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Sesame Street LIVE!

Levi's Glam*Ma (MaMaMa) and Grandpa (PaPaPa) took he and cousin Maxwell to Sesame Street Live on Sunday. Levi is flat out o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with Sesame, so I knew he was going to love it.

He was especially excited to see: Ernie, Elmo, Abby, Bee-Bood (Big Bird), Ockie (Oscar), Cookie, Abby, Boot (Bert) and Zoey!


He clung to his ticket for dear life as we entered the arena. He knew it was the golden ticket that got him in to see all of his heroes!

Upon entrance, the grandparents spoiled the boys at the goody counter.



And then Levi locked eyes (and arms) with his beloved.



He was dead set on bringing that home with him, but lucky for Mommy, he wasn't for sale.

We headed to our seats and ran into sweet Cousin Adi!


Levi showed her how his toy works, and then her Grandma snatched her one up, too. Sweet babies!

Later, we ran into Cousin Des! All of Levi's cousins (except the newborn) were also at the show and it was fun to enjoy the day with every one!


And in true Levi fashion, he smothered "Auntie" Stacey with sugars.


When the show began, Levi was speechless. He sat in awe and did not move one muscle (besides to point) until intermission!




He waved at every character and screamed their names out as he saw fit. It was darling!


It was an awesome day - probably one of the best in Levi's life, I'm sure he would say. Such sweet moments.
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  1. He's so so cute!!! I'm sure he had a great time!!

  2. How stinking cute is he??? You can just see the fun all over his face. Loved his little sports coat by the way.

  3. Sweet, sweet memories. Sweet, sweet Glamma and Papa. And, I love how Levi and Maxwell each strongly favor their parents. They are presh.

  4. How adorable! My parents took me to see Sesame Street on Ice when I was really young. I don't remember it, but seeing the photos of Levi remind me of the photos my parents took of me.

    Cabin Fever in Vermont

  5. What a fun day! He looks adorable in his little blazer.

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  7. How sweet! I love that he clung to his ticket. Haha! What sweet memories!

  8. so much fun! i cannot wait to take Hudson to Sesame Street Live-- we're going soon. My mom took me when I was little and still talks about crying because she was so happy that I got to see all of my Sesame Street pals. Hudson is obsessed, too (what is it about those muppets that makes the kids go ga-ga?) and that's why we're doing a Sesame Street birthday party this year. Joy! :)

  9. So cute! The look on his face in the first pic of he and Elmo is priceless! :)

  10. First I must say he looks so stinkin' cute in the outfit. I just adored Sesame Street when I was little and remember going to Sesame Place in PA. It's so fun to see that he got to experience Live with all of his cousins!! What a great time!! :)

  11. How fun?!... I love his outfit. What a fashionable little kid?!

  12. how much fun!! He looks so adorable all ready for Sesame Street!

  13. He is adorable. My first memory is going to Sesame Street Live. :)


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