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Favorites Friday: Smells!

I think it's so funny how a certain smell can send one person into a tailspin of delight and wonderment and another into a fit of disgust and agony. I have lots of favorite smells, though I think mine are ones that the majority of the population enjoy. However, I do not mind the smell of skunk and that completely creeps Husby out, but hey, I'm kind of weird like that.

And I just admitted to the entire blogosphere that I do not mind the smell of skunk. Awesome.

Though it is obviously not my favorite scent, here are some that send me to frolicking and singing songs of glee. Come with me on a scent-sory adventure!

1. Baking Bread.


I thought I would start out with an obvious one. I mean, who doesn't just love the smell of fresh bread rising in the hot oven? Oh, it makes my stomach roar!

2. Honeysuckle


This beautiful plant reminds me of my childhood. There is something so magical about being able to pull droplets of sweet honey out of a tiny little flower. And being able to just eat it, right then and there. Mmmmm....

For me, summer's scent is honeysuckle.

3. New Car Smell


There is nothing like pulling out of a car dealership with a brand new car and the smell that comes along with it. Oh my gracious, it's just wonderful! And if you avoid fast food and other scent-destroying items, you can enjoy that scent for a long time. It's especially good if the car has leather seats. Yum!

4. Chocolate Chip Cookies


This one goes without saying, obviously, because oh my stars it's the best smell on earth. Other cookies smell good, too, but NONE compare to the scent of chocolate chip. It's a fantastic concoction of pure delight. Oh yes.

5. Votivo Red Currant


You know how each home has a smell? Well, this is mine. So if you are wondering what on earth my little ole house in The Middle Of Nowhere, America, smells like - venture on over to most any boutique or decor store, find the Votivo candles, pick up the Red Currant scent, sniff hard and envision me, Husby and Weebie dancing in the middle of our living room.

No, we don't often dance in the middle of our living room, but it's a pleasant scene, so I want you to think it. K? Thanks.

6. Cotton Candy


This sweet treat has the best little scent. It's a light, fresh, sugary scent that never overwhelms. It lingers in the background with an exquisite charm that reminds us of the happy things in life - children, laughter, kisses .... it's one of my favorite smells of all time.

7. Hot Glue Gun


This one may be a little bizarre, but it's a smell for which I can't deny my love. It kind of reminds me of the smell of a hot iron, which I also love. When I smell hot glue, I know something fun is around the corner!

8. Fresh Laundry


I only like my laundry straight from the dryer. The idea of hanging your sheets out on the line to dry in the fresh summer breeze is good in theory, but then you lay your head down at night and you smell .... outside. And I prefer to smell the faux scent of outside that comes in a little square dryer sheet. Call me what you will, but I love me some Bounce! :)

9. The Weeb


This may sound cliche, I realize. But it's the honest to goodness truth. My little angel smells like he was just dropped from the pillowy clouds of Heaven and was dusted with rainbow drops and sunset dust on the way down. I get lost in his little Weebie smell and try my hardest to savor it every day. I want to bottle it up and share it with the world!

And that, my friends, are a few of the best scents on Earth.

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. I am new to your blog but I can tell you are a housewife after my own heart with Votivo Red Currant..along with the cookies! With a 4 year old one of my new found faves is the smell of Playdoh!

  2. I love your blog, Whitney! These are some great smells!!! My 2 favorites are lilac bushes (yumm) and Chanel, which my grandmother has worn since she was 20. (I don't wear it, but when I smell it it usually means my adorable, sweet, funny, and loving Grandma is near.)

  3. Oh, honeysuckle! I've always loved that smell, but my affection for it went to a new level this summer. When we brought Riggs home from the hospital, the honeysuckle in our neighborhood was in full bloom and the scent was just someone had driven a mosquito spray truck around and just pumped the air full of honeysuckle perfume. We would take walks with our little newborn in the Baby Bjorn and just inhale. And now that scent will always be connected with those first two weeks of Riggs life and our family of three!

  4. Gotta disagree on the scent of leather...not for me at all.

    BUT, 2 more faves? Rain and freshly cut grass!

  5. I totally don't mind the smell of a skunk either!! HA!! I am not the only "crazy" person in the world!! :) As a matter of fact, I would actually prefer to smell a skunk over some other things. I also like the smell of, I am not a huffer! I just like that smell while I am filling up my car. On the other hand, I hate the smell of gum. Ugh. Aren't I strange?! :)

  6. Agreed. The new car smell is probably in my top three. Love it. And I love the smell of new tennis shoes, still in the box. And newly bought clothes that you haven't worn yet. Smells like a department store/shopping. Skunk? That's why I love you, Whitney. (Although, I don't mind the smell of a dirty diaper...mainly bc dirty diapers make me laugh.)

  7. Ooh, I love lots of your smells! Baking, honeysuckle, fresh laundry... They all make me smile.

    Interesting fact: the reason that your sense of smell is connected so strongly with emotions and memories is that the nerves in your nose are the closest to your brain, and they go directly into your frontal lobe. And the frontal lobe is the part of your brain where long-term memories associated with emotions rather than tasks are stored. So, if you smell cinnamon bread in the oven, and are instantly transported back to when you were little and your mom baked that every year at Christmas - that's why :)

  8. I totally agree with you on the hot glue gun! It brings back great memories... :)

  9. Hello! Recently found your blog and I really enjoy it. I'm a huge sucker for smelly things too! :) My favorite right now is the "kitchen spice" wallflower from B&B works - makes my house smell like fresh chocolate chip cookies ALL THE TIME! And don't worry, you're not alone re: the skunk smell thing. My husband likes it too; he says it's like a train wreck for his nose, and he just HAS to take a whiff if he comes across the skunk smell. He is somethin else. :) Anyway, thanks for the great read, I'll check back in with you now and then!

  10. This is a great list! (Well, maybe minus the hot glue gun. haha)
    I have almost burned that candle you gave me and now I am saving it for a special day. Not sure what that day will be, but I just can't bring myself to use it all up. :)

  11. I love how smells can take you to a special moment. Just yesterday while washing my 1 year old son’s clothes with Dreft I was taken back to the days before he arrived. I was filled with joy. I remembered washing all his little clothes before I even met him. I hope I never get tired of washing his sweet clothes.
    And I also enjoy his sweet baby smell. We better savor it before they get their big boy smell, haha.

  12. I love the smell of my kiddos! Except when my 6 yr old has been playing outside then i love the way she smells after a bubble bath! i love the smell of buttercream on fresh baked cupcakes it makes me go crazy! Also LOVE the mango candles from trapp candles makes me feel like i am in paradise!

  13. I totally agree on all your smells! Of course I would probably replace the smell of your sweet Weebs w/ my own little one :) I LOVE the smell of homemade bread - especially when it starts to get cold outside. Come on, fall!!! Its my favorite time of the year!

  14. What great favourite scents! I've never smelled real honeysuckle before, and I've never owned a new car. I love all the rest of our favourites, and would add lilac, lavender, leather (reminds me of my Papa), and pipe tobacco (reminds me of my dad who died 18 years ago).

  15. Honeysuckle!!! My favorite! Totally reminds me of childhood and summertime--the best!

  16. Skunk is one of my FAVORITE smells. I know I'm bizarre. I just love inhaling the scent as I drive by, haha. It has a component that smells like coffee to me.

  17. There are some pipe tobaccos that smell wonderful to me, plus baking bread, cookies, pies, food-scented candles, burning matches, but SKUNK????? You would change your mind if YOU, your child, or pet got sprayed by one ... or it got in your house! Doesn't even smell like the ones dead on the road -- disgusting!!!!

  18. I agree with you on most of those. I also LOVE the smell of chlorine (I used to be a swimmer so the scent takes me back), lilacs, and (my favorite) new books!

  19. As I was reading this my mouth was watering for cookies and fresh bread. Yum!

  20. I love the smell of the beach and ocean breezes. Heaven on Earth!

  21. I also love the smell of honeysuckle, chocolate chip cookies, and fresh laundry! Some people like the smell of freshly cut grass and/or rain -- but I say YUCK!

  22. I"m with you on the skunk. It's weird, I know... but I'm glad somebody else feels that way! :) Also, I'm a big fan of laundry and puppy breath!!

  23. I'll admit, I've never heard of anyone being so impartial to skunk! Very cool.

    I would simply like to add that the scent of redwoods is my personal high-on-life smell. : )

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  25. oh my goodness, I love so many of these!!! I have been burning votivo red currant for years! yum!


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