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In-Home Dating.

When I was a teenager, I often heard married couples say they were "going on a date". It confused the life out of me, because in my mind, dating was for the un-married. I couldn't understand how a married couple could go on a date, since to me, dating was for boyfriends/girlfriends or just plain getting-to-know someone.

When we got married, it was just the two of us for 4 years. No children, no heavy responsibility - just two care free kids exploring the world together. We went out all the time - to the movies, to dinner, to friends houses, etc. Though we were "out" together, I never saw it as going on a "date" because if that was the case, we would have been going on dates most every night!

And then Weebie was born.

And the concept of "going on a date" finally clicked in my little mind and I grasped the concept that Hey! Married people CAN date!

Not only can they date .... they SHOULD date.

There's nothing like getting away (alone) for awhile and reconnecting as husband and wife - without the duty of mommy and daddy at hand. It's not always easy to get a sitter or actually leave the house, but never fear ... In-Home Dating is here!


The other night, I scurried on over to the grocery store for a special treat. I picked up some graham crackers, Hershey bars and marshmallows for an impromptu "date" after we put the baby to bed. A lot of times after Weebie drifts off into Sleepy Town, Husby and I crash on the couch and zone out while watching a movie. And while he's awake, we never get a chance for long, uninterrupted conversation. Sure, there's conversation, but it's in between playing, diaper changing, bathing, tickling, supper clean-up, yada yada. If there's anything that connects us most as a couple, it's communication - talking, chatting, shooting the breeze, what have you. We love to talk. We thrive on minute details of our days, lots of laughter and each other's different musings. We have just always been that way and it's one of the things I love most about our relationship.


So, though we can't always get away from the house, we can always create special evenings that turn into special moments and helps to remind us of the foundation of our sweet little family - our marriage.

Husby and I sat out on our back patio and made delicious s'mores over a makeshift campfire in our grill.


It was perfect.

Perfect weather. Perfect s'mores. Perfect conversation. Perfect Husby.

(Perfect Husby with hat hair. Tee hee.)

We sat out there for a long while, soaking up the summer evening, the gooey treats and each other's presence. We ate entirely too many s'mores and had absolutely zero regrets.


It's in these precious moments at home with my husband that I am truly able to sit back and realize how blessed I am. To have a husband who thinks I'm beautiful and considers me his best friend. To have a son who gives me endless kisses and thinks I hung the moon. My boys are my life. And I'm pretty sure I am theirs, too.

Who says you have to get fancy in pearls and heels to have a beautiful date? There are plenty of ways to keep the flame alive right there in your own home.


And what better way to do it than with s'mores?

--What fun In-Home Dates have you had?
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. My man and I like to cook together at our in-home dates. Our specialty is homemade pizza--I think we have made almost every kind! But, our favorite is Hawaiian BBQ. :)

  2. When I was pregnant we would often have nights of heated competition playing Gin Rummy. We are both competitive and something so simple was such a good time and memory :)

  3. For V day every year, Paulie and I cook dinner together after the girls go to bed. Something really fancy usually like Filet Minion with Risotto. We light candles, break out the wine glasses and sit and enjoy our homemade dinner. Then, we take Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Champagne up to the bedroom for dessert ;)

  4. We do scrabble...with a little sushi thrown in once in a while to add some variety.

  5. Love it! It wasn't too long ago that we had a date at home too :) We both just ended up in the backyard by the firepit after our boys had fallen asleep earlier than usual. It was so nice!!

    Glad you found some extra time for a date :)

  6. Patrick and I "tailgate." We'll take some wine and snacks and open up the back hatch of the SUV and sit there and talk in the driveway. Added perk - MUSIC from the car! :) We're dorks.

  7. Date nights are extremely important. We do not have children but we make a date night by going out to dinner and a movie with no friends and the phones are put away and life is on hold while the two of us spend time together.

    Enjoy each date night you can get!

  8. so true, we've done smores on the porch, a nice lil getaway.
    I like the wipes on the table there in that pic. My husband says always having wipes around is a perk of having a baby, ha.

  9. You're so right... Its so important for even people who are married to date! My husband and I really need to have one of those nights.

    Cabin Fever in Vermont

  10. That sounds like the best "in home" date ever! Romantic, a little silly and a lot of fun!

    Sometimes we have great "in home" dates sitting on the deck, off our master bedroom, enjoying a bottle of wine and a plate of cheese, crackers and fruit!

  11. First of all, MAJOR props to you for realizing the importance of dating your husband. I think a lot of couples lose that connection because they don't make time to date each other.
    Second, my husband and I had a smore's date not that long ago! We fired up the grill and toasted marshmallows and had the best time! Our favorite in-home date, though, is playing board games. He talks trash and I get super-competitive and we end up laughing our time away.

  12. I can totally relate on the in-home dating myself. I actually just wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about how we do our "at home dates". It really is something I think every couple should do. Visit my blog sometime and hear how we do our date night.

  13. I agree with everything you said 150%! We just got a firepit over the summer to make s'mores, but, it's been too dang hot to use it!

  14. I don't have a date to share with you but I do want to thank you. My husband and I just had a big talk about the fact that we need to reconnect. We were planning on going out on a movies date this weekend but now that I've read this I think we may just have an in-home date! What a fun way to spend time together, and save some money!


  15. Ty & I have spent many nights just like that. S'mores are the absolute best.

  16. That was a very sweet post. Hubby and I are in need of night like this. Maybe when little one wakes up I'll head over to the store ;)

  17. I love this post! What a great idea!

  18. we are kitchen renovating, wedding planning, and residency surviving. We haven't had an in home date in a long time... too long. I see s'mores in my future.

  19. Before our son was born, my hubby and I had "bath nights." We would take a bottle of wine and two glasses and climb into a hot bubble bath together. We could sit there for hours enjoying the wine and each others company. We would joke, tell stories, laugh, cry, etc. It was a great way for the two of us to connect.

  20. we sat out on the porch the other night while baby was sleeping and drank hot tea. much more relaxing than a cafe and it was wonderful. Sometimes you just need that time with just the two of ya. Good post. Very encouraging for other couples i'm sure

  21. Aw, perfect! I love the idea of dating your spouse. And to make smores together? So much fun!


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