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Weebie Wednesday: Makeshift Pacifier.

Levi only gets his "packy-wacky" in his crib and occasionally in the car. The other day, I was in our bathroom curling my hair and Weebie toddled around behind me.

We recently bought a shower-hangie-thing (ya know, to put your shampoo and stuff in), and it didn't work so it was propped up against the wall.

Weebie found it, took off the suction cups and promptly put them in his mouth. And sucked.

Like a pacifier.



He is a booger.
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  1. Too cute. I know you already know this, but seriously, Weebie is adorable.

  2. what an inventive lil guy, haha

  3. LOL!! Bean came out of his bedroom the other day with his binky thermometer in his mouth. We are taking away his binky right now, so he took his thermometer instead! So cute!

  4. How smart! He's gonna be trouble!

  5. Ahhhh what a cutie, thats pretty smart :)

  6. Where there's a will...............Very cute Mr. Weebs.

  7. That is too funny!! He is such a doll and a smart little stinker!

  8. so smart!! find a way or make a way... he is adorable :-)

  9. Brilliant! See, he is an innovator!


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