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The Makeup Case: A Girl's Playground.


My Makeup Case.

I love my pink makeup case. It holds all of my little sparkly treasures in such a neat, uniform way. I never have to dig through to find anything. It's all right there, laid out in front of me. It's perfect, really.


I got laughed at by many a nurse (and my Dr.) when I was in the hospital with Levi. They all happened to make their appearance in my room when I was smack in the middle of applying le makeup. The pink case was sprawled out on my bed and I must say, it must have looked a little excessive compared to what they probably see on a daily basis. But hey, I'm a girl who likes her makeup organized. Sue me.


This may look like a lot of makeup to the average person, but it's really not. It's just enough to play around with depending on what I am doing that day/evening. I always get lots of makeup in my stocking at Christmas, so I have a lot to look forward to when Santa comes.

I am all over the place when it comes to cosmetic companies. I don't have just one that I stick with, because I like different products from different people. I range from cheap to not-so-cheap, and glitzy to every day basics.

When it comes to foundation, I stay cheap. I happened on this when I was out of my usual Prescriptives foundation, and I fell in love. It is so light, not heavy, and a wonderful match for my tone.


This is the Prescriptives. I still like it, but you can only find them in certain department stores and it's much more expensive, with the same results. Bye Bye, P. Hello Revlon!


Now, something that I splurge on is this:


There is absolutely NO concealer that matches up. I've tried, trust me. But this little tube is a wonder worker under your eyes and it lasts SO long. I've been using this product for a few years and I have only had to buy two tubes. Yay! I love it.

Another thing that I splurge on is this:


But actually, I didn't even have to splurge. Momsy bought it for me. She discovered the amazingness that is Chanel moisturizer and bought me a tub. I used plain ole Dove before this, and let me tell you what, now - my face feels like velvet. No satin! No....velvet satin!! Ha! Seriously, it's amazing, it smells amazing and does fabulous things for your face. It's a beautiful thing. I shall never part from it.

When it comes to powder, I use this:


I've used this product since I was like 14 and though I've tried several others, nothing lives up. It's simply the best for my face. It makes my makeup so smooth and soft. Love it. Plus, it's full coverage without being cakey or too heavy.


My color is NW20. Translation - WHITE!!!

Each year, (in my stocking) I get MAC's holiday line which is always the greatest eye shadows, blushes and such in the cutest little compacts! Here is one from this year.


A new thing I have discovered from MAC are these little eye shadow sparklies. I love them!!


I put them on over a neutral color and it gives my eyes just the kick they need. Fun.

I love eye shadow.




Well, I love anything with the eyes. I'm a stickler for eye makeup. I use the MAC gel eye liner in the Blitz & Glitz color.


That's another product I've used for years. Nothing matches up in my book. It also lasts FOREVER.

I love this mascara:


It promises big, voluminous, fantastical lashes every time.

Now, a vital part of applying makeup is the sponge you use. And the brushes. Such important factors.

I love these thin little sponges for applying foundation and smoothing out makeup.


And I also have this, but I've never used it. I bet it would be good for dealing around the creases and curves of your eyes! I need to give it a whirl.


I have a variety of brushes. Half are Bobbi Brown and half are MAC. I love all of them. I've had my Bobbi Brown ones for years!



Now, I forgot to include pictures/commentary on lipsticks. I have a lipstick OBSESSION. The reason they are not included in the post is because they're all in my purse. I have about 12-14 lipsticks/colored glosses in my purse and they range from MAC shades and lip glass to Dior and Cargo. Those are my favorites.

I feel like every girl needs a little mascara and a little lipstick every day to look girly and feel pretty.

So there's a sneaky peak into my makeup life. Let's have a peak into yours!!

If you want to, do a post on this and leave your link below so we can all visit your blog and spy on you and YOUR makeup! I think it'd be so fun to see what we're all wearing! And I may just have to run out and copy some of you!

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. I wear NW20 in MAC too! I thought I was the only one that was that pale.

  2. Thanks for sharing! :) I wish I had a pink makeup case like yours!!

  3. I'm an NW20 girl too! Love that stuff! Where or where did you find that make-up case? So adorable!

  4. I don't like wearing makeup. (I know, most people think I'm weird.) Every once in a while, like when I'm going to a wedding or a big fancy party (when have I ever gone to one of those?) I wear it ... but other than that, it's bare-faced and happy, for me.

    Lucky for me, my hubby HATES makeup. I got mine done one time at a makeup counter at the mall, and I came home, and he literally thought I had dirt on my face and asked me to wash it off. He begs me NOT to wear it, even when we're going out. He says that he thinks I'm prettier without it :)

    Your makeup case does look sort of fun though - how organized!

  5. I love, love, love makeup! I have thought about doing one of these posts for a while now! I think I'm mostly a product whore - I love tubes of this and that! I have TWO baskets under my sink that have all kinds of stuff in them! I really should do a post about this one day....

  6. I also skip around and use a lot of different products. I have found a new line that I love though - Arbonne. Only order from a rep type of company, but I love the stuff. Got it from a coworker last year, and now I'm hooked. Perhaps you should do a post on lipstick shades - since so many gals share your skin tone!

  7. You and your make-up case just crack me up. That thing is huge! I remember seeing it in the hospital and being very impressed by the size. ha! I need to try that foundation. I keep going back and forth between a couple, but can't find any to really match this paleness that is my skin. I know that if it matches your skin there is hope for me to!

  8. I need a big makeup case..I'm running out of

  9. wow - my makeup collection is embarrassing compared to that. It pretty much all fits in this one mary kay compact. ha. I am trying to expand my eyeshadow collection. And I only have one lipgloss. Which I left at home. SO I'm kind of freaking out right now. I love the makeup kit!


  10. Oh how fun! Makeup is a girls playground!! ;) Maybe I will do a makeup post soon! Sounds like fun. (although I have to admit, I dont have nearly as much fun makeup as you do!! ;) I love mascara. My VERY favorite kind of makeup. I was curious, have you tried other kinds of mascara and is this one your absolute favorite?

  11. Oh my goodness I need one of these!! My favorite foundation is drugstore brand too... whatever works, works!!

    Anne @

  12. Woa you have alot of make-up!! That's so cool!! I like that you have everything all organized in a make-up case. =)

  13. I LOVE eye make up! I am using a estee lauder mascara right now and its gorgeous! I use maybelline white compact. Its great too. I am in love with nude lip olors and shiny glossies right now. it compliments the heavy eye make up perfectly don't you think?

  14. Ha! We wear the EXACT same foundation, from the shade to the formula!

  15. After reading this, I bet Curt is thankful I don't like makeup that much! That would take all of our "Dave Ramsey" budget. :)

    Seriously, tho ... I like to wear eye makeup (only makeup I wore on my wedding day), but with my allergies with eye makeup, rarely ever indulge. Bummer! Cute case, BTW. Love that!!!!! (You know how I LOVE to be organized)

  16. What about eye make remover? What do you use?

  17. Lots of great advice on things you've found that you love--I'm definitely going to have to try the Chanel moisturizer. A few questions-1. What eye makeup remover do you use? and 2. What do you use to clean your brushes and how often do you clean them?

  18. Wow that is some makeup case. I'm impressed that you keep it so organized. I just throw all of mine in a drawer with my hair ties and stuff. My collection is not nearly as spectacular as yours, and I'm lucky if I throw on some eye shadow and foundation. My standby is generally chapstick. Yep, I'm lame.

  19. fun post! i know you shared pictures, but could you tell me the 'names' of the Chanel items? I would love to try them!

  20. I use the same Dior concealer, and you're right! It's awesome!!!! and, I agree with you on the eye shadows, so fun!

  21. I'm with you on playing with eye makeup. But I have never really worn lipstick. I have kind of puffy lips to begin with, and, when I coat them in lipstick, I always feel like it looks like someone has just punched me in the mouth and they are swollen or something! Weird, I know. So, I'll continue to be a lip gloss gal! ;)

  22. I love MAC, especially anything they have for eyes. But unfortunately I am allergic to almost all eye products other than Origins. I still get glitter, but not nearly as much. I loved the glimpse into your makeup case. I might need to try the concealer.

  23. I wear studio fix too!! That's the only makeup product I "splurge" on!!

  24. Oooh! I love the make-up post! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  25. Where did you get the Pink Makeup case? I love it! I loved this post! I,too, love all kinds of makeup, and believe it or not, right now my favorite is from...are you ready...Aldi's! It was created by German scientist, and I love it! Not much of a selection of colors; like only 5 colors; for the eyeshadows,(which are very silky feeling) lip colors, and nail colors. I love the nail polish. I had it on my own nails for 5 days, before it chipped! They have a whole line, face serumns, creams,etc. I wore Prescriptives foundation, for years, but started having a hard time finding it, as I live in the very S.E.corner of Kansas, and no one close carries it. But, I did love it!

  26. Love your makeup! I use the same mascara and bronzer :) You have great taste!!

  27. Wonderful post! My sister is the manager of cosmetics at Nordstrom .. prior to that she was the manager of MAC .. so regardless we are makeup ADDICTS too! I love Studio Fix - N5 for me! :)

  28. I took photos and posted mine! I love getting to peek into other people's lives like this. I'm jealous of your pink case.


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