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So, last night I'm not sure what got into the little fella, but he would not go to sleep. He had only 2 short naps all day, so I figured he would be exhausted, but that was certainly not the case. He was up and ready to play. It made for a long night for me...probably the most challenging night to date since he arrived (with the exception of Night 1 in the Bili Light), but we made it through and giggled about it this morning. Levi has always been a champion when it comes to nighttime. He's never had his days and nights confused and he sleeps a solid 10 hours per night with a few feedings in between. The other night he slept 6 hours before needing to eat and it was amazing! So, needless to say, I was baffled as to why he wanted to play instead of sleep last night.

Silly little lovie.

And tonight, I am tiiiiiired.


Regarding a question I recently received on parenting, here is an explanation:

I am a go-with-the-flow type Mom when it comes to Levi's needs and adjustments. It's just my personality and it's what Levi adapted with right off the bat. I am new to Mommying and he is new to...well, living, so we just roll with it and it has been so much easier than what I expected when I was pregnant. He is constantly changing, as are his needs, and we just adapt to where we are and where he is at that moment. I hesitate to discuss our parenting and why-we-do-what-we-do-and-why-we-don't-do-what-we-don't simply because there are so many opinions floating around out there. Also, I don't want to offend anyone with the "why-we-don't-do's", if those are things that totally work for you! And I know that everyone has a completely different style to their parenting, which I think that's awesome. I am all for knowing the needs of YOUR child, and doing what works best for your family. Children aren't a textbook or a project. They have individual and very different needs and it can't be expected that what works for us will work for you and vice versa. And that's why I keep the topic of parenting on the DL in my blogging life. I never want someone to follow what I'm doing just because it works for us, and then create a nightmare in their own lives with their babies. Ya know?

Make sense?

I don't know, there are just certain things that I keep silent about simply because I hate, loathe and despise disputes and dissension, and some topics are just a breeding ground for debates. And debates, in the blogging world, make me nervous.

Also, some things just need to be private and only a part of our "real life" worlds with our family and friends.

That said, you probably won't see a lot of parenting advice or discussions here. I'm not saying I will never mention anything about our parenting, because I'm sure it will be unavoidable, and there will likely be times that I poll for your advice. :) I am very fortunate to have some incredible Moms in my life to help me out when I need help and advice in and about this new journey, and I just don't know what I'd do without them! Some advice I cling to, some I throw out the window, but it is vital as a Mom to go to other Moms and get wise council. It's just important.

But, if you do have a question about us or want some amateur (and by amateur, I mean....12 weeks amateur, so VERY amateur) advice, feel free to e-mail me and I will be completely open with how we do things around here, but in the mean time, I'll continue blogging about Levi, Husby and my glamorous life of a housewife. :)

Aaaaaaaaand.....apparently Levi loves polar bears.

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. This makes perfect sense! Very well said! i hope people out there respect you and your decisions :) You are a great momma! xoxo

  2. Whitney- WARNING- do not take him to our zoo! The polar bear died!! Our kids were very upset, they still talk about it and it was months ago. Please spare little Levi. :)

  3. I am new to your blog and just love it! I am also a new Mommy. I love your laid back approach...just fabulous!

  4. After reading the answer to your question I have decided I need to follow you! haha

  5. You are so very right! I use to just let "strangers" approach me while preggers and make their little statements. I remained kind and said thank you. That was it. EVERY child is different as is the parent. What may have worked for your parents when you were a baby, may not work on little Levi! God makes us all different and special. There are no manuals in life. I, too, love the laid back approach and after 16 years of being a mom, well, let's just say, it is a learning experience for all! LOL You know your little one and you do what YOU think is best. I will continue to follow your blog for I enjoy it and you will NEVER get any unsolicited advice from me! ;-) God Bless you all.

  6. if God blesses us with children one day, i probably will ask for some advice. :-) i love that you're go with the flow! i also love, love, love that Levi loves polar bears--and that he just keeps getting cuter!

  7. I think laid back parenting is the only way to go...makes for a much happier baby! You are obviously doing a great job because that little cutie is so happy! He is adorable!

  8. I agree--talking to other moms is invaluable! And I totally agree that each parent has their own parenting style, based on the baby's needs and the lifestyle of the family. I think it's extremely helpful to share ideas, but they are just that--ideas--not rules set in stone!

  9. That is too funny that he was wanting to play! Hope you were able to get some sleep last night!

  10. Is it possible that Levi is getting cuter? I swear, if I could have a baby that cute and that good, I would have one today! Haha!

    And I love that you don't invite controversy! I hate it. And I hate when people try to tell me MY business. When I have a baby, I'll parent him how I see best--that's the beauty of having a baby--it's YOUR baby! :-)

  11. You have just the cutest voice Whitney...and that little Levi, I wonder if he could get any cuter!!! You're such a great mom!


  12. I think your blog is great just like it is. You always keep me reading!!

  13. Well said! I think that is the best approach to your blog, because you know how opionated people can get. I love the little video!

  14. You are dead on, missy! Parenting is so individual that its hard to talk about it in specifics.

    I will say that I am a task-master, scheduling, list-making fool. And I tried to be that way with Michael, too. I thought if I was routine and textbook, then he would be, too. But its sort of backfiring on me now. He grows so FAST and changes so MUCH that when he doesn't stick to MY schedule, i feel like something is horribly wrong when in actuality, he's just being a baby!

    Hmm... Maybe I should do a blog post about this revelation, too! Good thinkin' Whitney!

  15. I am with ya. Not a parent yet but hoping to adopt one day soon from Uganda with my husband. I hope to be a very low key momma but we will see.

    if you would like to purchase any awesome shirts or spread the word about the stats on real oprhans out there check out my blog.

    i look forward to readining more about your family and their journeys. blessings, Amu


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