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Toys For My Tot.

Levi loves his toys. Every morning when I sit him in front of one while I prepare his breakfast, he bursts into smiles as if it's been ages since they were last united. It's so cute, really.

Katie, at Marriage Confessions did a post on her baby's toys a few weeks ago and it sparked my interest to post about Levi's. I've posted before about his toys, but he was just a little guy and he couldn't interact at all like he does now.

So, let me show you his recent faves! These are the "big toys" in Levi's life.

First, we have his Singing Stage. Or Sing Along Stage, or something like that. Basically, it's a stage, and it sings. And Weebie is enamored with it.


This fun little toy has a mirror, which is Levi's most favorite part. He loves to look at himself. The vain little fella.


It also has blinking lights and it plays a variety of songs he can sing along to. I must warn you, though. The songs will NOT get out of Mommy's head. You will prepare meals singing these, do laundry singing these and you may even whistle them whilst sashaying through Target.


What he REALLY loves is when you hide behind him and then pop up in the mirror. He laughs so hard.

Next we have his Crawling Tunnel of Fun.


This toy encourages crawling and it provides much entertainment to little boys. If you look closely in the picture above, you can see Levi sitting in the tunnel. His head touches the top. No lie. Giant.

Levi is a bit confused by this toy, though. He thinks it's to roll around the room in.



He is often on the ceiling more often than he's on the floor. Silly Bebe Boy.


He thinks it's his secret fort. One time, I got in there with him and we had a little party learning to tie knots and creating handshakes.

Then he kicked me out.



Husby insisted Levi learn the ropes of B-Ball early, hence the basketball goal.


Granted, he's more interested in chewing the ball than he is scoring points, but hey - to each his own.


This year, Santa Claus thought long and hard about what to bring little Levi, and she (oops!), er, I mean HE decided on this Magical Dragon!


Is that just not the cutest thing you've ever seen? Right now, Levi is most interested in his horns.


Santa did GOOD if I do say so myself. ;)

Not only can he ride around on the Magic Dragon, but he can also sport around in his little car!


This is a super cool toy because it grows with him. Right now it is stationary and rocks back and forth and stuff. I can take it off the little stand and push him around and then when he gets older, he can "drive" it himself. So fun!

These are a few of Levi's most favorite toys right now. There are a few more I want to show you in the coming weeks, and I will definitely include a video of his MOST favorite toy.

Get ready! :)
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  1. So sweet! I loved his dragon! It is so cute!

  2. Awww... SO CUTE! I love his dragon and the singing stage - he is getting cuter every day, Whitney! :o)

  3. Awwww...what cool gifts! Thanks for the ideas on toys for Liam! They are now on my list for my visits to the toy store!


  4. Love the dragon!! Santa did such a good job!! He is adorable in his pjs! I love babies in their pjs, they look so cute and cuddly!:)

  5. Those look so cute! We were visiting Stone yesterday, and he lOVES his exersaucer! It has jungle animals that he looks at, laughs at, and talks to!! It's super cute! I wish I saw him all the time!

  6. Pretty soon you'll have to have a real "big toy" in your backyard. And your parents, well, now that the pool is gone & two grandsons....big toy for their yard too! :)

  7. They are all cute toys. I like how you are creative in finding fun toys. I teach middle school and sometimes I do this reading club after school. A lot of times these "big" boys will pull the desks over them and drape coats over the edge to create a sort of "fort." I'm thinking it must be a boy thing.

  8. Oh this is a great post! I was wondering which toys would be better because I don't want my house to become overcome with toys! He sure does look happy with all these toys for sure!

  9. Fun toys! That dragon is adorable! Good job Santa.

  10. That last toy is a lot like one Alex has - He LOVES it...& I like the crawling toy, looks like fun!

  11. Oh my goodness! Those pictures of him rolling in that tunnel almost made me wet my pants!! He's HUGE and that just cracks me up!!! What a sweet, sweet baby!!

  12. I never get sick of looking at pictures of precious little Levi. He is such a doll!

  13. Just stopping by for a blog visit (SITS girl)..I love the pictures, Levi is just the cutiest little thing!


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