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Food For Thought.

I like reading about what all you other Momma's out there recommend for your children - things they love, things they enjoy, things they can't live without. When it comes to food and snacks, I'm always interested because Levi is somewhat of a picky eater. I say somewhat, simply because he won't just eat anything you put in front of him. He devours his veggies, fruit and grains but wants nothing to do with meat, so fast food is virtually impossible for us (which is a good thing).

I play around with his food at home, trying to offer him the most nutrient filled things with the best quality and richest flavor. Of course I can't list every little thing he eats or we would be here a long time, but here are a few of my favorite products.


Love this peanut butter. It tastes so different than regular Jiffy or other "more popular" brands. It's flavor is more dense and power packed with good, natural ingredients. After tasting this PB, it's hard to ever go back to any other brand. It's simply delicious.


Keeping in line with PB - we love these crackers. I have been eating them for years and now they prove to be an awesome snack for my little guy, too. We actually buy the regular sized crackers (not the mini's) and their plain ones are phenomenal as well. Delish!


Levi loves anything "bready", so waffles are a thumbs up for breakfast. These waffles taste like I whipped up some batter and toasted them in a waffle maker. They're delicious and Levi likes to eat them plain (he's not a fan of butter). Sometimes we top with fruit or just eat it alongside. Yum!


Yogurt is a staple with my little man. When he was a baby (sniff, sniff) we bought Yo Baby organic yogurt and it's awesome. They also have ones with veggies mixed in, too, which are good for little ones. When he got older, we graduated to Yo Kids, which has a thicker consistency and comes in a bigger container. Great snack.


We recently discovered this Wallaby Organic Yogurt and it is absolutely delicious. It is plain yogurt with fresh fruit on the bottom. Absolutely wonderful! This doesn't last long in our house since we all three enjoy it so much!


The Heavens opened up and dropped these little chicken strips into our lives. These are the ONLY chicken strips Levi will ever eat (restaurants included). And they are yummy.


Let's face it, kids love cookies and they absolutely deserve them now and again. We love these cookies and we also like the chocolate chip flavor, but the oatmeal is the BEST. I have to admit, when I throw a few cookies to Weebie, I throw a few down my throat. Because hey, I deserve it, too. ;)


These veggie tots are a good thing to keep on hand in the freezer for those times you get back from a trip and haven't made it to the store yet to stock back up on fresh veggies. They are jammed full of great veggies and they taste really good. Plus, they're in tot form and totally fun for kids to eat. I really like all HappyBites products.

So these are a few products that we most always have in our pantry or icebox because they are good quality and great tasting. I try as hard as I can to always buy organic with our fruit, veggies and meat and the difference is unreal. The flavor, color and overall quality is unmatched. When you have a little one to care for, you are fully aware of everything that goes into his little mouth and body. It's my responsibility to instill in him healthy eating habits right now, and with products like these on the market, it makes my job a little easier!

What products do you absolutely love for your little ones?
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  1. When we can't make homemade waffles, Van's are the best!

  2. Quick question--where are you able to find all of these? Whole foods? We can get the Stoneyfield Farms yogurt at Target, but that's the only product I recognize! I'd love to try the others!

  3. My question is the same as Karen's - where do you shop?

  4. Stonyfield Farms makes awesome yogurt. It has less sugar and is packed with protein. I actually kept my son on the YoBaby until he was three (the truth is I like it as much as he does). Now he just eats the grown up probiotic stonyfield yogurt. I have trouble finding organic stuff at my small town grocery store. When we venture to the "big city" (yes I sound like a hick), I stock up on healthy snacks and organic items. My son wasn't a big meat eater until about 2.5 years, and even now he goes in spurts.

  5. Mmm, the Wallaby yogurt is good!

  6. I am a total lurker and rarely (if ever) comment, but wanted to give you some great info. Go to
    It is a wonderful website with tons of great ideas. I have a good eater, he's 10 years old now, but would have loved this site when he was younger. I still incorporate some of her recipes though.

  7. I should add that "friending" Weelicious on FaceBook is almost a better way to go than the website. Their school lunch pictures are awesome!

  8. Love this post! Where do you find most of the "kid-friendly" organic foods?

  9. I, too, would like to know where you find all of this yummy organic food? It all looks and sounds so good!

  10. I got my 15-month old some of those veggie tots. She usually will not eat vegetables at all except for frozen peas (still frozen...doesn't like them cooked!). She gobbled them up, then on the last bite got a whole black bean, didn't like the taste of it, and spit it out. Too funny! She loved them though! Thanks for the great post.

  11. I'm with every one else, where on earth do you find these products??

  12. Look at you with all of those organic products! A woman after my own heart! Of course, I buy mostly whole foods, but I'm impressed with your dive into the world of organics!


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