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Weebie Wednesday: One Year.



It's hard to believe that a whole year has passed. I don't even know where to begin in telling you how magical this past year has been, but I hope I can fully show to you every day just how much your daddy and I love you. You have turned our worlds upside down and we are absolutely crazy about you, little boy!


You began taking your first steps about a month ago (at 11 months), but you weren't real consistent with it. You would take a few steps here and there and then go back down to your little knees and speed away to your destination. Weebie, you can FLY. (There was a baby crawling competition the other day and if I would have known about it earlier, I would have taken you! I've never seen a kid as fast as you, you little speed crawler.) Whenever we would cheer for you when you toddled along, you immediately went to your knees and stopped all the action. You silly, boy.


The day you turned one year old, you decided to become a brave little superhero and you began walking all the time. You started showing off at your party, showing all your guests that you weren't scared, and since then, you have been a walking machine. It's hilarious to see you maneuver yourself around and you are much more confident with your balance. You still crawl, too, when you really want to get somewhere, but you will often stop mid crawl, stand yourself up and take off walking.


We went to the doctor the other day and once again, you were completely off the charts in your height. You are 33 1/4 inches tall and you weigh 25.6 pounds. You are between 75th - 90th in weight, so at least you are still on the chart for something, you little giant. Grandpa calls you the Littlest Giant. You are so cute. You're right on track developmentally, and I just praise God for your good health. My treasure!


You are starting to use more words all the time. So far, you say "Dada, Dad, Momma, What's That?, Who's That?, Bite, and you try so hard to say I love you." You have the inflection right, you just can't quite master the words. You SWEET boy.

Anytime I pick you up off the ground, you open your mouth wide for a kiss. You also do it when I tell you I love you. If Daddy asks for a kiss, you give him one and then immediately turn to me so that I can have one, too. You're so sweet to not make us feel left out, you little sweetheart boy.


You are officially off of the bottle and you've been drinking masterfully out of your sippy cup for a few months now. After your birthday, we took you off of formula and you are drinking whole milk and you eat all of your meals so well. Here are your favorites: oatmeal, yogurt, cereal bars, carrots, peas, green beans, macaroni, pasta stars with meat sauce, string cheese, peaches, mandarin oranges, grapes, pineapple, meatloaf, grilled cheese, pb&j, sometimes chicken nuggets from Chick-Fil-A (other times you won't eat it) and ANY KIND OF BREAD. You take after your Mommy.


You can successfully show me where my eyes, nose and mouth are by pointing to them on my face, and you think it's the funniest thing ever when I ask you where my features are. You also try with all your might to count with me as I do, but your fingers get stuck at 2. You are a master at holding up the "1", though. ;)


You still remain the kind, gentle soul that I've always known that you are. You are just an absolute delight to be with day in and day out, and you are just so sweet and precious that you make me cry all the time. Just holding you, rocking you, and you putting your little hand in the middle of my neck like you've always done just sends me to tears. You are the most precious little baby, Levi, and I know without a doubt that you are special.


God has amazing things in store for your little life. I pray that you seek Him, follow Him and live out all of the big things He has prepared for you, little boy. You are a masterpiece, created for your Daddy and me right now, and for the rest of the world later. I love you, I cherish you, I simply adore you.

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Those little levi diapers are too cute!!

  2. So adorable...he has the best little smile! When my daughter first started talking, some of her first words were 'what's this?' and 'who's that?' as well!

  3. Congratulations on one year. By the way my 32 month old son only weighs 26 lbs, but then again he's really short like his mama.

  4. He is so happy! I love these posts and I know Levi will treasure them one day.

  5. Levi is so cute. I love the denim diapers! I heard about them, but hadn't seen them yet.

  6. Where did you get his wet suit? It's great. I'm going to need something for my little guy - he's as pale as I am and will fry in the sun!

  7. Congrats and happy happy birthday to little Levi!

    I was so happy/sad when you first announced on your blog that you were expecting Levi, as I too so wanted to be pregnant. It's been so lovely to experience your emotions and life vicariously throughout your pregnancy and Levi's first year.

    And now, I too am experiencing the same thing, I'm pregnant too! And I can't wait to share as I go through so many of the same troubles and joys you did.

    Thanks for you blog. I appreciate it!

  8. Letters to Baby are my favorite posts. :) He is such a sweetie, and I can NOT believe it has been a year!!!

  9. i love that you write him letters. they will be something he will always treasure. esp as he grows up and becomes a father himself one day. what a wonderful way to keep the story of your family preserved. :-)

  10. I love the denim diapers! I discovered them at Babies R Us yesterday, and had to add a pack to my registry!

  11. ummmm! He is adorable!!! I think him and cate need a playdate!! Gosh he is just soooo soooo cute!!!


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