I LOVE them and I love you and Weebs.

  15. Love love love your decorations!!!!! Especially your centerpiece. Fun!!!


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