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My Life Flashed Before Husby's Eyes.


We all remember my new little love affair with cycling, right? Husby has now adorned me with all the appropriate biking gear, and let me tell you, if my shorts were any tighter, I'd be wearing them "til death do me part". And your eyes would never be the same. Well, they probably wouldn't be the same if you saw me in them as is, but whatevs. They're TIGHT. I'm thinking of wearing them as a girdle under my Sunday best.

They have this lovely little padding in them though, and my bum applauds him for that. Way'ta Go, Husby!

Okay, so now I am officially a cyclist. I have the bike. The helmet. The gear. The water bottle. And most importantly, the attire. I am hot pink and grey from head to toe. It's fabulous.

The other afternoon, Husby was off early (he only works until noonish ALL month! Horray!), Levi was with Glam*Ma and we hopped on our bikes for a little workout. When Weebie is with us, we stick to trails. There is absolutely no way we would take him on any roads with cars when he's attached to one of our bikes in his little trailer.

Since he was away that day, it was my bright idea to ride on the highway.

Husby was against the idea, since I am so new to the sport, but I convinced him that it would be best.

We pulled out of our little neighborhood and onto the highway with cars rushing past us with great speed. They didn't intimidate me. They only urged me along. We rode about five miles and decided to turn around and head back. And by "we" I mean, "me". We were quickly approaching a giant hill and I chickened out and said "let's head home!"

Going DOWN hills is the best thing in life. Going up? Torture.

So, I took the lead and headed home. Now, let me remind you all how new I am to cycling. I prefer for Husby to be in front so that he can lead the way. I am still shaky when it comes to sharp turns and turning my head to see if a car is coming so that I can cross the road.

But I was in front. I had no option.

We pedaled along, nearing the entrance to our neighborhood and we had to cross the highway to get there. I yelled behind me, "I can't see if anyone's coming! Can I go?"

"NO! Don't go!"

I slowed down, now even with the entrance I needed to pull into.

A car sped past me.

I slowed down further and thought that was probably the car that Husby was talking about. I quickly turned my head around to see if the coast was clear and as my head turned, MY BIKE TURNED with me and a giant white truck was rapidly approaching me. At this point, I was ON THE HIGHWAY.

All I heard was Husby SCREAMING behind me, and I tried with all my might to turn my bike the opposite way, but I simply had zero control at this point. I was inching my way further onto the highway.

In nanoseconds I was literally face to face with a big white blur that just zoomed past me, mere inches from my bike. I do not now HOW he didn't hit me.

Husby continued to scream and as I straightened out, I peered behind me again, saw no one coming and raced across the highway. Husby was shaking so badly that he could barely ride his bike back home. It. was. awful.

I was so calm during the entire situation and Husby was an absolute basket case. He put it in perspective when he explained how he almost saw his wife get killed right in front of him. From his view, it was much more terrifying. He said I was heading straight for the truck and at the last split second, I straightened out just enough to miss it.

I learned a sweet lesson that day. I am never riding on the highway again. There are thousands of experienced cyclists that get killed every day and I am not about to be one of them (though I am highly inexperienced).

The rest of the evening, I kept thinking of how everyone's life could have been changed in one minute had the big white truck been going one more MPH faster. I could have been dead. Husby would have been a widow. Levi would have to grow up without a Mommy. And I wouldn't have been able to see Tim McGraw in concert later that evening!

Joking on the last part, but seriously, I know my angel had a hold of my handlebars that afternoon. Praise God for sparing my life.

Oh, and if you come looking for me, I'll be on the bike TRAILS. With no cars (or trucks) in sight.
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. oh I would be screaming myself! I am very glad to hear you okay though. Scary!
    Levi looks so cute in his little rider thing.

  2. So verry scarry--!

    Psalm 91:11 "For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways."

    God is so good to his dumb little sheep (that's all of us, no fingers pointing)
    :-} pokey

  3. Being that I'm an EMT I've seen the after effect when things do not work out so miraculously and the family is left behind with a sudden emptiness and trauma to digest. You are very luck! Count your blessings, especially because your husband clearly cares very deeply for you!

  4. Oh my! Thank the Lord you were safe! I don't even like riding bikes on residential streets... I pretty much stick to bike trails at our park :)

    Oh, and I want to see a picture of you in all your bike gear! I bet you look adorable :)

  5. Glad you are safe. But, thanks for giving me something new to think about. Blair has started riding (average ride for her group is 20-30 miles!) and I hadn't even thought about her getting flattened by a truck. Now I will.

  6. You had a Guardian Angel that day!

    BTW - how on earth do you pull your big son in that huge wagon thing? I would not get very far peddling all that!

    come see me at

  7. Goodness! So glad you're ok!
    I'm loving Levi's little wagon and props for pulling him in it!

  8. Weren't you just telling me last week that I needed to be careful! Holy moly woman! That's scary! That's also why I hate hate hate riding bikes. I'm terrified of some idiot who's on their cell phone (or worse, texting while driving) hitting me. I'm so glad you were okay.

  9. Whitney!!! Be careful! Love Weebie's wagon :-)

  10. So glad you're safe! We'd also be without your wonderful anecdotes! (Ok, least of the worries, but still glad you're safe!)


    I haven't gone bike riding in a VERY long time, and busy roads are the reason. They totally freak me out. I'm perfectly happy with trail riding for the rest of my life, thankyouverymuch.

    I'm so glad you're okay! I can't imagine how scary that must have been.

  12. That's so scary! I'm glad you are ok and please stick to trails from now on! :) Kidding - that is so something I would do. I am so unobservant it isn't even funny.

  13. Every day when I drive in DC I see parents pulling their babies on the back of their bikes....during rush hour on Penn Ave!!! It scares me to death just passing one! I think keeping it on the trails for everyone is the right idea!

  14. Goodness me, you gave me a fright. I must admit I prefer horse power to pedal power, but what could have happened doesn't bear thinking about. I love Weebie's little carrier. He just loves life, doesn't he? (But he loves life best with his mummy, so take care, please!)

  15. Oh my gosh that is so scary!!! I'm sure it was horrible for your husband to watch. So glad you are OK!

  16. Oh my goodness!! I would been so freaked out! Glad everyone is okay! And Levi looks like he loves his little "ride" :)

  17. Good gosh! I'm so glad you're ok and have made the decision to not ride on the HWY!!

    Personally, I hate to see people running or biking on major roads. We've had at least 4 people (2 of those were husband and wife) killed who were either biking or jogging down the major (hwy-like) road outside our subdivision. So sad...

    Stay safe!!

  18. Yikes! That brought tears to my eyes, even though I obviously knew you would be okay. There's just something sweet about D being so upset. Not that he shouldn't be, it's just sweet to see that he loves you so much!

  19. Oh my goodness! So glad you're alright.

    I'm new to your blog... just discovered it a few days ago and I am hooked! Levi is ADORABLE, and I just love what you write!

  20. oh my gosh!!! This is exactly why I don't like to ride anywhere BUT the neighborhoods!!! I feel like a 4 year old who just got her training wheels off, and let me tell you, I would have been a pancake on that highway! I'm so glad you're ok, though!!!

  21. HOLY COW, Woman! Glad you had a guardian with you that day!

  22. geez, Whitney. My heart was pounding reading that. obviously i knew it ended well because you wrote the post, but still. gracious alive. you have more guts than me, fo sho. Praise God you're okay. you and your little gray and pink self.

  23. Oh my goodness! That's really scary :( I'm glad you're okay!

  24. oh my goodness. That is so scary! I'm glad you're ok..and stick to the trails!

  25. Your angel definitely had a hold of you that day. Thank the Lord!

  26. Oh my goodness - please be careful! And, always wear that bike gear (especially the helmet). I fractured my skull a few years ago in bicycle accident. Be careful! Glad you were okay. God really watches over us all!

  27. That is so scary!!!
    Thank you Lord for keeping Whitney safe!!! I cannot imagine how scary that must have been for your hubby too!!


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