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Big Boy Bed. Da Da DAH!

We have been busy little bee's getting things ready for Levi's big boy room. We are switching rooms for him now that we no longer need a "home office" since Husby will be graduating in a couple of months. He spent every single night in that office his first two years of medical school. It was the perfect little guest room/office/study haven for the past four years, but now that Levi is getting older and ready for a big boy bed (TEARS!), we thought he should have the big room, and our guests will have the small one. And then eventually, when we have more kidlings, it will be that kid's room. But that's not in the plans for a while. So, don't hold your breath. ;)


Big Boy Bed!

(I prefer to call it Big BABY Bed. Because he's my baby. Forever.)

When I was a child, I went straight from a crib to a Queen. This makes sense so you are not buying a new bed every few years, but I wanted Levi to have the maximum amount of space, so we did not want a Queen. I didn't want the bed to take up half of the room, you know?

We went 'round and 'round with what type of bed we wanted to get for Levi. We knew right off hand that we didn't want a Queen and we didn't want a Toddler bed. I think a Toddler bed would last Levi two months tops. That child grows at warp speed.

We initially wanted to do a Twin with a Trundle. We wanted the Trundle because of the extra bed that it provides - for when Levi starts having friends spend the night or if his cousins come over, and whatnot.

Then we decided to do a Full with a Trundle because Levi is such a wild sleeper and we aren't sure a twin could contain him. He's up, down and sideways. Plus, Levi is most definitely a tall toddler, who will likely be a tall child. And we didn't want to have to run out and buy him a new bed in a few years.

Ultimately, we decided to go with a Bunk with a Full on bottom and Twin up top. This saves SO much space in the room and gives us the ultimate bedding space. And what little boy doesn't love a bunk bed? When we brought Levi to the store to show him the bed, he fell in love. All he wanted to do was climb up and down, up and down. He screamed "NIGH-NIGH" over and again. And don't even get me started on what he did when we put him on the top bunk. He did not want to get down. So fun!

I can not WAIT to get it (it is being delivered at the end of the month), and get his little room all set up. I am so excited and so sad all at the same time. He is no longer my little baby, but he is this FUN little toddler bundle of energy and love. He is growing so fast and though there is nothing I can do about it (believe me, I've tried). I can do nothing but embrace and enjoy each and every season! And I know I say it with every age, but THIS season is my favorite. :)

I just wish we could push pause and enjoy this stage for years.

Hopefully the room will be finished and he will be moved in his new room this time next month.

So this means I have a month left to pretend he's a newborn. Right?
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  1. We just moved our daughter to a big girl bed on her 2nd birthday a couple of weeks ago. Her crib converts to a toddler bed so she'll use that until we have another kid and then we'll get her a twin. I've heard horror stories of kids not sleeping once they are in a bed, but she's been amazing! She doesn't even climb out of the bed in the mornings or after her naps, she waits for us to come get her! Good luck with Levi and let us all know how he's doing with the adjustment :)

  2. For a second there, I thought that your were going to annouce some baby news! Lol I would have completely cyber screamed in this comment in excitement for you!

    I will cyber scream for Levi though! YAAAAAAAAY! A big boy bed!!! So cute! Yes, I think that bunk beds are a must for little boys! Good choice! :)

  3. My son is almost 11 (and the oldest of three). He's still my baby and he knows it. He will always be my baby.

    How exciting about the bed. I think full size is great for a "big...meaning long" kid. my son is in a full...

    I do have one kind recommendation regarding the bunk (though you'd probably already planned it). If you can take the ladder down for a while so he's not so wild on the top especially when you're not with him. My son's first big bed was a well made wood bunk bed and we just didn't attach the ladder...though he was not a dare devil like his sisters. And if you got a wood bunk...know that that wood is solid. When I was due with #3 hubby (a great dad) was watching the older two and within minutes of leaving...our almost-2-year took a small leap off of the bottom bunk, hit the wood and experienced dental trauma from barely hitting the wood. It happened in a blink.

    I hope you don't think I am being bossy...that is not my intention.

  4. I can't wait to see pics of his new bed! I'm sure he will be in love with his big boy room!!

  5. Our crib turned into a toddler bed - which we used for over a year. But my son is small - even though he's three he's only 37 inches tall and weighs only 28 lbs. For his 3rd birthday we got him a full bed. Not so much because he outgrew the toddler bed, but because we started to feel bad about making him sleep on a very uncomfortable crib mattress. What I love most about the full bed is that at night when it's time to read stories and say prayers we can all pile on the bed. I also like that if he is sick I can get in bed with him. And sometimes before I go to bed at night I go lay down beside him, just so I can watch him sleep. It reminds me that no matter how fast he grows up he will always be my baby boy. Now I think I'll go have a good cry.

  6. Can't wait to see a picture of that big boy bed!! How exciting!!

  7. How fun! Sounds like a great plan. I can't wait to see it!!!

  8. Aw that's so exciting! He's moving on up in the world and getting a bigger bed. I think you chose the perfect bed - I mean, bunk beds are SO much fun! He'll have a blast. :)

  9. What fun! I love reading about Erin's big boy transition for Hudson, and can't wait to read your family's as well. This did make me chuckle a bit though, as the Mr. and I still share a full mattress ourselves! ;)


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