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A House a Home.

You know how you go to some people's houses and it feels stale and hollow, like all they do there is eat, sleep and live? And then you go into other people's houses and it instantly feels warm, safe, full of joy and life .... it feels like a home.


To me, home has always been were family is. When I go back to my parent's house, it always feels like going "home". I still even call it home, and it is listed as "Home 2" in my cell phone. I know anytime I return to my hometown I will be greeted with multiple bear hugs, food overflowing and the fluffiest, softest bed you've ever slid into. As soon as you walk through the front door, you feel like you're home.


When I got married, I strived to make our home feel the same way. We were in an apartment for 2.5 years and though I bent over backwards trying to make it warm and inviting, I still struggled in the feeling of "home".


When we moved into our new house, I couldn't believe how much more "like home" a house felt simply by having a yard to call your own and several different rooms to go in and out of. It was so much more "homey" and I finally felt like I was getting a good grasp on making a home.


I worked for several years and Husby and I didn't spend much time at house. We spent our weekends out and about so we were really only there for evenings/nights and the occasional afternoon. I don't know about you, but a house just doesn't feel like a home when you're not ever THERE. It quickly became a place to crash before we got up, got ready and left again. I longed for a haven. A familiar dwelling with strong family ties. A place were memories were made and adventures were created.


As I sat on the porch last evening, watching my little boy toddle back and forth - smiling and screaming, laughing and giddy with excitement as Husby put together his final birthday toy, I sipped my iced tea and realized that we have arrived - this is most definitely a home. Levi brings such life to our little nest and now that I get to stay home every day and actually be a true "homemaker", our house has taken on an entirely different feel. A whole new quality and semblance of the word ..... home.


It's amazing to me how one little person that we brought into the world completely changed the dynamic of our home. Having Levi has given "home life" a whole new meaning, and I absolutely love it. Instead of going to the movies or out to eat for most every meal on the weekends, we spend time playing in the yard and cooking together as a family. Instead of taking weekend trips away, we come up with Family Fun Days and find local festivals and such to attend. We are much more "homebodies" instead of always-on-the-go now, and it's simply the best.


I now know that having a house doesn't necessarily mean that you have a home. It's the people inside, the conversations that occur, the laughter that resounds off the walls, the aromas that float from the kitchen, the serene moments of the morning, the tranquil silence of the night and the vibrant affairs of the in between that permeate the heart of your dwelling place and swiftly create the "home" that we all long for.

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. This is such a true post, and the photos are beautiful. Creating a 'homely' home is just as important as any other occupation, and by far the one that has the most impact on our lives. Enjoy!

  2. This post gave me goose bumps!! I love it! I also strive to make our home feel homey, and it is very true about what you said. You have to be home to make it feel like a home!!

  3. I needed to read this post this morning. We have been living in a tiny, yucky rental house for the past few months since we've moved and as hard as I try to make it feel like home, it just hasn't had that feeling yet. But you reminded me that home isn't about your house at all. I have a wonderful family, a loving husband, and a happy, healthy baby boy. And that makes my home rich and full.

    Thanks, Whitney!

  4. Beautiful post and so true! I am glad you were able to create such a wonderful home AND realize it. Life is sweet isn't it?

    Cabin Fever in Vermont

  5. What a beautiful post and absolutely true!

  6. What a fantastic post! I still think of my parent's place as home, too... and I still sleep better there than anywhere, even after being gone for 10 years!

    I can't wait to bring our baby boy home and truly make our house into our home :)

  7. Loved this post! Just because people own a home with rooms and walls doesn't mean that they are happy. We get to choose how we react to this life. I don't know about you, but I choose to be happy!

  8. You've created a beautiful home for sweet Levi. Isn't it wonderful making memories and traditions that your children will reminisce on one day?

  9. We can relate to the feeling of wanting to be HOME to rest, relax, recharge. I love our home. Like you, our apartment never really felt 'home-y' and even our first house didn't have that home-y feel, probably because it was too big for just two people. We love our small next here in the boonies, and I will be so sad to leave one day. This is home.

  10. Whitney, this has nothing to do with your post but I just saw your tweet from earlier about the wreck, I'm so grateful to God for keeping your Husby safe.

  11. That was a really moving post!

    I love the shot with your feet and husby & weebie in the background - tres artistique! :P

  12. Great post! I'm really struggling to make my house a "home." It's still pretty bare and I know that things aren't necessarily what makes a home warm and inviting, but they sure do help! I'm slowly, slowly trying to decorate and surround myself with things I love so hopefully it will feel more like home soon!

  13. Our house actually felt like home before we even bought it. We were sitting in the kitchen discussing things with our real estate agent when we realized that we had found our home - and it wasn't even our table that we were sitting at! I can't imagine ever leaving this place, but I'm sure that as long as my boys came with me, we could find home in a new place as well.

  14. So true, and so well put. And gorgeous photos! You are one blessed lady. Good for you for taking the time to be grateful! :)


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