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Brand New Love.

Remember how Husby surprised me with this on Christmas?


I laughed because I saw it as another attempt from him to transform me from a smell good inside girl, to a earthy scented outdoorsy girl. You see, Husby loves the great outdoors and everything it entails, and while I love and enjoy the outdoors, I wasn't exactly made to be out there like he is.

I have allergies. I'm fair. I burn. I peel. I sneeze. My eyes itch. Basically what I'm saying is that I'm a hot mess.

Husby, however, is super athletic. He is tan. He has no allergies. It's as if Mister Golden Sun wraps his steaming hot rays around Husby, smothers him in nature's glorified sunbeams and kisses him with a bronze hue that leaves him glowing.

Literally. No, really. It's sickening.

I'm hackin' and sneezin' and itchin' and gripin', and Husby is in his prime. We are a world of opposite in this area.

One day long ago, when Husby was but a mere boyfriend, we loaded up and headed to a town a few hours away to enjoy an all day outdoor concert. Husby packed some sunscreen for me but I told him if he didn't need it, I didn't need it and to keep it in the car.

The car that was parked approximately 3 miles away.

So, he thew caution to the wind, tossed it in and off we went to enjoy our day of fun. As hours passed, I boasted of my lack of sunscreen and how I was loving this day in the sun. The blasted-hot-fair-skinned-searing sun. As the burning star of light and heat FINALLY set and we sat on a rolling hill watching our favorite band, I started to sneeze. Husby looked at me concerned and I made up an excuse that something flew on my nose and tickled it. (I was NOT going to let The Great Outdoors take me down without a fight.) He gave me a strange stare and continued listening to the band.

Before we knew it, one sneeze led to another and Husby declared it "Time To Go!"

I waddled my way back to the car (parked three miles away) in my new cute kitten heels (that were quickly sinking in the dirt and adding 12 new blisters to my feet), and put on a smile as we finally crashed into his never-before-so-appealing car to head back home.

Husby reached over and touched my arm and said "I had fun today with you, babe". It was then and there that I vowed to never again wear a tank top outside as I shrieked in horror with the slightest touch. I mean, I freaked out. My flesh had never seen such scarlet in it's life and I screamed, "I'm BURNT to a CRISP!"

Then the sneezing started back up. But it didn't stop. Snot started pouring. My eyes swelled shut and tears poured from them. Husby stopped at a gas station and loaded up on Aloe, Kleenex, Tylenol and Allergy Meds. I laid sprawled out in his car screaming if anything touched me, I had tissue shoved up my nose (in the most lady like fashion I could muster up at that point, mind you) and I cried.

I bawled. I mean, I was a MESS.

Husby quietly consoled me and told me he was so sorry I was in so much pain and in a sobbing heap, I delivered the most pathetic, humiliating speech anyone had ever heard.

"You don't like me because I'm not outdoorsy!!! You wish I loved being outside!! You wish I wanted to play sports with you!! You wish I would rock climb and hike mountains with you!! You wish I didn't get sunburned!! You wish I loved being out there as much as YOU!! You wish I was a completely different persoooonnnnnn....BOOOOOO HOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO....."

Husby sat quietly listening to my rant and when I was finished, he wiped the hair from out of my face and said "Whitney, you are without a doubt EXACTLY who I want you to be. I love that you love to smell pretty. I love that you are delicate and fragile. I love that you wear high heels when you know we're going to be outside (IN A FIELD) all day. I love that you wear makeup. I love that you curl your hair. I love that you TRY to be outdoorsy for me. I love that you are a girly girl....Whitney, YOU are who I love!"

I stared at him, tissues still stuck up my nose and aloe pouring from my face, and bawled. Again. All the way home.

It was that day that I realized that even though nature treats me wrong, I'm going to keep fighting it. I'm going to accompany Husby in every adventure that I can and if that means getting out of my comfort zone and getting the occasional sunburn or allergy attack, then by golly, I'll do it.

Because he loves me. And I love him.

He knows that deep down I prefer diamonds to rocks. I prefer pumps to sneakers. I prefer curls to pony tails. I prefer make up to au natural. That is who I am. And he absolutely does not want me to change that. He simply wants me to join him, hand in hand, on other little adventures outside of my preferences. I LOVE HIM FOR THAT.

I went on my first bike ride tonight on this beast, and let me tell you, the thing is amazing. I had the time of my life as I flew on the pavement, the wind blowing on my face. If I would have known how different cycling on a road bike is compared to a regular (mountain) bike, I would have been sold YEARS ago.

(As if it's not CA-YUTE enough, I glammed it up a bit by adding a super fun hot pink water bottle and holder. YAY!)

I am so happy he bought this special gift for me. I love that this is something we can do together. I love that he enjoys my companionship so much that he WANTS me alongside him in whatever he is doing.

Husby is one of a kind.
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. First time my husband (boyfriend at the time) spen the day outside together we were on a mountain side watching mountain bike races. I did not wear sunscreen...absolutely insane...and I got burned to a crisp. Blisters covered my arms, shoulders, nose and was awful. My poor husband could not do anything to help me feel better. All I could to was go to sleep in the hotel room while he went out and enjoyed the rest of the weekend festivities (I told him to do so). It was one of the longest weekends of my life! :(

    Never again have I left my home without sunscreen...especially when I am spending the day outside with my family. Like you I am a fair skinned girl (faux red head though) and I prefer air conditioning to hot and humid outdoor weather...but for my boys I will do anything! Once Weebie wants to be outside you'll find more outdoor things you like to do...believe m!!

  2. It would have been great to see a picture of lobster-faced Whitney sobbing in the car. Too bad Darin didn't have a camera handy then.

  3. Loved reading that story!! Thanks for sharing it. Glad you're enjoying cycling. My husband gave me a road bike as a wedding gift. . .I did ride it a few times! Then we sold it because we needed the money. . .

  4. Ahh the great outdoors. I am sooo with you sister! Give me a pair of sling backs and a cute purse over hiking boots and a back pack any day! Add to your list of woes the great Australian word of bugs. I carry sunscreen and bugspray in my bag all summer!

  5. Awww... What a sweet and funny story. It sounds like that hubby of yours is a keeper.

    And your bike is ADORABLE!

    Marla @

  6. You two are very lucky to have each other :) I love hearing stories like these.

  7. I laughed so much at how you wrote your 'speech', and loved his response!! On one of the first dates with my first boyfriend, we went biking in Florida and I got sunstroke.. nooooot pretty, I couldn't move from the floor all evening and night except to aim myself at the toilet once in a while, hahaaa!! So romantic!

  8. So sweet!! I feel your pain, too. I am a fair-skinned, freckled, allergied redhead! And I am any thing but outdoorsy...I can't even sleep with the windows open at night because when I wake up I will have swollen eyes and sneeze my head off! And I can't be outside more than a very short while or my skin will scorch! It's just not fair!! BUT remember how beautiful your fair skin will be when you are older!! :)

  9. I so feel your pain. My husband is extremely outdoorsie and I am NOT! I burn easily, I am just miserable outside at time. But, I know he loves it so I do it for him.

    Love makes us do crazy things!

  10. So, two weird things about this post. One, my hubby bought me a bike this past christmas too in an attempt to make me more outdoorsy (actually he said that I "asked for one" but, I didn't have the heart to tell him I would never ask for a bike). Two, I've had the exact same "You don't love me because I dont like to rock climb and camp" bawl fest with my husband before. Glad I'm not the only one....

    P.S. I love reading your blog! My husband's an intern so I can relate to all your posts about the pain that is med school!

  11. ha ha ha - your meltdown sounds way too much like meltdowns I have had. Wow. I'm white too, and I just load up on the spf 90 now - there's no pretending. ha....

    And the allergies are terrible! I have had allergies this past week and it was the worst. I got some local honey (Cheatwoods out of Sapulpa) and it has really helped. I also took some organo oil, but seriously. I went from sneezing like 30 times and teary-eyed and runny nose all day on Sunday, to ZERO sneezes on monday after I took the stuff... so you might give it a whirl! (-:

    Fun post!


  12. Such a lovely post, I had to laugh. Appreciating each other for our differences is a big deal, isn't it?

  13. What a great pair you two make! Glad you found such a great way to share the outdoors!

  14. i just read in your chapter 1 that you attended boot camp in tn. i did, too! i'm not sure if we were there at the same time or not. i graduated high school in 2004, so i guess i was at precept in 2002 & 2003...we studied "romans" and the "sermon on the mount"

  15. What a sweet story! Now, I have a question, does the road bike still hurt your bottom like a regular bike? I can't stand to horesback ride or bike ride because of my delicate little behind!

  16. Loved reading this. I love biking-It's so fun and I'm glad you are enjoying it! Your bike sounds super cool and cute:) Lol! Have a great day!

  17. I just found your blog for the first time yesterday and I must admit I am a smitten kitten. It is too cute and we have so much in common. Red hair, cheerleaders, tight knit family, church camp, food lovers and fair skin. Thanks for being a Godly lady and not ashamed to show it. Blessings on you and your family.

  18. Now you need the baby seat to be attached to the back! Last Mother's Day, my hubs got me a bike, (white and hot pink!) and had the baby seat attached so my "attachment" can come along too-we've had so much fun!
    You will too-

  19. In that pic, Levi was the size that Adi is now! crazy!!

  20. this had me laughing and completely feeling you. DH and I are the same as you guys. He loves that I am one color...light pink. I do try to go outdoors with him and stay nice. ;) But he understands when I don't. We have been married 18 years and we are still in love. We joke about me being Plain Jane too. He likes to spice things up!

  21. Awwww I really feel for you in the fair skin department!! I actually feel like I might have a slight ALLERGY to the's really horrible. I'm lucky in the sense that my hubby is also as pale and prone to burning as I am... but you know who isn't lucky? Our kids! We have decided that our future children are going to be practically see-through...and we will have to go to crazy lengths to keep their skin covered at all times. I shudder at the thought.

    Melissa @ Life is Golden

  22. The worst sunburn I have ever got was on holiday with my friend and her family.
    I forgot to put sunscreen on my feet and they swelled up and were so tender and painful! OW!
    I couldn't even make a fuss though because I didn't want to ruin their holiday. Getting my shoes on was fun!

    Glad you're enjoying the bike!

  23. My husband wanted to buy road bikes and I just couldn't do it so we bought kayaks and are planning on getting mountain bikes instead. I'm really excited to have this hobby together and I loved this post.

  24. My husband and I are planning on biking and getting more outdoorsy this summer. He just bought a bike rack for the car so the dogs can fit in the back of the car instead of the bikes taking up the room, too. He's always been more outdoorsy than me, but I've kept up mostly and we try to keep those activities to ones we both enjoy. {I do NOT want to be stuck on the river in a kayak for FIVE hours with no way out! Haha.}

  25. Oh, I love how sweet he is. My husband is perfect for the outdoors and every type of sport so I'm with you in that when we were dating I had a few moments of "inadequacy." but Love is wonderful.


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