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10 Month Update.

Stop it, Levi. Stop growing and I mean it!!

I know that I always say that I want to freeze Levi in whatever stage he is in at the moment, and while I think that I truly mean it when I say it, I have come to realize just lately that I don't really wish that. Because when I see other babies in those stages that Levi has already been through I think to myself, "Oh, as fantastic as that time was, now is even better!" So I guess it's good for him to grow up. As long as he does it slowly. :)


Also, I know I say it with every month but THIS stage is my favorite.

Levi is an absolute ball to be around. He interacts with people, understands a few words and concepts and loves to learn. He waves at anyone and everyone who comes around - even if they aren't aware that he's even there. Poor baby. He can self feed and loves trying whatever Mommy and Daddy are eating. I have to feed him HIS food first because once he sees that I have a plate, too, he loses interest in whatever he has and only wants what I have.

If we eat on the couch, he stands next to me throughout the entire meal with his mouth open like a little bird. He is so silly and he makes me laugh so much. He has this very high (and by very high, I mean ear piercing) squeal that he loves to pull out in restaurants. He's not mad or upset, he's simply talking and squealing in delight. As soon as I see one coming on, I shove a piece of food in his mouth to distract him. This tactic works like a charm.

He stands on his own for minutes at a time but once he realizes that he is doing it, he squats. Oh, it's very amusing. He doesn't always go down to the ground, he will just squat in mid air. He is still trucking along walking with his grocery cart. He's too timid to try a step on his own right now, but between us, I know he could do it. His balance is incredible. The other day I caught him standing on one leg just for the heck of it. What a silly baby. My little flamingo.


He's good at doing things on command, like waving, raising his hand, playing Peek-A-Boo, giving kisses etc. Bath time is his favorite thing in life and he often screams in disagreement when I lift him out of there. He loves Elmo and has a new infatuation with Barney when I let him watch.

Levi is such a boy filled with adventure. He will not sit still for even a minute. It's go-go-go all the time! He gets a new bump or bruise almost daily and doesn't even wince when he crashes his head against something. He has a courtesy "fake laugh" that he does all of the time - especially when around people he doesn't see on a daily basis. I think that he knows that people like him to laugh, so he just does it for everyone ALL the time. It is the funniest thing in life. He opens his smiling mouth as far as it will go and begins to cackle. I know it's fake though because his real laugh is nothing like it. What a charmer, my little guy is.

He still loves to be held and cuddled, but only before (or during) sleep times. Otherwise, he won't stay in my lap unless I'm teaching him where his eyes, nose and mouth are or am reading something to him. Oh, and he LOVES for me to count to 10 for him. He anticipates each number and as soon as I get to 3 on one hand he looks directly at my left hand waiting for that one to start counting. So funny. I rock him before naps and before night night and he strokes my hair and smiles when I look down at him. Oh, how I love my little boy.


We had our first bout of sickness this month and during it he developed a temporary lactose intolerance where he had to be on soy formula for about 3 weeks. Though it smelled like kitty litter, he loved the stuff. He is finally back on his regular formula and all is right with the world. It's hard to believe he's only got two more months of formula before he moves to milk. Wow.

Levi loves people - familiar or not. He loves the nursery, loves to meet people out and about and he will go to anyone! He often reaches for people when they talk sweet to him, whether he knows them or not. Whenever we're out in public and he does something good or funny and we say "YAY LEVI" or laugh at him, he breaks out into the most giant smile, sticks his chest out and looks all around him to make sure everyone around is looking at him. It's ridiculous. Seriously, all we get done around here is laughing at our little Source of Entertainment.

He is honestly the most smiley baby I have ever known. He is smiling more than he's not and his dimples melt everyones heart. Including Mommy's. I always say that if I were guaranteed that all my babies would be just like Weeberly, I would have a house full. He is truly a pleasant delight.


I didn't think I could love my little guy as much as I did the week following his birth, but my gracious, I can't explain the depth that love has sprouted and spiraled into.

He's my Kissy Baby.
My Lover Dumplin.
My Tugar Beards.
My Weebie Boy.
My precious love that God created specially for his Daddy and me.

What a perfect ten months it has been. It truly just gets better....and better.

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. I love reading anything to do with him, he's just so darn cute :)

  2. i love watching him grow/change. and seeing how each of his different changes are such blessings to you.

    :) you are a great mom :)

  3. So cute. It does get better and better. So sweet!!

  4. Absolute sweetness!!! And yeah, it just gets better and better. Every stage is the best :-)

  5. Awww he's adorable! You make me want one of my own. I constantly keep having to tell my self... not yet. not yet. not yet. haha

  6. I totally agree he is THE MOST smiley baby ever! He's such a little joy to be around!

  7. I can't imagine how full your heart must feel when you look at him. He's such a little charmer.

  8. He is so adorable!! And he looks JUST like your hubby in the second pic!

  9. I know the feeling that each month is better than the last - and you keep wondering how it can be true when people say it only gets better! Your little man couldn't be more handsome - those dimples are precious!

  10. It really does seem like yesterday that you had him. WOW. And I'm glad to hear that each stage gets even better--I can't imagine it getting any sweeter than this snuggly phase! I'll just have to wait and see. :)

  11. Awww! He looks like such a joy to have around! And you're right, those dimples are just too much :)

  12. Oh my word, he's so grown up! What an absolute doll!

  13. great post, whittney! you are an awesome mom! i love reading all of the little things you do with him like count to 10 and teach him "eyes, nose and mouth." yay lil' weebie!

  14. Levi posts are my favorite! What a precious little man! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Hi Whitney!
    I just found your blog through the fabulous Shabby Princess and saw that we have little boys very close in age! I will be bookmarking your blog and I'd like to invite you to visit mine if you get a chance.
    Levi is beautiful!


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