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Weebie Wednesday: 11 Months.

My little love child will turn ELEVEN MONTHS old in just two short days. Why oh why must he torture me so? These months have whisked by faster than a tornado in an Oklahoma prairie and I simply can not believe it.


Though he is not technically eleven months old yet, I thought I would use this day to talk about his accomplishments and milestones so that I can forever remember his blissful tenth month. And I mean it, Weebie's tenth month was dreamy.


Levi's little personality continues to blossom each month. He continues to be preciously sweet and absolutely hilarious. He is such a good combo of angelic/little boy. He will lean in to give sugary hugs and kisses one minute while mischievously getting into cabinets and flashing an ornery smile the next.


He does "tricks" on cue which include: shake hands, raise your hand, praise the Lord, patty cake, roll 'em up, waves hello and goodbye, kisses, hugs and he claps when he hears music or the word "Glam*Ma".


His favorite game in the world is "I'm Gonna Get That Baby", and if you say those five words, he takes off sprint-crawling like a super hero. He laughs and screams as he crawls away from you and he will keep going as long as you are down on all fours chasing him. He loves this game so much that sometimes when I'm walking toward him to pick him up, he turns around and takes off - trying to get me to play. Such a little dreamboat.


He is so much fun!

We have started a running tally on the words that Levi says. So far, we have Dad, Da-da, Ball and Dog. His most favorite word, by far, is Dad. He says it all day every day. When I say, "Ma Ma. Ma Ma." He looks at me, smiles and says "Dad". Husby, of course, thinks it's the greatest thing in the world, and I have to admit .... it's absolutely adorable. (But between you and me, we all know that Dad is much easier to say than Mom. Right?!)


Levi is all smiles. He can be playing across the room from me and meet eyes and as soon as we do, he flashes a huge smile. If I'm rocking him and he's drowsy beyond belief and I look down and smile at him, without fail, he smiles back every time. Oh, sometimes I get so tickled that I have to stifle my laughter because I would wake him up. He is just the happiest little boy. Errr.... I mean, BABY BOY. He's still a baby. He's still my newborn. :)


We realized this month that we had come to the point where Levi didn't know how to fall asleep on his own. We rocked him to sleep every night and I thought it was time for him to learn to do it on his own. We started rocking him to the point where he was ready for sleep, but not yet asleep, and then put him in his crib. The first night was absolute torture. He screamed and cried for 15 minutes. Which meant that I screamed and cried for 15 minutes. After a few nights of this little routine, he finally got the hang of it and is able to self soothe which I am so happy about. I'm glad we got this figured out before he's old enough for a big boy bed.


He is sooooo close to walking without the security of our hand. He took one step forward the other day and then squatted down to finish his journey with the safe crawl. He cruises along the furniture barely hanging on to it. I can't believe he is almost walking. Where did my baby go?


This month with Weebie was probably my most favorite. He is such a joy to BE with. He's just fun. I love getting to know him more and more each day as he discovers and reveals new things about himself. What a little love.

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. I love watching him grow through your blog :) I look forward to your monthly updates.

  2. 11 months! wow!
    What a little cutie he is though!
    Brook is nearly 9 months, I cant believe she will ever be 11 months! That's just WAY too old for me =(

  3. Aww, what a little angel!! That is seriously an adorable baby boy <3

  4. Reading about Levi makes me want one of my own sooooo bad! He is seriously the cutest baby boy ever. He always looks so happy too. He's pretty blessed to have the parents he does.

  5. Oh my goodness he's just the cutest thing ever! Great pictures!! Speically the ones where I can see his toes ;)

  6. love that baby!!! he and adilyn must have the same trainer. she does most of those "tricks." can't wait to see him!

  7. Where is this park?? It looks so pretty! Love all the pics. I swear he is the cutest baby I have ever seen.

  8. I so love the photos you post of your sweet little boy. His smile just lights up the whole day.

  9. sweet little Levi! i swear these boys would be best friends-- and pretty sure we'd be friends, too! :) hee hee

    hudson LOVES "i'm gonna getchu!" he takes off in a spring crawl. i have a feeling my 11 month post is going to be very similar. he just squeals when i say that. haha. so funny!

    yay for falling asleep on his own! we started having Hudson get himself to sleep at 3 months when we had him cry it out. but it's SO nice when they can. he'll babble in his room for a little while before falling asleep, but he knows what he needs and it's so nice a freeing for us. and there is the occasional night where he'll LET me rock him now just because i want to. :( gonna cry now!

  10. He's so precious! :-) Thanks for sharing--I love Weebie Wednesdays.

  11. He is such a cutie pie! Great pictures!

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  13. Fantastic Pictures! I can't say it enough....HE IS SO SWEET!

  14. He is such a ham for the camera. I love it! :)

  15. He is precious, Whitney. Great pictures of your family!

  16. You always get such wonderful pictures of him. What a great smile! The months will just keep getting dreamier :)

  17. Whitney all your pictures are so beautiful. These must have been at Woodward Park. I love the flowers and the brilliant colors. So breathtaking. Thanks for sharing once again. It was fun to see your mom and dad in the photo with Levi and the azaleas.

  18. You are blessed with such an adorable little boy. I love coming here to see what he's getting up to.

  19. Grammy is going thru Levi withdrawls. When can we get together again?

  20. you really do have the most beautiful little boy ever! i can't get enough of his little smile!


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